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Information Technology Credentials Certification Eligibility


									                             Information Technology Credentials
                                     Certification Eligibility
                               Information Technology Credentials

The following ionformation certifications are valued at 1 point each for CIIP certification.
A maximum of 2 points may be used to satisfy the eligibility criteria under the Credentials
and Continuing Education.

Organization                         Credential

3Com                                 3Com Certified Solutions Associate
                                     3Com Certified Solutions Expert
American Society for Quality         Quality Engineer Certification (CQE)
                                     Quality Auditor Certification (CQA)
                                     Quality Auditor-HACCP Certification (CQA-HACCP)
                                     Reliability Engineer Certification (CRE)
                                     Quality Technician Certification (CQT)
                                     Mechanical Inspector Certification (CMI)
                                     Quality Manager Certification
                                     Software Quality Engineer Certification (CSQE)
                                     Quality Improvement Associate Certification (CQIA)
Cisco Systems                        Cisco   Certified   Network Associate (CCNA)
                                     Cisco   Certified   Network Professional (CCNP)
                                     Cisco   Certified   Internetwork Expert (CCIE) - ISP Dial
                                     Cisco   Certified   Design Associate (CCDA)
                                     Cisco   Certified   Design Professional (CCDP)
Citrix                               Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA)
                                     Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator (CCEA)
                                     Citrix Certified Instructor (CCI)
Compaq                               Compaq Associate Accredited Systems Engineer
                                     (Associate ASE)
                                     Compaq Accredited Systems Engineer(ASE)
                                     Compaq Master Accredited Systems Engineer (Master
                                     Accredited Compaq Technician Program (ACT)
CompTIA                              A+
                                     Certified Document Imaging Architech (CDIA+)
Computer Associates                  Certified Unicenter Engineer (CUE)
International                        Certified Unicenter Engineer (CUE)
                                     Certified Unicenter Administrator (CUA)
DSDM Secretariat                     Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
Enterprise Certified Corp.           Enterprise Certified Administrator
                                     Enterprise Certified Architek
                                     Enterprise Certified Professional
Enterasys Systems                    Enterasys Specialist(ES)
                                     Enterasys Systems Engineer(ESE)
Organization                         Credential

FileNET                              FileNET Certified Professional (FCP)
FORE Systems                         FORE Systems LAN Certified Engineer
                                     FORE Systems WAN Certified Engineer
Hewlett Packard                      HP Certified IT Professional - HP-UX System
                                     HP Certified IT Professional - MPE/iX System
                                     HP Certified IT Professional - OpenView Network
                                     HP Certified IT Professional - OpenView Unix Server &
                                     Applications Management
                                     HP Certified IT Professional - OpenView Unix/NT
                                     HP Certified IT Professional - OpenView NT Server &
                                     Applications Management
                                     HP OpenView Certified Consultant
                                     HP STAR - Certified Cluster Installer (CLU)
IBM Corporation                      AIX Professional Certification
                                     Object Technology Certifications
                                     Professional Certification Program
Institute for Certification of       Associate Computing Professional (ACP)
Computing Professionals              Certified Computing Professional (CCP)
Institute for Configuration          Configuration Management II Certification (CMII)
Institute for Interconnecting &      IPC PWB Designer
Packaging Electronic Circuits
International Information            Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Systems Security Certification       (CISSP)
International Society of Certified   ISCET Certifications
Electronics Technicians (ISCET)
Learning Tree International          Learning Tree International Certifications (various)
Linux Professional Institute         Linux Professional Institute Certified Level 1 (LPIC1)
                                     Linux Professional Institute Certified Level 2 (LPIC2)
                                     Linux Professional Institute Certified Level 3 (LPIC3)
Lucent Technologies                  LCTE   InterNetworking Associate
                                     LCTE   Remote Access Specialist
                                     LCTE   VPN Specialist
                                     LCTE   VoIP Specialist
                                     LCTE   DSL Specialist
                                     LCTE   Advanced Access Professional
                                     LCTE   ATM Associate & Specialist
                                     LCTE   Frame Relay Associate & Specialist
MERANT                               Merant Certified Professional in PVCS
Mercury Interactive                  Certified Product Specialist (CPS)
Microsoft                            Microsoft   Certified   Professional (MCP)
                                     Microsoft   Certified   Systems Administrator (MCSA)
                                     Microsoft   Certified   Professional + Site Building (MCP+SB)
                                     Microsoft   Certified   Solutions Developer (MCSD)
                                     Microsoft   Certified   Database Administrator (MCDBA)
Organization                   Credential

