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                                                        Common Core State Standards
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Vision of CCSS

Common Core State Standards: Connecticut's Vision

How are the standards transforming teaching and learning?
The Connecticut State Department of Education sponsored a statewide forum on "Connecticut's Vision for Implementing the Common Core State
Standards." The forum, held September 26, 2011, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cromwell, featured keynote speaker Dr. Sandra Alberti of Student
Achievement Partners. In her presentation, Dr. Alberti summarized how the Standards are transforming teaching and learning.

Dr. Alberti's video and accompanying PowerPoint presentation are available at the following link: Connecticut's Vision for Implementing the
Common Core State Standards.
Bringing the CCSS to Life (1hour 5 minutes)

Teacher Strategies for Implementing CCSS

Elementary School

Mathematics Expectations
Teachers will provide…                        So that students can…
                                                  1. Make sense of problems and             CCSS Math
               Focus on fewer topics                 persevere in solving them.  
               Coherence in problem              2. Reason abstractly and        
                solving                               quantitatively.                       ure=relmfu
               Fluency practice for              3. Construct viable arguments and
                speed and accuracy                    critique the reasoning of others.     eature=related
               More opportunities to             4. Model with mathematics.                Math lesson plan
                deepen understanding              5. Use appropriate tools strategically.
               Application problems              6. Attend to precision.                   ature=related
                (not always presented as          7. Look for and make use of structure.    Focus and coherence
                math problems)                    8. Look for and express regularity in
               Intensity in instruction              repeated reasoning.                   Focus
                and guidance                                                      
ELA Expectations
Teachers will provide…                          So that students can…
            Balance of literature and                  Demonstrate independence          CCSS ELA Literacy
                literary non-fiction (K-5)              Build strong content knowledge
            Literacy as part of science                Respond to varying demands of
                and social studies/ history;            audience, task, purpose and       feature=relmfu
                informational text as part of           discipline              
                ELA (6-12)                              Comprehend and critique           CCSS High School
            Appropriately complex text                 Value evidence          
            Questions regarding text                   Use technology and digital        VHwbpAQM&feature=relmfu
                which are text dependent                media strategically and capably   CCSS Middle School
            Writing to inform or argue                 Come to understand other
                using evidence                          perspectives and cultures         feature=relmfu
            Academic Vocabulary                                                          Balance of literature and informational texts
                                                                                          Literary nonfiction 6-12
                                                                                          Text dependent analysis example
                                                                                          Writing to inform and make arguments
                                                                                          Literacy in other disciplines

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