fruits and vegetable supply chain

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					Fruit and vegetable supply chain

Paving the way for retail, business and an increase in the increase of the retail trade in the new fruit
and vegetable interests. Major investment interest in the world of retail companies in fresh food now.
But that will not walk in the cake for about by the players in the industry because of its fruit and
vegetables perishable nature. For this perishable nature and supply chain losses compared with fruits
and vegetables and other agricultural produce at very high.

A major drawback in harvesting fruit and vegetable supply chain worked packaging, processing, loss
in transit. Called loss during transport of fruit and vegetable in the area by 20-30% in nations such as
China and India. China and India, fresh fruit and vegetables, the two largest producers in the world
of similar enough to face loss of existing storage installations of cold, truck product tracking
infrastructure solutions supply chain issues in many countries.

Optimizing the supply chain by providing uninterrupted cold chain retail fresh produce the best
results. Evaluation of Precooking fruits harvested fresh vegetables, counting production Research
Center, the first step towards achieving this goal. New code immediately labels the product
packaging and packing centre should be transferred. Supply chain of fresh food and greater
importance with the right type of packaging
Packaging for fruit and vegetable in this way, the pressure on transport should wear, and they should
be. Technologies usable in the market to the damping of advanced packaging, including the
packaging, to prevent further losses in the supplying chain will adopt updates in the atmosphere.
Implementation of solutions for traceability is an important strategy to take fresh produce supplying
chain optimization.

At the global level, the Ministry of transport of fresh fruit and vegetable in the interruption of the
cold chain, retail on expensive. So reputed the best strategy for the recruitment of 3rd party logistical
help provider. Even have a competitive advantage in terms of traditional third-party logistics
provider of supply chain processes, advanced technology, high-end infrastructure facilities to third
party logistic services better management decisions. Logistics of the third party, even in loss during
transport to minimize improves supply chain benefits.