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									The Oxford Academy – Job Description

Vice Principal
Salary Scale L22 to 26 (£62,811 to £69,275)
Accountable to Principal

The appointment of a Vice Principal is subject to the current conditions of employment for
teachers contained in:
          the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STCPD);
          the School Standards and Framework Act 1998;
          the required Standards for Qualified Teacher Status;
          other current legislation.
This job description may be amended at any time following discussion between the
Principal and the member of staff, and will be reviewed annually as part of the
Performance Management process.

This job description includes references to and makes connections with:
          priority impacts from the Academy Improvement Plan (AIP);
          the Academy pay criteria;
          Professional Standards associated with Academy Leaders (based on elements
           of national Headteacher standards).
Duties and responsibilities together with competencies and skills required of the post-
holder are set out within each of the five outcome areas.
The position of Vice Principal will be expected to work in close collaboration and liaison
with the Principal and will deputise for the Principal in their absence as required in rotation
with the other Vice Principal.

The Core priorities for the Academy are focussed around the following summary of the
latest Academy Improvement Plan:
The post holder is expected to support the Academy’s priorities, familiarise themselves with
Academy policies and procedures and reinforce expectations and consequences with all members
of the Academy community (staff and students). Specific responsibilities will reflect both the needs
of the Academy and the strengths within the Senior Leadership Team.

General description of the post
All Academy post-holders are expected to support the sponsors’ vision, Christian ethos and values
that are embedded in the day-to-day and long-term running of the Academy. Each post-holder
must share the commitment of the sponsors’ principles and values of honesty, respect, hospitality,
compassion, love, forgiveness, self-discipline, creativity and hope. The post is open to applicants
who have a personal faith and those who hold no faith.
The holder of this post is expected to carry out the professional duties of a Vice Principal as
described below, and undertake to the extent required by the Principal or the Governing Board, as
circumstances may require and in accordance with the Academy’s policies.

Shared strategic direction and development within the Senior Team
The post-holder is required to share in the following collegiate responsibilities:
     Model effective teaching, learning and self review with the capacity to maintain high levels of
      energy and resilience. Our collective strength is demonstrated through mutual support
     Demonstrate skills of strategic leadership, including monitoring the completion of complex
      projects within agreed timeframes through self-management, reflective practice and
      demonstrating clear impact on student outcomes
     Through leadership, work with others and be responsible for evaluating the Academy’s
      performance to identify the priorities for continuous improvement and raising standards;
      ensuring equality of opportunity for all; and ensuring that resources are efficiently and
      effectively used to achieve the Academy’s values, aims and objectives.
     Be a strategic and supportive member of the executive team of the Academy, playing a key
      role in the development of the Academy as it is expected to accelerate as an innovative, high
      performing and intelligent organisation, effectively managing an agenda of significant change
      to raise standards and outcomes in all areas of Academy life
     Promote and celebrate the ethos of the Academy through supporting the trustees’ vision of
      the Academy, including the leading of assemblies
     Take the strategic oversight for specified areas of improvement and development, working to
      tight timescales, ensuring completion and impact and also make a significant contribution to
      the development of other areas of the Academy, whether or not holding a specific
      responsibility or not. (Responsibilities will be reviewed regularly according to the strengths of
      the executive team members and in support of professional development needs)
     Develop and maintain Academy policies and practices which promote high achievement, a
      learning culture and inclusion through effective teaching, learning, guidance and support
      across the Academy
     Play a key role in creating, leading and sustaining an environment within the Academy where
      students and staff develop and maintain positive attitudes to each other, the environment, the
      community and teaching and learning
     Anticipate, plan and make provision for future demands and identifying the need for, and
      leading the process of, effective change through project and personnel management in
      relation to specific responsibilities working in collaboration with the Finance Director in
      formulating effective resource and financial implications of plans and recommendations
     Use national, local and Academy data effectively to monitor, evaluate impact and analyse
      student progress, planning, project managing and implementing effective interventions to
      support students and staff to achieve high levels of progress and inform policies and
      practices, expectations and consistent approaches
     Contribute to the AIP and the cycle of documentation (including the performance
      management of staff)
     Participate in the delivering and commissioning of innovative services in direct support of the
      Academy’s ethos, aims and objectives
     Liaise effectively with all stakeholders, including parents, students, partner schools,
      appropriate partnership groups, business and community leaders to improve the impact of
      actions and progress of students through strengthened communities
     Network with other academies, innovative and high achieving schools to learn and be
      informed by highly effective progress to effect change, transformation and impact
     Participate and have oversight of Academy public and promotional events
     Secure and sustain effective teaching demonstrated through structured monitoring, informal
      ‘learning walks’, evaluation and review processes
     Work closely in a coaching role and, at appropriate times, through clear holding to account,
      in planning for and implementing improvement
     Participate in the day to day management of the Academy through being highly visible,
      leading by example and promoting good order in and close to the Academy
     Support colleagues in student incident management

The post-holder is accountable to the Principal in all matters. The post-holder will supervise the
work of those with responsibilities within the remit of the Vice Principal’s specific responsibilities
including the reviews connected with performance management, continuing professional
development and career development.

