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									                     Missions Prayer Guide
                                         JUNE 2012

Please use this prayer guide daily for the extension of God’s kingdom and for the glory of His Name.

Ruth – Bangladesh (returning end June) 1. Please pray for: (i) Ruth to successfully complete
her studies this month and be prepared to leave for the Delta again. (ii) The school she is going to
needs Ruth’s engineering expertise as they are erecting another building. Please pray her visa will
be granted so that she can leave on 24th June.

2. Pray that Ruth will be able to settle in quickly when she returns to Bangladesh (iv) that Ruth’s
mother will remain stabilized.

Greg & Carol Phillips (Dumisani Theological Institute, King William’s Town)
3 Pray for Greg as he marks exams and thereafter will have some time to concentrate on his own
studies. Greg will be preaching at Seavale Christian Fellowship today so please pray for that too.

4. This has been a long term for Carol and there are still 4 weeks left before the holidays so pray for
strength and health for her. Carol is putting in an application to start studies in Early Childhood
5. Please pray for Hannah who has missed a week f school due to bronchitis and sinusitis and will
need to catch up on work. As it is she struggles to keep up with the level of work. She also has her
first High School exams coming up in June, so please pray for her to have God’s strength. Also
please pray for Ruth who has made some good friends but struggles if they are absent.

.Rod and Glenda Thomas (Church leaders in Sendai, Japan .

6. Christine is writing ‘A' levels in India and would value your prayers. She has had various health
issues recently. She also needs home student status for UK.

7. Please pray for the seeds that were planted at two Evangelistic mini-concerts at Temporary
Housing areas. Also from the Mini-worship at Gamo near the Harbour This was the 3rd time.
Please pray for a core of new believers and enquirers.
8. We are thankful for the new faces at church. Miss N was being teased at work by some male
colleagues and was quite tearful about it. So we advised her to tell the gospel to them boldly. As a
result two of them have been coming to church for a number of weeks (Mr F and Mr H)! Neighbour
old Mr C started coming a month ago and even attends the ladies meeting. Please pray for these
and others to accept Christ.
9. In general please pray for us and the churches here to be bold, clear and passionate about our
Lord, for the many contacts we have to get converted and for the Holy Spirit to detonate a true
revival in NE Japan

Heather Simpkin and Jeanette Lelliott – AIM, Mayotte

10. Please pray that Heather will have a wonderful time of refreshment in South Africa as well as
good times with her supporting friends and churches. Pray for Jeanette as she carries a big load of
running the bookshop, and now also has the job of finalizing a property transaction. Pray that the
Lord will guide her each step of the way and lead her to the flats of His choice and all will go
smoothly with the legal requirements.

Beau-Gavin Durr – (YWAM) 11. Beau is now in Serbia, but moves on to Turkey very soon. He
would value prayers for the following:- a) For wisdom in teaching in Serbia b) For God's Protection
during his journey to Turkey, and for the ministry there.

Vivian Potgieter (Student ministry on Bellville campus of CPUT) 12. Praise for Taedza, a
student who has been a great blessing this semester. Pray for her as she does in-service for the
next 2 semesters and for the Lord to raise up mature student leaders to replace her. Praise also for
the Lord making it possible through past students to have the budget for the Student Y released.

13. Please pray for (i) God to grow our staff team by pointing us in the right direction – a Xhosa-
speaking colleague would be a bonus (ii) God’s wisdom and guidance in growing our student
numbers (iii) wisdom in planning the activities of next semester (iv) my life to adorn the message of
the gospel.

Cricket Meyer – Pfunanane Ministries (children’s ministry in South Africa) 14. Please
continue to pray for the protection of the school property, the children and staff, physically,
emotionally and spiritually. Praise the Lord that no one was hurt during the robbery. Praises for
God’s people who have helped in many practical ways for us to get back on our feet in record time.

15. Praise the Lord that over the past 2 years we have been able to raise all the money that was
needed in order to purchase the property on which the school is located. Transfer is about to go
through on that. Praise the Lord for good health over the past month. – Praise the Lord for SO
many answers to your prayers. Thank you to the faithful prayer warriors.

Grant and Loutjie Swanepoel – Kurungu, Northern Kenya
16. PRAISES God answered prayer and gave us wisdom while dealing with all the delays and car
issues last month. . We spent a busy last week in Nanyuki waiting for our Canadian visitors and
while there managed to reconnect again with Andrew and Abby Lettsome from TTI, the organisation
that reworked the BTCP (Pastors’ Training) curriculum. Meetings were scheduled for May with our
national AIC bishop to discuss the possible acceptance of BTCP as an official training for AIC
pastors, plus its recognition as a first year equivalent to AIC Bible College. So we praise God that
these meetings and for the exciting possibilities they might bring.

17. We met Caleb and Clara Hildebrand from Canada in Nanyuki on 4 May and drove up to Kurungu
We spent a great week with the Hildebrands and were very encouraged by their ready-for-anything
attitudes. Praise for visit with the Canadians and our SA director both went great. Please pray for
their support raising.

