My story of submission by X9RE37qi


									My story of submission
                                          by rich


I guess I should start off by stating that this is a true story.I have changed
some names to protect those
is my story of how i entered 2 differant worlds and how they came together to
tame a person who was out
control.Now on to my story.

Chapter 1
The beginings

As i look back it's hard to even think of how i was before this all started.i
was a very out of control person.i
drugs and drank.i had no respect for anyone or myself for that matter It almost
seemed to know me was to
hate me.All
i cared about was skateboarding and where was the next party.If i saw a No
Skateboarding sign...i wanted
to skate
there even more...if that gives you a idea of what kind of person i was.i came
from a loving family and had
a pretty
average childhood.But my life was missing i turned to a life of
not caring for or about
anyone.Just doing
what ever the hell i wanted to.Those who know me now would not believe this.i
guess i should also say that
i was 19 at
the time my life went 180.Ok so i am not very good at writing storys...but i
hope this one will touch the
hearts of some
or at the very least be a good read.

Chapter 2
The meeting

This did not start out like a good first meeting of a person.i was skateboarding
at this was a
clothing store
for women.i had thought the place was closed,not that i would have cared if it
was open or not.The place
had the 3
things needed for a good skate spot. It had a nice set of stairs with a
handrail.Long curbs and a good gap to
across.i was havin a ball and then it happend.Just as the owner was comming out
i crashed hard trying to
slide on the
hand rail.To make matters board went thru the window(OPPS).i got up
and i knew i was in
something strange happend.Instead of calling the cops the owner helped me
up..went back inside and got
skateboard for me.i was confused to say the least. She(the owner) asked if i was
alright and that if i needed
help.i said i was fine and that i would wait for the cops to come.Turns out She
had other plans for me.She
did not call
the cops instead She said that She would keep this between us..if i worked for
Her to replace the broken
was shocked.i said that i was not gonna work in a womens clothing store no
matter what.She said that was
not what
She had in mind.So i am like what then.She said that i would work off the window
by doing some work
around Her
house.She writes down Her address and gives me what time to be there the next
day.For some
might have
been the way She said it,i agreed.This was to be the start of my journey to a
better life.

Chapter 3
Things to come

i went home after all that and the only thing on my mind was Her.There was
something about Her that did
not allow me
to just say..Screw You and call the cops.And that bugged me..was i going
soft.Well that was just the
mind you i was very into Punk Rock and the style of dress that goes with
that.Collars and bondage
belts,studed wrist
bands and the like. i had no idea at the time that there was another lifestyle
that used such things...or the
meaning of what i called my everyday wear.i was told to report to the woman that
i would soon be calling
Mistress at
noon that day.i wore all the stuff that i normaly did and it sparked a question
from Her when i got to Her
asked me if i had a Mistress.i was clueless to what She ment.Seeing this She
explained as best She could to
me about
D/s and the lifestyle.i was fasinated by what She was telling me.She then asked
me if i had ever heard of
such things
and i replied no.i then saw a smile come over Her face that untill after my
training was done that i did not
understand.Seems that She wanted to help me become a better person.This caused a
bit of rage in me that
was quickly
shot down when She reminded me about the window and the cost to replace it.The
window that i had
busted was a
custom window and it would cost $1200 to replace.She explained that if i chose
to become Her submissive
and commit
to the training that She would call it even and the plus side would be that i
would be a better person and
thank Her
later.Knowing that i did not have $1200 to spend on a window i agreed and a
contract was signed.It stated
that i
would commit to whatever training that She saw fit to enact to help me.i signed
it and that very day the

Chapter 4
The Training

i had no idea what i was getting into at the time.Perhaps i should describe this
Lady who would soon be the
important person in my life.She was 34 and to be honest...a very beautiful woman
and very rich.It turns out
that the
clothing store was just something to pass the time for Her.She could have paid
for the window with out it
causing so
much as a dent in Her pocket change.The first day of my training was more of a
"let's find out what i am
with" session.She set up some tasks to do and She wanted to see if i would do
them and how much
resistance i would
put up.Well She quickly learned that i was not very submiss- -ive,She would soon
change this.She then
thought to
check to see what kind of man i was in bed.Well i always thought of myself as
one hell of a lover.i was
wrong.She let
me run the show in bed and was not pleased to say the least.After i came She
left the room and i started to
dressed.She came back as i was getting my pants up and told me to stop and
strip. i was baffled by this but
the tone
in Her voice seem to get me to do as i was told.And then it happend.As i was
just getting my boxers off i
saw what She
had brought back with Her.She had restraints for my ankles and some
cloth and something that
at that time
i did not reconize.i was told to lay on the bed and to spred my legs and arms.i
did so and i was now tied to
bed.She then went to that dresser to grab the cloth and it was at that time i
saw what the other thing was.It
was a
pair of plastic the ones used for babys only bigger.It was then i
knew what was coming next...i
was being
put into a diaper.As best i could i told Her i did not want this to happen.But
She then explained i had been
acting like
a spoiled child to that point and from then on in the training i would not only
be tre- -ated as a baby
but,dressed as
one too.Now i should say that before this i did have a liking of wearing
diapers,so i guess i did have a fetish
this.Well it was about to be lived out in the form i never dreamemt
possible.After She was done with
pinning me into
the diaper She released one leg at a time to put on the plastic panties.i was
not happy with this.So She went
to the
other room and came back with not only what appeared to be shortalls but the
contract i just signed.She
reread what
it said to me and remined me of what would happen if i did not submit to what
She wanted.She explained
to me in
great detail of what was to come next.i was to be treated as a 2 year old in
everyway shape and form.i had
no choice
but to agree to this and to be honest i did not offer much resistance.

