identification animal by cmamaruf


									Fundamental principles of identification of animals
protected our livestock

It proves cost-effective and not in a herd of cattle destroyed. It depending about the size of cows all
3000 head of cattle, on average 200 fattening in no time. These are the tests to isolate the entire herd
of cattle, 50 instead of feedlot cattle quite possibly enable. It also includes the animals every $ 10
average cost around $ 50.

Selecting animal’s Visual consent in different ways, one of the older and most efficient costs for
beef producers to tag. Tattoos, metal ear tags (mainly sheep and goats) radio frequency identification
in addition, there are other formulas such as codes.

The most cost-effective profits for cattle is the most efficiency frame of (RFID )radio frequency
identification tag animal ears control and many advantages to track animals, as well as ranchers.
RFID cattle ear probably duplicates to eliminate the human error, a specific identification number.
Ear and RFID tags can also read faster also fixed and hand carried RFID reader RFID readers.

Also give permission and RFID tags wealth information very quickly. With core beef cattle
management software, get software immediately by large quantities of captured data. Listen to Read
RFID such as date, all birth date, vaccination of animals, pregnancy; just make a little research
through animal husbandry and livestock.

Many livestock production using the animal identification system or any form of violation of rights,
and additional Type edits to claim 1 head. However, there are benefits to a large number of
producers. In addition, the added value, they should just farmers who technical education can bring,
can benefit from these animals per head.

Identification of animals is an essential part of the safety of our food supply chains. Animal tracking
system that is running in the local super market of cattle to buying a product of meat products.

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