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									                          BID SPECIFICATION

                          CITY OF CARTHAGE


  The manufacturing and installation of TWO brush firefighting skid units and
emergency equipment; including all labor, materials, and equipment as described
                  within the attached specification sheets.

                      All bids subject to budget approval

                               401 W. Chestnut
                            Carthage, MO 64836
                            Office: 417-237-7100
                              Fax: 417-237-7103
                                CITY OF CARTHAGE

                       This Document Contains the Following:

PART I:     Invitation to Bid

PART II:    Instructions to Bidders

PART III:   Technical Specifications

PART IV:    Bid Proposal
                                       PART I

                              INVITATION TO BID
The City of Carthage will accept sealed bids from qualified persons or firms interested
in providing the following:

  The manufacturing and installation of TWO brush firefighting skid units and
emergency equipment; including all labor, materials, and equipment as described
                  within the attached specification sheets.

                         All bids subject to budget approval

                       BIDS MUST BE RECEIVED SEALED BY
                            AND WILL BE OPENED AT:

                     1:00 p.m. Friday, June 08, 2012 at City Hall

                       PLEASE MARK YOUR ENVELOPE
                       CARTHAGE FIRE DEPARTMENT”
                             AND RETURN IT TO:

                                  City Clerk’s Office
                                   326 Grant Street
                                 Carthage, MO 64836
                                   PART II
                          INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS
                                  GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS

The City of Carthage Fire Department reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive
any minor informality or irregularity in bids received. The City of Carthage Fire Department may
accept any item or group of items of any bid unless qualified by specific limitation of the vendor.
The Contract shall be awarded to that responsible vendor whose bid, conforming to the
Invitation for Bids, will be most advantageous (lowest price and best value) to the Carthage Fire
Department, price and other factors considered. The City of Carthage Fire Department will
select the bid that best suits its needs.

The City of Carthage Fire Department hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively insure
that in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, minority business enterprises
will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be
discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, disability or national origin in consideration
for an award.

Bidders are informed that pursuant to Section 285.530, RSMo, as a condition of the award of
any contract in excess of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), the successful bidder shall, by
sworn affidavit and provision of documentation, affirm its enrollment and participation in a
federal work authorization program with respect to the employees working in connection to the
contracted services. Successful bidders shall also sign an affidavit affirming that it does not
knowingly employ any person who is an unauthorized alien in connection to the contracted

The evaluation of bids will include consideration of price, quality, adherence to specifications,
ability to meet the City's need for service and prior experience. Evaluation may also include
financial statements, if requested, sub-contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers to be used in
the work and data on the materials, services and equipment to be incorporated. Time of
completion or delivery will also be a factor in the award.

Whenever a material, service, article or piece of equipment is identified on the plans or in the
specifications by reference to manufacturer's or vendor's names, trade names, catalog
numbers, etc., it is intended merely to establish a standard; and any material, article, or
equipment or other manufacturers and vendors which will perform adequately the duties
imposed by the general design will be considered equally acceptable provided the material,
service, article, or equipment so proposed, is, in the opinion of the City, of equal substance and
function. Substitute items may be rejected at the discretion of the City.

Whenever the name of the manufacturer is mentioned on the face hereof and the words "or
equal" do not follow, it shall be deemed that the words "or equal" shall follow such designations
unless the face hereof specifies "no substitutes". The City may assume that items quoted are
equal or it may request samples and proof thereof unless approved before shipment. City
reserves the right to return at vendors’ expense all items that are not acceptable as equals, said
items to be replaced by bidder with satisfactory items at the original price.

By virtue of statutory authority, the City shall give preference to all commodities manufactured,
mined, produced, or grown within the State of Missouri and to all firms, corporations, or
individuals, when quality is equal or better and the delivered price is the same or less. Similar
preference will be given to United States products and supplies. Preferences may be given for
Carthage Services, products, and supplies.
                                          PART III
                               TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

The City of Carthage Fire Department is requesting sealed bids for the purchase of
TWO brush firefighting slide-in skid units and related emergency equipment. The
following describes the minimum specifications:


The pump shall be a single stage centrifugal pump, bolted directly to the engine, with a 3” NPT
suction inlet, and a 2.5” NPT discharge outlet. The volute and pump head shall be a lightweight,
high strength, seawater resistant, aluminum alloy. The impeller shall be a bronze enclosed type
for maximum efficiency, fully machined and balanced. The engine crankshaft shall serve as the
pump shaft, with the impeller mounted directly on the crankshaft. The shaft seal shall be self-
adjusting, self lubricating, and mechanical type.