Microsoft (continued)          Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)
                               Microsoft Office User Specialist(MOUS)
Motorola                       ISG Certifications
National Association of        Vendor Neutral Network Certifications
Communications Systems
Engineers (NACSE)
Nortel Networks                Nortel   Networks   Certified   Design Specialist (NNCDS)
                               Nortel   Networks   Certified   Support Specialist (NNCSS)
                               Nortel   Networks   Certified   Account Specialist (NNCAS)
                               Nortel   Networks   Certified   Field Specialist (NNCFS)
                               Nortel   Networks   Certified   Support Expert (NNCSE)
                               Nortel   Networks   Certified   Design Expert (NNCDE)
                               Nortel   Networks   Certified   Network Architect (NNCNA)
Novell                         Novell Certified Linux Engineer 9 (CLE9)
                               Novell Certified Linux Professional (CLP)
                               Novell Certified Linux Engineer (CLE)
                               Certified Novell Administrator (CNA)
                               Certified Novell Engineer (CNE)
                               Master Certified Novell Engineer (MCNE)
                               Certified Novell Instructor (CNI)
                               Novell Authorized Instructor
Oracle                         Oracle Certified    Professional (OCP) - Application
                               Oracle Certified    Professional (OCP) - Database Operator
                               Oracle Certified    Professional (OCP) - DBA (Oracle 8 or
                               Oracle Certified    Professional (OCP) - Financial Apps
                               Oracle Certified    Solution Developer - Jdeveloper
Pine Mountain Group            Certified NetAnalyst - Architect
                               Certified NetAnalyst - Cross Technology

Planet 3 Wireless              Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)
                               Certified Wireless Network Integrator (CWNI)
                               Certified Wireless Network Engineer (CWNE)
PowerSoft(Sybase)              Sybase Certified Professional Program
Project Management Institute   Project Management Professional            CIW Associate
                               CIW Web Site Manager
                               Master CIW Designer
                               Master CIW Administrator
                               Master CIW Enterprise Developer
                               CIW Security Analyst
Quality Assurance Institute    Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)
                               Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE)
Red Hat Software               Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
                               Red Hat Certified Engineer II (RHCEII)
                               Red Hat Certified Examiner (RHCX)
Rockwell Software              Training Certification
Organization                      Credential

SAIR                              Linux Certified Professional (LCP)
                                  Linux/GNU Certified Administrator (LCA)
                                  Linux/GNU Certified Engineer (LCE)
                                  Linux/GNU Certified Trainer
                                  Master Linux/GNU Certified Engineer (MLCE)
Santa Cruz Operation              Certified System Administrator (CSA)
                                  Advanced Certified Engineer (ACE)
                                  Master ACE
SAP Partner Academy               SAP Certified Application Consultant
                                  SAP Certified Technical Consultant
Shiva                             Shiva Certified Professional
Siebel Systems                    Siebel   Certified Consultant
                                  Siebel   Customer Certified Consultant
                                  Siebel   Certified Instructor
                                  Siebel   Certified Business Analyst
                                  Siebel   Customer Certified Business Analyst
Software Publishers Association   Certified Software Manager
Solomon Software                  Solomon Certified Trainer
                                  Solomon IV Certified Application Developer (SCAD)
                                  Solomon IV Certified Systems Engineer (SCSE)
Sun Microsystems                  Sun   Certified   Architect for Java Technology
                                  Sun   Certified   Developer for the Java Platform
                                  Sun   Certified   Network Administrator
                                  Sun   Certified   Programmer for the Java Platform
                                  Sun   Certified   System Administrator for Solaris
Sybase                            Sybase Certified Professional - DB Administrator
                                  Sybase Certified Adaptive Server Administrator
                                  Sybase Certified PowerBuilder Developer (CPD)
                                  Sybase Certified Professional - Performance and Tuning
                                  Specialist (CSP-PTS)
                                  Sybase Certified SQL Anywhere Associate
                                  Sybase Certified SQL Developer
Sysoft                            Sysoft Certified Advanced Webmaster & EBusiness
                                  Sysoft Certified Internet Developer
                                  Sysoft Certified Webmaster & E-Commerce Architect
Tivoli Systems, Inc.              Tivoli Certified Consultant
                                  Tivoli Certified Enterprise Consultant
                                  Tivoli Certified Solutions Expert
Wild Packets                      Network Analysis Certification

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