Sustainable agriculture farm by cmamaruf


									Sustainable agriculture farm:

Put two painful food inflation, food security and the world stage today. And is a threat to food
security, and reducing population growth and productivity. It’s problem to strive towards
sustainability in the food of distinguished national and international institutions. Not effective on
this growing threat to food security will be particularly poor malnourished. Stranded on open
mouth to engulf us as demons.

Not getting agriculture going today farms as a percentage of the wage costs, very expensive less
reward, return on investment in grain production. There are several reasons for this decrease in
production per hectare farm and agriculture interests and val. you must not mark the first
agricultural system currently is. Vegetable production is still done by traditional agricultural

There is a major change to how crop supplies in recent years. Monsoon failure induced with the
application of advanced climate and evolving farming techniques. Agricultural science fields
examined in a number of his innovations invented t and high-yield seeds.

New akwabonix and development of intensive agriculture. So, a better means of aquatic animals
and plants grow together. And participates in the cultivation of fish, plants and farms closed
through agricultural systems called aquaponics. Family-friendly aquaculture increased using
agricultural systems. This method can increase the fish tank. For waste water discharge in the
gravel bed of the reservoir is connected to the gravel bed. Fish waste, bacteria there run bed
breaks the effects of ammonia and nitric acid and nitrate is toxic.

Method of recycling to agriculture more profitable. Cultivated foods, such as fish, crops and
animals, by this agricultural system. Akwabonix recycling and environmentally friendly farming
methods that all chemicals after the nominations, crop irrigation field’s water fish used to be
excited again tanks.
Therefore, are eco-friendly, and one of the investments of time and space requirements small
farms akwabonix a better idea to produce fish and hydroelectric plants?

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