Course Rotation by X9RE37qi


									                               GRADUATE CRIMINAL JUSTICE
         Southeast Missouri State University and Missouri Southern State University

                              Current Course Rotation Schedule:
                               (Based on 6 hours every semester)

1ST Year Fall
                  CJ 615 - Criminal Justice Theory                    Southeast
                  CJ 510 - Comparative Criminal Justice Systems       Missouri Southern

1st Year Spring
                  CJ 635 Civil Law and Liability                      Southeast
                  CJ 525 Crime and Criminal Justice Policy            Missouri Southern

1st Year Summer
              CJ 600 Overview of the Criminal Justice System          Southeast
              CJ 626 Statistical Analysis in Criminal Justice         Missouri Southern

2nd Year Fall
                  CJ 630 Contemporary Juvenile Justice                Southeast
                  CJ 601 Research Methodologies in Criminal Justice   Missouri Southern

2nd Year Spring
                  CJ 650 Seminar in Criminal Justice Practice         Southeast
                  CJ 625 Adult Correctional Organization              Missouri Southern

2nd Year Summer
              CJ 841 Death Penalty in America                         Southeast
              CJ 610 Seminar in Law Enforcement                       Missouri Southern
              CJ 640 Ethics in Criminal Justice                       Missouri Southern

                  CJ 693 Independent Studies                          Southeast
                  CJ 694-95 Thesis                                    Southeast
                  CJ 699 Internship                                   Southeast

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