Anticipated areas of responsibility
The Vice Principal is anticipated to have specific accountability that includes:
Ensuring that a creative and personalised programme of progress, care and guidance is delivered
across the Academy by Assistant Headteachers (AHT), through effective team management, to
ensure that students’ learning and progress is maximised. This includes ensuring that students’
intellectual, spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of development are supported and grown,
consistent with the distinctive and inclusive principles of the Governing Board
Strengthening the academy ethos and student aspiration, especially through engagement with
parents and the wider community. This will be demonstrated through improved outcomes, including
increasing attendance rates and overseeing the strategies to ensure every student makes
successful progress and develops character.

Providing leadership in developing a relevant, successful and ambitious post-16 curriculum offer,
working in close collaboration with external partners (including schools and businesses) in close
collaboration with the AHT with responsibility for the Post-16 Phase.

All staff have an active role in the Academy’s care and guidance of students. The duties of this
post may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the post or the level of
responsibility entailed.

The job description is non-contractual, which means that should the needs of the Academy change
in the future, the Principal may require reasonable variations consistent with the title and role. The
responsibilities are subject to general duties and responsibilities contained in the Statement of
Particulars (Conditions of Employment).

                     PRINCIPAL                                   VICE PRINCIPAL
                                         DATE                                            DATE

                                                                        Person Specification – Vice Principal
  Qualifications/                                   Essential                                                         Desirable                                 How evidenced
Qualification          Degree with Qualified Teacher Status.                               Higher degree with relevance to the Academy’s context.           Application
                       Evidence of and commitment to continuing professional
Recent experience      Successful experience in using a range of strategies for raising    Successful experience with children displaying complex range     Application/interview/
                       attainment in secondary education.                                  of problems.                                                     references
                       Effective leadership in a challenging environment.                  Experience of coaching and mentoring colleagues.
Communication skills   Able to communicate with a wide range of pupils and                 Innovative practice for engaging with the wider community in     Application/interview
                       colleagues. Experience of using IT. High levels of written and      the context of challenging settings.
                       oral communications skills.
Ability to learn       Quick learner, able to be flexible and adapt to nature of           Able to initiate new ways of working, to learn new processes     Interview/references
                       initiatives – able to learn from mistakes and develop effective     and approaches to problem solving.
                       improvement plans for students and staff.
Organisation           Efficient and well organised. Able to operate high reliability      Able to work in teams and embrace transformational change,       Application/interview/
                       procedures. Able to plan and prepare thoroughly, in advance         take initiative and leadership opportunities.                    references
                       and collaboratively.                                                Evidence of administrative competence.
Personal qualities &   Excellent interpersonal skills with a robust character, able to     Able to work at pace, bringing along colleagues and not          Interview/references
Interpersonal skills   reflect on performance and find solutions.                          afraid to take calculated risks and strive for the best.
                       Confident ability to provide clear, supportive, challenging         Experience of working with and supporting governors and          Interview/references
                       feedback, identifying and supporting actions for future             stakeholders.
Working under          Able to complete under pressure and to deadlines, and lead          Able to predict pressure points and plan ahead.                  Application/interview/
pressure               pupils, staff, parents and others to resolve problems.                                                                               References
Positive attitude      “Can do” attitude and ability to present alternative solutions      Ability to predicate need for initiative, read trends and lead   Application/interview/
                       where appropriate. Warmth of personality and a nature that          change.                                                          References
                       facilitates empathy rather than sympathy.
Professionalism        Excellent attendance, personal presentation and punctuality.                                                                         References
                       Commitment to the ethos of the sponsored academies
                       movement and implications for practice and organisation.
Use of data            Awareness of how data informs planning and strategic content.       Evidence of current initiatives of data use to improve student   Application/interview
Teaching               A person of outstanding skills in developing teaching.              Evidence of consistent Good teaching practice.                   Interview/References
Training               A willingness to participate and lead in CPD activities.            Training in classroom management strategies; training on the     Application/interview/
                                                                                           use of assessment data to accelerate and monitor progress;       References
                                                                                           leadership training.
Physical capability    Physical stamina appropriate to the needs of the post.              Physically capable of engaging in a range of activities with     Interview/References
                                                                                           students (e.g. camps and trips, recreational activities).

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