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									Skill-based training- The latest trend amongst ambitious youth

It has been lately observed that several seats for competitive courses in colleges are going vacant. There
seems to be a paradigm shift of choices that has emerged amongst the diligent youth of today. More
and more aspiring students prefer to opt for skill-based study programs and training courses. This
change in preference seems to have come up out of a constantly increasing demand for well trained and
skillful employees across various commercial domains. Even in the highly recognized IT field, the big
players in the industry are in constant search for competent employees who are not only academically
well qualified but also hold requisite skills to help the company leapfrog global competition.

Here comes in the need for skillful education that is imparted by holistic training institutes like IIJT. This
well known training college has been established with the prime focus on bridging the increasing gap
between industry demand for competent talent and their availability. IIJT emphasizes on filling the void
in the learning systems of today by introducing practice based education. Determined to foster skilful
education in the promising sectors of today, IIJT offers a suite of multidisciplinary courses with an aim to
develop critical skills necessary for workplace success. Moreover, the establishment of several training
centers all across the country is testimony to the successful efforts made by IIJT. The institute imparts
skill-based training for the thriving sectors of today. IIJT offers enriching study programs in Finance,
Infotech, Sales and Retail. Supporting the industry-specific curriculum of the courses, IIJT houses an
excellent infrastructure for the wholesome development of the students.

In addition to adopting professional teaching methodologies, IIJT has tied up with TeamLease, India’s
top most staffing company. This association has facilitated easy, fast and effective employment in
desirable companies and business houses across the globe of the well deserving and hard working
students of IIJT. By taking training to people and people to jobs, the affiliation with TeamLease will vastly
improve the efficiency of this market.

IIJT works efficiently towards generating competent employment by providing effective training to
nurture future ready professionals. With an aim to provide an excellent study and training experience to
its students, IIJT offers suitable infrastructure and academic procedures to support the development of
an amateur student into a skilled and competent professional of tomorrow.

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