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					Lemon grass grow on commercial road

One of the marvel plant lemon grass. It contains the number of the advantages, easily can be planted
in personal consumption broad farm trade at home. Lemon and Asian cuisine with its own taste
offers different smell that is widely used. Oil extracted from the leaves is applied in SOAP and
candles. Used since thousands of years as ranging by stomach cramps and joint pain cure a variety of

Plants can grow in about any soil and plant effectiveness in commercial scale relatively easy. A lot
of Sun and tropical weather. Is caused by a decrease of the price to relieve growth, very competitive.

After his proposed steps the commercially grows:

1. The planning phase.

A protection of the market. Important buyer protection project, in about 6 months.

It is equipped on the essential skills and knowledge. Participated in the course and expert advice of
agricultural institutions;

(C) Verify that a list of providers of plant and equipment. They may be a source of data and advice.

(D) Design the details of the project. It project may be divided into four levels.

-Site preparation

-First moon and plants.

Growth Phase

-Harvest and marketing.
2. Place the preparation. And experts to verify the suitableness of the soil to assess on the spot. Can
grow in an extensive area of soil conditions of lemon, specific treatment of different types of soil and
fertilizer needed. This treatment is cost.

Buy seedlings, site preparation, and synchronize. To come down the need for irrigation during the
rainy season planting can be properly created. To clean up the land and the final circle with 2 times
the team.

3. The first month and plants. Preparation of the soil can be planted 2 weeks later. Network aligned
with 3 of 3 meters, 4 meters, are to be planted in every hole. Seedlings of 2 inches firmly in the soil,
the soil. Water will now and then. Plants will need watering daily 7 days. Replacing the first month
of dead seedlings weeks round. Later on the 1st month, stop the exchange of dead seedlings.

4-phase growth: a growing interest of lemon grass. Fertilization is the first March monthly. To
manually remove weeds. Not attacking bet plants have no natural enemies.

5. Marketing with harvest: manual harvest tasks more hard and time consuming you. In three ways
with lemon grass, harvesting during the contract on the customer.

How to use. Oil extraction as cuts about 1 foot off the ground. This cycle can be repeated four times
(Four months) per month. At harvest on seedlings, small quantities of the roots and stems sliced
extended leave on foot, let the leaves. If you sell, you need to cut the root crop similar to seedlings,

With the right planning and control implementation can lemon grass growth and profitable
proposition. Growing demand for Asian foods widely by the West.

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