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					                        What is The Artful Scribe?                                             The Artful Scribe Summer & Fall 2012 Registration
                                                                                                 For Courses at Pequannock Twsp. High School
We have been offering enrichment and standardized test preparation courses since
2002. Our mission is to provide students with the best instruction and learning    Name___________________________________
experiences that prepare them not only for the PSAT and SAT, but also for their
ongoing education. Our experienced and enthusiastic instructors employ creative    2012-2013 School Year Fr So Jr Sr Other: _____
strategies to ensure that learning is both useful and enjoyable.
                                                                                   Street Address: _______________________________

                                                                                   City: _____________________ State: _____              Zip: ________
              The Artful Scribe Test Prep Courses

How do we accomplish our goals?                                                    Email (for confirmation): _____________________________
 Students understand the nuances of the tests and actually outsmart
  the SAT or ACT                                                                                                SAT Summer I – June 21-July 3
 We insist on smaller classes (5-20 students)
                                                                                   9:00-11:00 -- Critical Reading &Writing ($225-)              _____
 We stress answering & guessing strategies
 Students learn to recognize tricks & question types for each section             11:15-12:45 – Math ($175-)                                   _____
 We focus on area-specific issues that connect to classroom learning
                                                                                   Critical Reading & Writing and Math ($375)                   _____
Can’t make it to the course? We can take the course to you and a small
                                                                                                                SAT Summer II – August 27-31
group of friends! Check for information on at-home,
flexible scheduling Kitchen Table Courses.                                         6:00-7:30 -- Critical Reading & Writing ($150-)              _____

For more information, contact Mr. Michael Portas at (973) 986-4040 or              7:30-8:30 – Math ($100-)                                     _____
check out our website
                                                                                   Critical Reading & Writing and Math ($225)                   _____

                                    Instructors                                                                     ACT – August 27-31

English Courses – Mr. John Chorazy and Mr. Michael Portas                          3:00-4:30 – English and Reading ($125-)                      _____
Math and Science Courses – Ms. Deborah Thomas
         All are certified and experienced teachers and tutors                     4:30-6:00 – Math and Science($125-)                          _____

                                                                                   All ACT sections ($225)                                      _____

                                                                                                 Fall PSAT/SAT Mini-Course (September 10, 17, 24 & Oct. 1)
Please make checks payable to The Artful Scribe, LLC and mail to:                  6:00-8:30 – All sections ($225- or $100- w/any course)       _____
                                  The Artful Scribe
                                    P.O. Box 401                                   Total Enclosed :                                             _____
                               Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

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