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									                              THE REGIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER
                                    for Central and Eastern Europe
                                           BRANCH BULGARIA

                      „Osogovo, Ograjden and Belasitsa for kids”
                Financed by the Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa
                                      June 2009 – May 2010

This project proposal is developed as continuation of the project “West Balkan for kids” financed by
Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa, and implemented by REC in the period
September 2007 – November 2008 in the region of West Stara Planina. Therefore the main focus of this
project is to pursue the objectives set by the “[region] for kids” branding strategy. “The conservation of
the nature biodiversity around us is at our concern” is the message that the brand will promote mostly
in the economically less-favored but rich in natural resources trans-boundary regions. The
implementation of the results by the project in Osogovo, Ograjden and Belasitsa region is the
ambitious task of the current project.

Osogovo, Ograjden and Belasitsa Mountains are situated in the border area of Bulgaria and FYR of
Macedonia. In socio-economic aspect, it is a typical rural region, classified as less-favored mountain
area, marginal in economic and social aspects. It is characterized with one of the highest levels of
depopulation and aging population in Bulgaria, as well as high level of land abandonment, which
threatens the man-dependent habitats. At the same time, the region is of global significance for the
protection of important species and habitats. Currently two procedures were finalized – the
designation of the tree mountains as NATURA 2000 sites and the Nature Park “Belasitsa” - designated
in mid 2008. This process has been related with collection of all necessary scientific data, meetings and
consultations with locals and institutions.. The territory covers the UNESCO criteria for geological
significance and includes areas categorized as Important Bird and Plant Areas. It is one of the main
regions of the IUCN Green Belt on the Balkans. The Green belt is 6800 km at length and it crosses 22
countries, which makes it the “bridge” between all border territories in Europe, artificially divided in
the past by the Iron Curtain.

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„Osogovo, Ograjden and Belasitsa for kids”

                             Figure 2. Map of the trans-boundary region

Main goal
The main goal of the project remains:

To enhance the local support base for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in rural
communities living in and around valuable ecosystems and trans-boundary areas.

Specific objectives:
1.      Streamlining the [region] for kids branding strategy on education for nature and biodiversity
conservation through replication of the elaborated in West Stara Planina region model educational
program in a new regions in Bulgaria.
2.      Introduction and follow-up on quality and applicability of “West Stara Planina for kids”
toolkit and monitoring on the utilization process in the WSP region.
3.      Create and strengthen the necessary preconditions for introducing the model in FYR

                                               Project proposal to Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa

                                         Educational Toolkit
                                 “Osogovo, Ograjden, Belasitsa for kids”

              Module 1:                     Module 2:                   Module 6:               General
          Biodiversity and its            Protected areas          Human activities and
             conservation                                        biodiversity conservation

        Module 3:                          Module 4:                      Module 5:             Specific
    Mountain ecosystems            Flora and protected species    Fauna and protected species

               Field guide (10 x 10):
     The most important and attractive species                                       Children’s materials

                                        Figure 3. Structure and content of the toolkit


There are 61 primary and secondary public schools in the 7 municipalities of the Osogovo –
Belasitsa Mountains region with approximately 4000 students. Three schools will be selected for
testing of the specific educational program while approximately 60 schoolchildren will be involved.
The educational toolkit will be disseminated in all other schools and 50 teachers in natural sciences
from 30 schools will be trained how to apply the educational program. The envisioned target group
of children for the educational program is of the age between 9 and 15 years of age.


1.      Adaptation and introduction of the “[region] for kids” program and toolkit brand for one
new region (Osogovo, Ograjden and Belasitsa) in Bulgaria.
    - Conducting of a needs assessment among the 30 primary schools from the new region.
    - Elaboration and preparation of program and toolkit for outdoor, extracurricular education
    “Osogovo, Ograjden and Belasitsa for kids” as part of the brand “[region] for kids”.
    - Workshop with teachers involved in the project in elaborating individual teaching plans and
    introduction of the education methodology presented in the program and the toolkit.
    - Approbation of the textbook materials in 8 schools in the region.
    - Printing and dissemination of the toolkit.
    - Implementation of exchange activities between the pupils by the Osogovo and Belasitsa
2.      Supporting the introduction and monitoring on the utilization process of the toolkit in WSP
3.      Exchange of experience among teachers from the two regions as well as among Bulgarian
and Macedonian one. Joint workshop for sharing experience.

„Osogovo, Ograjden and Belasitsa for kids”

4.     Promotion and dissemination of the materials among the schools, other involved
stakeholders, and media.
    - Improvement and refining of a branding strategy for the educational program “West Stara
    Planina for kids” toolkit.
    - Publishing of a brochure for promotion of the project and the brand on a local and national
    The total project budget is 44 977 GBP or the equivalent of 49,974 Euro at an exchange EUR/
    GBP rate of 0,900. All expenses under the project will be born in Bulgarian leva (BGN) and
    reported in EURO and GBP accordingly.

The project will be realized in partnership with the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF). BBF is
a member of IUCN and works for the implementation of the European Green Belt Initiative in
Bulgaria. During the last three years BBF has conducted various conservation projects in the border
areas of Bulgaria with its neighbors of Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey.

For more information contact the project manager of the project Vesselin Drobenov

Tel. +359 2 983 48 17, Tel./Fax: +359 2 98 352 17,


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