Death or Major Crisis Response

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					                        Death or Major Crisis Response

Process of notification: Upon hearing of a crisis involving, or potentially involving, one of
our educational community (student, family, teacher, staff, administrator), a person will first
call the Director of Operations & Student Support who, in turn, will contact the
Superintendent, the Directors of Counseling and Communication and the building principal.
The Director of Operations & Student Support will be the Superintendent’s designee during
the crisis.
                                    Andre Thibeault
                                    Director of Operations &
                                        Student Support

    Dr. Guy D. Alba                      Kim Rose                            Principal
  Supervisor of Guidance and    Chief Communications Officer.
                                      Disseminate Internal                  Implement use of
      Reassign Additional                   Notice/                           Phone Chain
     support staff if needed/             Alert Media
        Notify RIEAP
It is assumed throughout this document that the school administrators and support staff are
knowledgeable of the booklet: Trauma within the Providence School Community: A Crisis
Intervention Plan Manual.
Grief/Trauma Intervention Team: Consists of all support staff assigned to a school, school
psychologist, school social worker, school counselor, school nurse-teacher, Student
Assistance Counselor (including itinerants). When a crisis happens at a school, itinerant
support staff assigned there will automatically be expected to report to that school even if it is
not their assigned day.
Phone Chain: Every school will develop a list of faculty & staff phone numbers. Those
teachers who prefer to keep their number private will give it to the principal only. The list
will be divided among the school’s Grief/Trauma Intervention Team to be utilized by them in
case of an emergency situation at their school.
Agency/Community Support: Community Mental Health Agencies and local clergy will be
available to supplement district support staff when the crisis demands exceed our capacity to
respond. The Director of Operations & Student Support will contact appropriate agencies
when the school team deems it necessary.
Immediate Steps:
   1. Principal will be notified of event or will verify his/her knowledge of the event with
      the Director of Operations. S/he will prepare a synopsis of the facts. (see Manual p.5)

                                   Crisis Overview Document, August, 2008
2. The principal will notify the school’s Grief/Trauma Intervention Team and implement
   the faculty & staff phone chain. Faculty & staff will be invited to report to school the
   next school day 15 minutes early to be provided with pertinent details of the event.
   (see Manual p.4)
3. The school’s Grief/Trauma Intervention Team will report ½ hour early to assist the
   principal in organizing support for the day. If any additional support staff is present,
   they will be introduced to the faculty at the meeting. The principal and team will
   contact the Director of Operations & Student Support if additional support is needed
   from the community. (see Manual p.5)
4. The principal will set the tone in the school. S/he should remain calm, acknowledge
   the event and announce the protocol for the day. The focus should remain on
   maintaining a normal routine to avoid disruption of the educational process and
   prevent sensationalizing the tragedy.
5. Principal and Director of Operations & Student Support will communicate and
   coordinate for the duration of the event.
6. The Superintendent will communicate with the School board and other public
   officials as deemed necessary.
7. In the event of a death, the principal will send written communication to parents to
   inform them of the event and the Grief/Trauma Intervention Team’s efforts. (see
   Manual pp. 5&6; 19&20) For translations, call the Communications Office.
8. Students will be allowed to leave school only after following the normal parental
   dismissal procedures. Students and parents should be encouraged to allow the
   students to remain in school.
9. Staff should be encouraged to be particularly observant of students and note
   significant behavior changes that vary from the norm. They should notify
   Grief/Trauma Intervention Team of those students.
10. The Grief/Trauma Intervention Team will be available throughout the day to assist
    faculty and staff as needed.
11. The Grief/Trauma Intervention Team will meet at the end of each day to review the
    school’s response plan for the next day and to discuss any students about whom they
    are concerned. (see Manual p.9)
12. Teachers may do as much as they feel comfortable doing in terms of supporting
    students within the classroom. If a teacher would like assistance with a student or
    class, the Grief/Trauma Intervention Team may be contacted.
13. The LifeWatchEAP will provide assistance for all adults in the building who find
    themselves in need of support. The Director of Counseling will contact the agency
    who will, in turn, contact the principal for date and time.
14.   Teachers may be directed to information in the manual that will provide them with
      descriptions of expected responses from children. (see Manual p. 30)

                             Crisis Overview Document, August, 2008

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