Job Title: Crew Leader by X9RE37qi


									                               Georgia Industries for the Blind
                                          Job Description

Job Title: Packaging Machine   Operator

Position Objective:
Responsible for safe operation of packaging machine following established procedures
producing a quality product at standard outputs.

Essential Duties
1.   Operates machine using established safety procedures.
2.   Ensures that product quality is consistent with customer requirements.
3.   Makes minor adjustments to machine as needed.
4.   Obtains raw materials as needed.
5.   Turns in accurate daily production data.
6.   Disposes of waste and nonconforming materials appropriately.
7.   Notifies supervisor of any mistakes or unexpected occurrences.
8.   Notifies supervisor or Maintenance of equipment malfunction, upon occurrence.

For more information, or to apply, please contact Human Resources at 229-248-2666, extensions 308 or

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