Letter to preceptors Critical Concpets by X9RE37qi


									                                                                        Spring 2007

Dear Preceptor:

Chipola College is delighted to welcome you as a preceptor for one of our nursing
students in the NUR 2291C Medical Surgical Critical Concepts course. This final clinical
experience is designed to provide each student with an opportunity to work with a
Registered Nurse in a clinical area of his/her specialty providing direct patient care in a 6
week experience just prior to graduation from the ADN nursing program.

A faculty member from the ADN nursing program is available to you and to the student
by pager/telephone. This backup is consistent with the level two Preceptorship as
outlined in the Florida Nurse Practice Act Section 64B9-2.008: Clinical Training: 14.

Additional information that was sent to your agency liaison includes:
  1. Clinical internship dates are 1/15/07 – 2/25/07 and 2/26/07 – 4/15/07. The
student works with a registered nurse (RN) providing direct patient care. The student
may work any shift (excluding nights) and any day of the week that the assigned
preceptor works. A minimum of 80 hours is required for each student. Please refer to
the preceptor orientation packet to review the Roles and Responsibilities of the preceptor
as well as for the faculty and student.

     2. Included in this letter are the name and phone number for the faculty who is
assigned to your student. Chipola College faculty are available by pager/phone and will
contact you as needed during the experience. Please provide the most appropriate phone
number that will facilitate this support.

      3. Orientation to your agency will be arranged as requested by the agency. Please
plan to orient the student to your particular unit. The student is to arrange their own
schedule with you on days that you are scheduled to work at the facility. As many of our
students work, they are free to arrange their internship hours with you so that they meet
the minimum requirement by the end of the clinical experience. Theoretically, the student
should strive to attend clinicals with you at least once per week. However, if for some
reason you are floated to another floor, it will be the student’s choice as to whether or not
to float with you. If you must leave the facility for any reason, the student may work with
another RN who is willing to oversee the student only with faculty approval. This also
applies if you are called off or absent, so please contact the student prior to the start of the
shift so that the student does not travel unnecessarily. The student should provide you
with a phone number to be reached at for this reason.

         4. The students at Chipola College are required to participate in drug math
testing each semester in the program; the students must perform at 80% level to pass drug
math. Additionally, clinical performance testing is also required; each student must
validate clinical skills that they select by drawing from a hat. Each of these requirements
will be completed prior to the students' arrival for internship.

       5. Students at Chipola College are also required to provide documentation
regarding health and immunization status and current CPR certification. This
information is submitted to the department assistant at the beginning of each semester. By
the time that the student begins the internship this information will have been collected
and the student cleared for clinicals.

        6. The Chipola college dress code is in effect throughout the nursing program.
The student name pin and college identification must be clearly visible at all times during
the internship.

       7. Chipola College has a medication administration policy that is included in the
preceptor orientation packet. As the student’s designated preceptor we ask that you
conduct med check # 2 with the student and that you accompany the student for all NG,
PEG, parenteral medication (including IV) administration. Additionally, please refer to
the medication policy for information about narcotic management.

        8. Chipola College nursing students are not permitted to obtain or hang blood, or
to set up or refill PCA/PCE equipment. At all times, the standards and
policies/procedures for your institution are to be upheld.

 The students are anxiously anticipating this culminating clinical experience. Please feel
free to contact me directly or your student’s faculty member for any questions or
concerns. You are an essential component of this clinical experience and we commend
you on your partnership with the students from Chipola College. Thank you and have a
wonderful internship experience with our student!


Kelley Manion Leonard, RN, CNS, MSN                  Student assigned:
Chipola College Nursing                              Faculty:
NUR 2291 Instructor                                  Office phone number:
850-718-2438                                         Pager #:
Pager #: 888-338-0739                                Email:

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