neem oil by cmamaruf


									Neem Oil-is the value of agricultural chemicals and insecticides

Interests of today. Using eco-friendly production, organic farming practices for the growing of
agricultural crops. To avoid bugs in the use of pesticides has been practiced since ancient times.
Reduces soil fertility and crop damage, but also a source of refer for the farmers. Use of pesticides
for decades and was prepared chemically, lead contains heavy losses for farmers unwanted elements
from the soil and plants. This problem of chemical pesticides infertility post intensified soil micro-
organisms. Organic pesticides are revolution and since then. Will be examined in the search for
organic compounds as students of biodegradable pesticides. The research serves as Nim ' strong
biological pesticides can prevent the growing of further than 200 different types by pests and insects
are found. Is the threat for the farmers were pests like rat, mice, cockroache, can that they want to
ruin the all land. Used the form "Neem Oil for pest control. They smell error "Neem Oil" pests that
consume crops.
Instructions for preparation and use Neem Oil "spraying of pesticides:
Take a some tablespoonfuls of Neem Oil as well as 3-4 liters of water and mix. Dilution, use as the
additives are water-soluble detergents.
Neem Oil pesticide, soil and plant lower half before instruction. Do not apply grease on the leaves in
sunlight on it to burn. Neem Oil is registered using strict EPA or other environmentally friendly
Tribes use insects such as borehole life cycle as a tool, aphids, beetles, worms, maggots, miners,
bugs, Danny, moth, fly farm. 2500 ppm for extract practice is 300 ppm extracts Taste of the bitter
Neem compounds triglyceride, aroma and avoid crop pests and insect spray. Used as the mixing of
urea powder Take repels insects and mixed with the soil.
In order to ward off insects, soil preparation instructions:
Mix cake mix Neem powder urea in the soil. You need the fertile crop Take cake powder urea
weight growth of 15-25%. Is a by-product of flour "Neem Oil, Neem cake?
Neem Oil and then prove powerful for pests and organic agriculture insecticides. Eco-friendly
biodegradable products offer.

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