Chapter 5
The month as a baby

By this time i am sure you are thinking what a sicko and that i was in
trouble.Mistress or as i called Her
explained why She chose to do this and what She wanted of me next. As i said at
the start i was a reckless
uncarring person.She believed that if She could start me over in my mind by
keeping me as a baby(which
ment no
sex)that She could change me. At this point i wanted out of the contract.Mommy
made me a deal.She said
that if i
would live with Her for a month as a baby 24/7 that not only would we be even
for the matter
how it
turned out after the month was up,but if i could prove that i changed...there
would a great reward in it for
me.i have
no idea what it could be,or what she even ment by this but i was willing to find
out.Now i know this seems
out of the
norm...but She was so bent on making me this better person...i thought..what
have i got to lose.So i
agreed.Then i said
wait a am i gonna do this...i had a job and i told Her about this.She
said that i could either take a
leave of
absence or quit and that She would find me a better job.Then it hit me...what do
i tell mom and dad? It was
then i
came up with what would be my last act of lying to my Parnets.i told them that i
was gonna go on a
skateboard tour of
the south for a month.ahhhh my loving parnets...all they said was becareful and
have a goodtime.And my
job? Ha i
quit,it was a lame job at a gas station anyway.So i went home that night to pack
for what would prove to be
a very
wierd and trying month.

Chapter 6
Diapers,Bottles and lots of spankings

A week later i arived at what would be home for a month.Mommy led me to my room
and my jaw
dropped.Let me put it
this way,the only thing seperating this room from a baby's nursery was the size
of the crib and changing
spared no expence here folks,it was a babys room all the way,the wall paper was
skyblue with patterns of
ducks and
teddy bears holding balloons and even the crib had a mobile.The crib was just
like a babys crib only twice
size.Same thing for the changing table.i was about to turn and run,but i was
willing to give this a try rather
then pay
for that window.i started to unpack when She said to stop,that i would not need
what i packed for the first 2
was all like..what am i gonna wear for clothes? That answer came when She opened
the closet and the
were filled with baby style clothes in a much larger size.Rompers,sleepers and
onezies(body suits) in all
kinds of
colors and patterns.i was like ok,i needed a smoke bad so i asked if we could
wait to start this while i have a
smoke.She said that i could...but to enjoy it,for it would become a earned
privledge.i did not know what
that ment at
the time nor cared.i went out had my smoke then came back in and was called back
to the
was waiting and she had my outfit picked out and a diaper ready for me.i was
told to hop up on the
changing table
after i took off my clothes.i undressed and to be honest i was quite nervous at
this point,kinda thinking to
myself..what have i got myself into this time?i got my now naked body on the
table and She powdered me
and pinned
the diaper on,then put on the plastic panties which were blue with little ducks
on them.i was told to get
down and then
She dressed me in a onezie that was white with teddy bears on them and a blue
romper with a big teddy on
the front.
i will admit i felt funny wearing this stuff but She then explained what was
gonna happen for the first 2
weeks of
the training.i was to be treated as a every way.Toilets were off
limits...i was to do all my needs
in the
diaper.i was all like that is crazy and that i don't think i could do that.She
said that for the first few days it
might be
hard but She would help.She also said that She would feed me by hand and i would
only drink from a
bottle.if i
needed to smoke it would only be when She said i could.At that time i felt a
small rumble if you will in my
the life of me i had not noticed but she had sliped a supozitory in my but and
it was starting to work on me.i
knew at
that time what She ment by helping me do my dutys in the diaper.She began to
talk again and i felt it
bigger instead of just letting go i fought it.She could see it in my face and
said to just let go and that i would
end up
losing anyway.So when the third time came i let go and filled that
diaper...ohhhhhh boy did i.i am not more
then a hour
into this and i am getting my first diaper change since i was 3.She cleaned
me,repowdered me and pinned a
dipaer on me.i did not eat a big breakfast and was hungry at this point.So i was
left in the nursey and She
came back
with a bottle of apple juice and left the room again with my duffle bag.About 10
mins later She was back
and had a
very stern face,Her arms were behind Her as She came in.She had found my weed
that i brought with me in
bag.She asked me why i brought that with me and all i could say was that i use
it to relax.Well i found out
quick that
this was a bad thing. i then saw what was in Her other was a
paddle.Now i am bigger then She
was but that
did not help me at all,all of a sudden i am over Her knee and felt the romper
being un- -snapped and my
diaper being
taken off.Then She said that we do not bring this stuff into Mommys house and
She began to spank
seemed to
take forever and it was like a min when i relized She stopped and boy was my
rear red.She layed me
the diaper and redid the snaps on the romper and gave me a hug saying that was
just a small taste of what
happen when baby was bad.i should have just left and paid for the stupid
window...but i couldn't.Somthing
made me
want to stay and finnish this out.