The pump piping shall be flexible to prevent any breakage caused by vibration.

The pump shall be capable of a maximum discharge volume of 265 GPM at 50 PSI, and a
maximum discharge pressure of 150 PSI while pumping 60 GPM. In the center of the
performance curve, the pump shall be capable of pumping 110 GPM at 125 PSI and 190 GPM
at 75 PSI.


The pump shall be driven by a 4-stroke gasoline powered, engine. The engine minimum size
shall be 18 horsepower. The engine shall be air cooled 12 volt electric start with recoil backup.
The engine shall be fueled from a 3 gallon separate fuel tank which is to be mounted to the skid
cover. The engine shall be connected with a quick disconnect weather proof style connection.


A control panel shall be supplied and installed on the pump. The controls shall consist of a
master switch, key start and a 2.5” diameter discharge pressure gauge.


The pump engine shall be equipped with an exhaust venturi type primer capable of 15’ – 20’ lift
for fast positive priming.


All piping on the suction side shall be made of steel (welded joints) schedule 40. The suction
piping, the pump and the discharge shall be tested to 400 PSI.

The suction piping shall consist of a 3” tank to pump line with a 3” flexible rubber hump hose to
minimize flex and vibration between the pump and the tank.
Between the tank and the pump there shall be a 3” industrial valve. This valve shall remain open
to pump from the tank. This pipe shall have a tee into the suction side of the pump, and shall
continue to the rear of the truck for overboard suction.

The overboard suction connection shall have a 2.5” NST male adapter and a 2.5” NSTF cap
with retaining cable.


On the driver side of the manifold there will be as standard two (2) 1” NPT and two (2) 1 ½” NPT
discharge outlets.


The booster reel shall be equipped with 100’ of 1” NST standard rubber booster hose.


Monitor shall have four (4) multi-colored lenses.


Water tank shall be welded with Heavy Duty extruded joint. The material shall be of a certified,
high quality, non-corrosive, stress relieved thermo plastic, black in color with a textured finish,
and UV stabilized for maximum protection. The skid type water tank shall be of a standard
configuration and shall be so designed to have complete modular slide in capability. The unit
shall incorporate transverse partitions manufactured for 3/8” PT2E polypropylene which shall
interlock with a series of longitudinal partitions constructed of 3/8” PT2E polypropylene. All
swash partitions shall be so designed to allow for maximum water and air flow between
compartments and are fully welded to each other as well as to the inside of the tank. The floor of
the tank shall be manufactured from ¾” PT2E polypropylene. The walls and top of the water
tank shall be constructed of ½” thick polypropylene sheet stock with PolymarCo-PP™ resin


The tank shall be equipped with a combination vent/overflow and manual fill tower. The fill tower
shall have an 8” x 8” x 8” square hinged type cover. The tower shall be located in the right rear
corner of the tank. The tank cover shall be constructed of ½” thick PT2E polypropylene, black in
color, UV stabilized.


The tank shall have a capacity of 250 U.S. gallons of water.


There shall be two standard tank outlets located in the same vertical plane on the driver side
rear wall of the tank. One 3” female NPT tank to pump suction fitting and one 2” female NPT
tank fill fitting with flow deflector.

The cover shall be incorporate two (2) booster reel mounting blocks that shall accommodate two
(2) each sliding nut fasteners. These 4” large mounting blocks shall be welded to the covers
running from the rear edge of the tank forward to the front edge.


There shall be a full width skid base manufactured of ¾” PT2E polypropylene welded to the
tank. This base shall be 48” wide by 72” long and shall extend 24” past the tank in the rear to
allow for pump mounting. The pump mounting area shall be supported by ½” PT2E
polypropylene gussets approximately 15” high by 32” long. The mounts shall allow for the skid
to be secured directly to a truck bed without the need for any skid frame work underneath.

Tank will be baffled in accordance with latest NFPA requirements.


Other openings will be utilized accordingly when pre-connects, booster reels and other
accessories that require pressurized water are specified.


All valves larger than 1” shall be a fire service type drop out style Akron Ball Valve Brass with
rugged stainless steel ball and two PTFE seats.

The valves shall be capable of bi-directional flow with a minimum working pressure rating of 250

All stainless steel parts shall be made from 300 series material. The valves shall NOT require
lubrication of the seats or any other internal waterway component and shall be capable of
swinging out of the attached waterway plumbing for easy maintenance, with the removal of six
(6) to eight (8) bolts.

Any required valve 1” or smaller, unless otherwise specified, shall be a standard plumbing style
industrial ball valve.