 18. A visit by the Rendille inspired the Samburu greatly for literacy both as evangelism tool and way
to study scriptures. Pray for God to open way for literacy program. Also please pray for wisdom re
travel as we had huge kerosene spill in trailer coming up, damaged a lot of much needed supplies.

Bruce and Barbara Wannamacher (Bible Institute and Guguletu Bible College)
19 Prayer Items... What a privilege to be able to continue Bible teaching in grades 1-7 at Ukhanyo
Primary School Please continue to pray that the Masiphumelele children would want to come listen
to the Bible stories before school and that many of the children would come to know Jesus as their
personal Saviour and live changed lives for Him.
20 Please pray for our BI students as the semester draws to a close--assignments are coming due
and exams are looming ahead. Stress and sickness seem to go hand in hand. Please pray that the
students would manage their time well and would remain healthy.
21 Pray for several Bible Institute students who will be finishing up midyear. Some are still waiting
on the Lord for direction of what to do next and/or finances to do what they think is the next step.
•Pray that the Lord would provide financial resources for those students who are struggling to pay
their tuition.
Praises....• We are grateful for the wonderful opportunity and blessing to be able to continue doing
ministry here in South Africa. •We give thanks for the Bible Institute (BI) and Guguletu Bible College
students who are serious about their studies and excited to be about the Lord’s work. Also praise
for the new Administrator coming to B.I.

Laura Haas (CESA Missionary in Khayelitsha)
22. Please continue to pray for financial support as Laura supports many of the people involved in
this ministry, - students - the minister - staff as well as ministry costs e.g. materials, soup kitchen,
kids club etc. Also pray for health and strength for Laura and someone to come and help her with all
these ministries.

Charles & Loice Tembo – (training of rural pastors – Blantrye, Malawi
23 Thankful for God’s faithfulness in meeting all our needs. Our car (St Peter’s donated) has done
well so far in spite of its frequency demands for service. But has come of age – needs to be
disposed by selling it – pray for guidance for the Board as they consider this. Thank God for the
good start we had at MBTI with 28 students, 13 in the first year and 15 in the second year. We thank
God for the student fund donation from St Peter’s R300 per month, pray that we will finish this term
well on 14th of June and pray that we will find funding for this work.

24. Praise God for the new phase the Samuti Churches work has entered. We now have the
Mission Board, and MBTI Board. Both boards are chaired by Logan Rangasami a graduate of GWC
working in Malawi as a Head master of Southend Primary School. Pray for wisdom and strength and
unity of purpose and accord (Acts 4:32-37.) Lastly but not least pray for a provision new house for
rent as we have to move out of the current one which is undergoing renovations at the end of June
2012. So thankful for your covering us with prayer

David and Jeanette Correia – ( teachers in Lebanon)
25. Please pray for David and Jeanette as they pack up their home, say goodbye to all their friends
and colleagues and prepare to return to South Africa for a year. Pray particularly for the 2 children
that they will be able to make this transition easily. Please ask the Lord to provide all they need in
Cape Town such as a place to stay, a car, schools for the kids, continued support etc.

Sybil Cole (Transformation Fellowship) – ministry to prisoners in the Cape
26. Please continue to pray for my full recovery. (I still have a small problem with my wound) I will
remain at home during winter to give me time to recover fully, as I am still quite tired after 2
operations in as many months. I then hope to recommence prison ministry locally in the spring. The
following few months of rest, will give me time to set things up locally as there are many forms to
complete, clearances to obtain, etc.,
27. Continue to pray for my Counselling studies with Grace School of Ministry. The time off will give
me an opportunity to catch up with the extensive amount of reading we have to undertake.

 Eugene & Dawn Reyneke – Mozambique (leaders training and evangelism in Mozambique)
28 “The house in Siyabuzana has been finished and the Mc Corkells are settled and ministering.
Praise the Lord! – it has been a long haul but we cannot complain as we had been asking the Lord
to increase our team and He has! On 4th July Jennifer Jacobs will be arriving to join the team as
well. She will stay in Espungabera from 6 months and then head out to Siyabuzana The Roloffs
(Medicals) will be arriving February next year and they will stay in Espungabera and working mostly
in the rural clinics.
29. This means that we will need housing for them. We (AIM to do Youth Ministry.) have purchased
a half built house in Espungabera but it needs finishing and we have to build one for Jennifer in
Siyabuzana. Please pray for us, Jinx and Dawn, that we would manage the team well and that we
can get the houses completed and built on time. We also pray for our current ministries that they
continue unhindered. Our calling is to make Christ known to the Ndau- may we be good witnesses
for Him and may His light shine through us.”

Tim and Patty Yoss (previously with Rafiki, Kenya)
30 Patty’s father has completed the treatment for the tumour on his neck but he is not able to have
radiation for the tumour on his lung. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors treating him and for
Patty and Tim as they support him at this stressful time.

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