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					Agro-employment boom before

Agriculture is an important part of the economy. Today traditional agriculture and is not a problem
with traditional farming method more scientific and there are various employment in this field and
are converted into high-tech fields.

There are different jobs in agriculture.
• Agribusiness
• Agricultural services
• Agriculture
• Bank
• Contact
• Agricultural engineer
• Agro-industrial
• Agricultural Education
In this task, as well as the control tasks that are involved in the management of the farm-work
includes Director of business management, logging, and the daily activities on sites.
Agriculture-crops in agriculture are usually country property. Farm and buy land, that you can start,
or the other person.
Employees — such as activities in the field, the work of workers typical folk groups, preparation of
land management crop fertilizer spray, sowing the seeds of the plant.
Agro-scientist research goes improvisation agricultural production agriculture in the developing
countries to play improvised on this post. It will also research in the area of increased plant
resistance to pests.
Forest officials — accompanied by care job site and halt illegal forest land, forest habitat, resource
management, protection of this resource.
Gardener – the profession of food and improving the quality of the junction with verities plants and
Food scientists-scientists less bother free and easy food crop growth process full and healthy.
Agriculture more jobs if the industry so far. The possibilities for a good career in this area. In
agribusiness and fields fire in horticulture, food technology, biotechnology vacancies, offer huge
It takes part in the agricultural sector, so not to sorrow about the chances. The bonus offered by the
industry average yield or better skills and qualifications at a good salary. These fields provide many
jobs and never considering the current scenario issues must then get a job.

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