There shall be a discharge manifold plumbed directly to the discharge side of the pump to
incorporate discharges at the rear of the unit.

This discharge manifold shall be 4”x 4” square minimum and be welded on all sides to prevent
leakage. The manifold will be made from industrial steel and painted black in color.

A 1 ½” industrial grade valve with handle and 1 ½” NSTM threads shall be furnished with a cap
and chain.

A ¾” garden hose thread discharge will be mounted on the discharge manifold facing the rear of
the unit utilizing an industrial valve.


There shall be one (1) 1” Industrial Ball valve plumbed via high pressure hose from the manifold
to the Tank Fill inlet noted on the tank for the purpose of filling the tank and re-circulating water
during stagnant pump operations.


A Low Profile 12v electric rewind booster hose shall be supplied and installed on the tank top.
The hose reel shall be protected against power shortage.

The reel shall have a push button rewind control and a backup geared crank rewind handle.

The reel shall be equipped with a 1” NPT 90 degree swivel inlet, and a 1” NST outlet riser.

The reel discs and drum shall be manufactured of steel.


All painted materials shall be black (color to be defined by the Carthage Fire Department at time
of construction)


Protek Style #369 1 ½” nozzle

Protek Style #360 1” nozzle


150’ double-jacket, blue, Key brand 1 ¾” hose

100’ Kockek field repairable booster hose (green)
            EMERGENCY WARNING EQUIPMENT (Equipment for 1 (one) truck only)


Whelen Justice Light or equivalent to include the following:

       1.       4 linear corner LED lightheads
       2.       12 interior super-LED lightheads
       3.       Super-LED takedowns and alley’s
       4.       6 lamp traffic advisor in red/blue
       5.       Hi/low power and pattern override
       6.       Mounting hardware


Whelen Epsilon EPSL2S7 siren and speaker or equivalent to include the following:

       1.       200 watt amplification
       2.       3-position slide switch and 4 switches
       3.       9 scan lock siren tones and diagnostics
       4.       Hands-free operation
       5.       SA315P speaker
       5.       All mounting hardware


Signal Vehicle Produces LCS770 full feature siren with auxiliary switches or equivalent

Sho-Me slim speaker or equivalent


Labor and installation charges shall be described to install the following equipment:

       1.       Brush Truck – Installation of one (1) mobile radio and antenna

All mobile radio equipment will be provided by the Carthage Fire Department

This bid should also reflect all labor to complete installation of all described equipment
in the brush truck.
                                       PART IV
                                    BID PROPOSAL
To:    City of Carthage, Missouri
       Carthage Fire Department

The undersigned bidder hereby proposes to furnish all materials, supplies, tools, equipment and
perform all necessary labor, and construct, install and complete all work stipulated in, required
by and in conformity with, the proposed documents hereto attached and other documents referred
to therein, and any and all addenda thereto, for and in consideration of the following lump sum

Bid:           $_____________________________________

__________________________________________________                 ________________________
(Signature)                                                        (Date)

Please Type:

(Company Name)

(Name and Title of Signer)

Comes now ____________________(name) as _____________________________ (office held)
first being duly sworn, on my oath, affirm____________________________________
(company name) is enrolled and will continue to participate in a federal work authorization
program in respect to employees that will work in connection with the contracted services
related       to ___________________________________________________________________
(project/service) for the duration of the contract, if awarded in accordance with RSMo Chapter
285.530                      (2).                                   I                  also                   affirm                     that
___________________________________________________(company name) does not and
will not knowingly employ a person who is an unauthorized alien in connection with the
contracted         services         related       to_________________________________________________
(project/service) for the duration of the contract, if awarded. Attached hereto is documentation
affirming Contractor's enrollment and participation in a federal work authorization program with
respect to the employees working in connection with the contracted services.

Acceptable enrollment and participation documentation consists of the following 2 pages of the E-Verify Memorandum of Understanding:
1 A valid, completed copy of the first page identifying the Contractor; and
2 A valid copy of the signature page completed and signed by the Contractor, and the Department of Homeland Security - Verification Division.

In Affirmation thereof, the facts stated above are true and correct (The undersigned
understands that false statements made in this filing are subject to the penalties provided
under Section 575.040, RSMo).

__________________________________                                          ________________________________
Signature (person with authority)                                                             Printed Name

__________________________________                                          ________________________________
Subscribed and sworn to before me this______ day of ___________, 20___. I am commissioned
as a notary public within the County of Jasper, State of Missouri, and my commission expires on

Signature of notary _____________________________                                      Date ___________________

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