Chapter 7
Bed time

Now Mommy was able to help me mess my diaper but She could not get me to wet
myself.How i held it in
was a mystery
to me.Mommy was perpared thou.She knew that i would wet myself in my sleep after
not wetting all was
getting me ready for bed and told me that She was going to use a special night
time diaper.Oh man was this
thick,the cloth diapers i had been wearing all day were think in their own
right,but this one,,,it made the
others look
like a tisue!It must have been at least 5 layers think and when it was pinned on
me with even my legs
spread it flet
massive.She also had a special pair of plastic panties that held all that cloth
in them.She had me sit up for a
sec and
laid my sleeper under me and got me in it and all zipped up.It was time to get
down off the table and then i
just how thick this diaper was...i had to crawl to the crib for i could not even
waddle much less walk to the
helped me in and gave me a bottle of warm milk to drink to help me fall
asleep.There was also another
bottle of apple
juice for when i woke up to drink till Mommy comes to get me in the morning.All
i could think about was
that thick
diaper and that i had to go REAL bad.So i let it out and i was soaked at
first...but that passed as the diaper
soaked it up.So i rolled over and went to sleep.i woke up that morning and i was
VERY wet, seems i wet a
few more
times during the night and the thick diaper had become even more uncomfertable
and on top of that i saw
that i had
been straped into the crib.Mommy had put a sleep aid in my bottle and came while
i was asleep and straped
me into the
crib to make sure i did not get out in the night to cheat.So there i was
strapped in the crib and super soaked
plus i
was really in need of a smoke.About what seemed like hours(30 mins) Mommy came
in to get me out of
the crib.In a
very sweet voice She said"Good morning and how is My little baby doing?".i
replied that i was very
wet.She said that i
had to ask to be changed and to ask the right way.i was not sure what She
ment.So Mommy explained..She
would ask
if baby needed to be changed and i had to reply "yes mommy baby needs to be
changed".At this point it
was too late
to turn back so i submited to this and asked the right way.She helped me out of
the crib after She undid the
strap and
i crawled to the table and She helped my very soaked but up. As she was getting
me out of this masive wet
cloth She
told me that this could be avoided if i used the diapers during the day too and
then at night the diaper would
not be
as thick.As i was being changed and dressed she stuck the bottle in my mouth to
drink and got me dressed
and ready
for the day.Now i really needed a smoke and let Her know as She was dressing me.
She said that i could
have only 2 a in the morning and one after dinner.I was all like only 2?..are You
nuts?that was not a good thing
to say,out
came the paddle and i got what was to be one of many spankings that day.i could
see the first few days
would not be
good ones.

