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									                                Course Description: New Dimensions
                                        Hudson High School

New Dimensions is a distinguished class at Hudson High School. Dating back to 1970, New
Dimensions is a selective, double-period, team-taught humanities class offered to approximately
thirty students each year. An annual applicant pool of approximately eighty students interviews for
thirty available seats. Those accepted demonstrate intellectual curiosity, dedication to learning and
exploring, and resilience to intellectual challenges. Students taking New Dimensions receive both
an English and a Social Studies credit. An English literature unit supplements the four foundational
disciplines: psychology, philosophy, anthropology, and sociology. Relying largely on student input,
discussion, and debate, the typical class operates as a seminar, focusing on critical analysis and
advanced thinking skills.

Upon graduation, the New Dimensions graduate can discuss Freudian theory, quote Hamlet, explain
Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, analyze cultural value systems and archetypes, deconstruct Lord of the
Flies, and understand the nuances of complex, controversial, and current social issues. In addition,
each New Dimensions student completes a year-long research paper on a contentious issue of their
choice. Most papers exceed forty pages and require the student to incorporate a literature review
and personal interviews from both sides of their chosen topic before making their own warranted
assertion. As part of a commitment to learning, students attend three “cultural events” per
quarter—museums, speakers, plays, etc. As a culmination, the entire class spends one week in New
York City immersed in a multicultural experience, visiting museums, shadowing students in New
York City public schools, attending Broadway productions, and meeting New Dimensions alumni
who live and work in New York City.

New Dimensions produces critical thinkers, active readers, and skilled writers who excel in a
variety of academic and professional settings. Nearly one hundred percent of New Dimensions
students go on to attend a four-year college or university, varying from small liberal arts schools in
Ohio, to the Naval Academy, to the seminary, to Harvard. The past three classes of New Dimensions
students averaged a score of 28 on their ACT, with an average GPA of nearly 3.7. The thirty
members of the class of 2010 went on to attend twenty-six different colleges and universities. In
the past fifteen years, New Dimensions alumni include seminarians, PhD candidates, college
professors, a Fulbright scholar, engineers, medical students, humanitarians, musicians, teachers,
business professionals, and, as of October 2011, a speechwriter for the Secretary of Defense. Many
New Dimensions alumni choose to study abroad in countries including, among others, France,
Germany, Spain, Italy, Chile, El Salvador, Kenya, and Luxembourg, to continue expanding their
intellectual and cultural boundaries.

Socrates’s quote “The unexamined life is not worth living” shapes students’ experiences throughout
the course. New Dimensions asks students to examine fundamental questions of humanity: Who
are we? What are we doing here? How do we make meaning of our world? It is a course that asks
more questions than it answers. It draws each student into conversation with great minds:
Shakespeare, Darwin, Aristotle, Sartre, Jung, and many others. The course is a learning experience
that challenges students’ identity and core values. Beyond academics, the shared experience of
New Dimensions fosters strong relationships, a commitment to excellence, and continues a proud

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