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                            Safety Warning

Driving with any windshield damage is a safety hazard to you, your family and your friends. If you’re driving with a
damaged windshield, for safety reasons, we recommend that it is REPAIRED as soon as possible. Do Not
Procrastinate! Did you know the windshield is designed as a major part of the exterior structure of a vehicle if you
were to get into an accident? You may say you have had the damage to you’re windshield for sometime and
nothing has happened so far. Well, consider yourself fortunate. Any size chip or crack weakens the structure of
the windshield.

The original factory installed seal is considered to be 500 times stronger than that of a replacement seal. (For
that reason alone you may want to consider repairing the windshield over replacement.) A new windshield if not
properly installed, which 65 percent are not, could effect the bonding strength as well as lead to leakage that could
result in interior damage or rust around the windshield.

It’s a fact that Cracks and Stone damage lessens the value of your vehicle and affects the integrity of your
windshield when it comes to safety, strength & visibility if it is not repaired!

With glass, you can never tell when a damage area could spread to the point where your only choice is to
replace the entire windshield. That in itself will cost you unnecessary replacement cost and could affect your
insurance premiums or at least put a major dent in your out of pocket expenses. By repairing your damage
windshield, it does not effect your insurance premiums, as a matter of fact, insurance companies encourage
repairing over replacement.

Our WINDSHIELD REPAIR meets the State of California Vehicle Code, is Recommend & Approved by Insurance
companies, could prevent you from receiving a Police Citation, repaired by a Factory Certified Technician and is
guaranteed 100% not to spread. We use the highest quality resins to restore the original strength of the
windshield and it improves the sight of the damaged area 80 to 98% depending on the actual type damaged

Who uses our service: Police and Fire Dept., Ambulance Co., Rent-a-Car and Auto Body Shops, City and County
vehicles, School Bus Co., Taxis, Limo’s and Shuttle Co. to mention a few.

Call TODAY 858-277-7713 or 619-850-2977 for a “FREE” estimate if you have or received a damaged windshield.
We come to HOME or OFFICE.

                          “It’s Cheaper to Repair than Replace”

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