Chapter 8
The first week

Now keep in mind that this was training to be submissive or as She put
it..dependant opon Her in other
words i was to
look to Her to take care of me in everyway.Granted this does seem a extreme way
to train a sub,but i was a
bad and unrestectful person.Back to the show folks.After my morning spanking i
was given a bath by
Mommy and led
back to the nursery and once again i was given something to help me mess my
diaper and then reminded
that wetting
my diaper during the day would earn a less thick diaper at night...1st lesson
learned.Now it was time to eat
walked into the kitchen and to my shock there was a highchair and yes it was
scaled to my size.i sat in it
and the tray
was put in place.i could smell the wonderful smells of eggs bacon and coffe
being made.It was a trully
smell,but was not for me...i was spoon feed oatmeal and 2 jars of baby food 1
was bannanas and the other
applsauce.After breakfast i was allowed to go out back and have a smoke.i came
back in and was told that
if i
behaved and obeyed Mommy...i would be allowed to have more then just 2 smokes
aday.It had been a hour
or so and i
was wet and had messed my diaper.So i asked Her to change me and i was ignored.i
then remembered that i
had to ask
in the proper way.i asked Her again saying"Mommy could you please change me?"
She repied "Does baby
need to be
changed ?" and i said "yes mommy baby needs to be changed"She led me up stairs
to the nursery and
changed me and
told me to stay in the nursery and wait for Her.She returned a few mins later
with a bottle and told me to
get in the
crib because it was nap time.This did not go over with me well and i let Her
know that i was not tired at
mistake.Out came the paddle and i got a bad spanking for talking back to
mommy.Diaper back on and i was
straped in
the crib again.i drank the bottle and drifted off to la la land.She put a small
sleep aid in the bottle.i slept for
about 2
hours and was wet.Mommy came in and checked my diaper and asked if i needed to
be changed,i said yes
mommy baby
needs to be was now dinner time and i had pretty much what i had for
breakfast and was allowed
to go
smoke.This is how i spent the first 3 days,i had a average of 3 spankings a day
and was not improving how
She hoped i
would.So She found a new way to punish me....time out and standing in the
corner.i did not like this one bit
and would
have rather been spanked.i made the mistake of telling Her this. All that did
was make the spanking used
for small
things i did wrong and was not used much after that.i was quickly learning that
She was in control and that
i should
behave rather then spend time in the corner.2nd lesson learned.

Chapter 9
The second week

By the end of the first week i was learning that Mommy was not to be tested.So i
decided to try behaving
noticed right away the change in my behavour and i was rewarded and given extra
privledges.She had a
pool table
down stairs and a in ground pool.But the one thing i really missed was what got
me here in the first
skateboard.i was told that if i could go 2 days with out having to be punished
that She would take me to the
store She
owned and let me skate for a hour or 2.i was so excited and for the next 2 days
i was a perfect little angel
mommy.So the time came to leave and i had assumed She would let me out of the
diaper and let me wear
my clothes.i
was wrong.i was decked out in full baby clothes and a disposable diaper.i was
not happy,but i kept my
mouth shut for
i wanted to skate so bad.i had prayed the whole way there that non of my skate
friends were there.i lucked
out.Mommy and i were all alone there.i skated like i never had before...awwwww
man was i doing so good
and Mommy
was really enjoying the show.Well it was time to go and Mommy said that She had
a surprize...we were
going out to eat
dinner.i thought cool.That was before i relized or should i say remembered how i
was dressed.But as luck
would have
it...we went to a resteraunt that was far away and a place i would never go to
anyway.i actualy enjoyed
dinner and we
had a nice talk about what was to come in the next 2 weeks.We wnet home and i
was dressed for bed and i
thinking to myself....was i falling for Her?..truth be told i was.

Chapter 10
Time to come to terms

It's hard to imagin how far i had come in just 2 weeks and Mommy was i think about it
now....i was no
longer behaving just for the sake of not being punished,i was doing it on my
own.Mommy let start wearing
my own
clothes but i was still treated as Her baby and still diapered.She did start
letting me wear training pants
instead of
just diapers all the time...she did not want me to lose my control of my bladder
and bowels.i was only
diapered during
nap time and bedtime.That is when the training took a differant became
more D/s then being baby
and at the
end of the 3rd week i was out of diapers and now it was time to start being what
She was training me
for...Her sub.By
this time i was in love with Her. And i told Her this and She said that She was
falling for me aswell.For the
last week
we did mostly D/s secnes and She taught me how to please a woman better.This was
a new thing to me as
my whole
goal in bed was my saftisfation.After being with Her my whole atittude in the
bedroom had changed and
now i wanted
to please Her more then ever.As i write this and relive what happend back then i
have to be honest when i
say that i
did love Mistress very much i no longer judged by age or what someone was
into.Mistress had changed me
into a
better person and i am forever greatful.

Chapter 11
The end

After the month was up i did not want to leave...i wanted to be Her live-in
sub.But She said that we should
just try
dating and try to establish a true relationship and i agreed.We dated for 4
months and spent lots of time
together and
even had baby weekends when i would stay for 2 days as a baby(ok i grew to like
it) but this as most things
had to
end.Mistress had a brother and he became ill so She sold Her house and moved in
with Him to take care of
him and i
could not go with Her.i was very sad and heartbroken but i understood why i
could not be with Her.i would
just be in
the way and Her brother did not have long to live.It was hard and i missed Her
very much but i went on
with my life
and continued to stay in the D/s life aswell.Now i don't recomend this kind of
training for all..but it worked
on me.I
hope that you have enjoyed this and i want to say that i am now 25 and still a
submissive with a very loving
well and safe.

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