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The Catcher in the Rye
Musical Juxtaposition

It’s your turn. You’ve waited all year. Seeing that I have given the class control over the
discussions, it only seems logical to give the class control over the musical juxtapositions as
well. Lamentably, this may mark the end of hi-octane piano rock… or maybe not. In any case,
you will choose your own song to juxtapose to our novel. After you choose your song, you will
write an assignment (model previous class assignments if you wish) that calls for critical analysis
of the two texts.

Mandatory Criterion:

     song/assignment must meet school-appropriate standards (please do not even censor
      songs and submit them)


     burn the song onto a CD – see me if you need any assistance (technical or financial)
     hand in an annotated copy of the lyrics (stuff we should look for), a legend, and a clean
      copy of the lyrics
     incorporate the entire heuristic of questions
    o (1 literal, 6-7 interpretative, 2-3 evaluative)
     write a one page rationale (STP) that explains why this juxtaposition ought to be made

    respond to 0, 1, 2, or 3 of your own interpretive questions for Portfolio Prompts
    respond to 0, 1, or 2 of your own evaluative questions for Portfolio Prompts

Friendly Rubric:

A = all criteria are met
B = one page rationale is met / missing 1 other criterion
C = one page rationale is met / missing 2 other criteria
D = one page rationale is not met / all other criteria are
F = one page rationale is not met / missing 1-3 other criteria

If your song rocks, and your assignment matches an extreme level of rock, we will use your
juxtaposition in class – please include a typed note with your juxtaposition if you do NOT
want it to be used for the class.

DUE Friday, May 12th

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