CRANE SAFETY PLAN

Job Name:                      Company Name:                   Competent Person:

Crane Location:                Crane Height & Capacity: Date:

                               GENERAL INFORMATION
Are there overhead energized power lines within 10’ of the crane            YES          NO
swing radius or lifting path? If yes, identify precautions below:
         Power lines will be:       De-energized         Re-routed        Barricaded
Is the crane’s maximum height greater than 200’ or is the job               YES          NO
located within 20,000’ of an airport. If yes, a FAA permit is
Set up areas have been identified and ground conditions examined            YES          NO
to ensure adequate cribbing is provided.
    The cranes annual inspection must be provided to the RCC Superintendent.
    Accessible area within the swing radius of the rear of the rotating superstructure of the
crane must be barricaded.
    Suspended loads shall be planned to minimize workers underneath. Crane horns or a
signalman with an air horn shall be used to warn workers of swinging loads.
    Tag lines are available and will be used to control the load if wind or other adverse
conditions can cause the load to swing, rotate or become unbalanced.
    Safety latches on hooks shall not be deactivated or made inoperable.
    All rigging is labeled indicating load capacity and shall be inspected before each use.
    Load weights shall be calculated to ensure sling selection of suitable rated capacity.
What is the maximum load weight:                 Crane capacity at radius needed:
                              HIGH HAZARD ACTIVITIES
Are any lifts 75% or greater of crane capacity or are multiple              YES          NO
cranes needed for the pick? If yes, complete critical lift permit.
Will the use of man baskets be needed? If yes, complete                     YES          NO
Suspended Personnel Platform Permit

Signature: ___________________________________________________________
    *** All employees have been trained in and reviewed this Crane Safety Plan***


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