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Critical Analysis Scoring Rubric by X9RE37qi


									                   Critical Analysis Scoring Rubric
                  This assignment is worth 10 points.

                     Below                      Target                      Above
                        1                         1.5                          2
Describe    The artwork is not         The artwork is             The artwork is
            identified and the use     identified, but the use    identified; the
            of the vocabulary of       of the vocabulary of       vocabulary of the
            the structures             the structures             structures (elements)
            (elements) of art          (elements) of art          of art effectively and
            ineffectively describe     ineffectively describe     clearly describe the
            the artwork                the artwork                artwork

Analyze     The vocabulary of the      The vocabulary of the      The vocabulary of the
            functions (principles)     functions (principles)     functions (principles)
            of design are ignored      of design lack some        of design effectively
            or incorrectly applied     clarity in examining       examine the
            when examining the         the application of the     application of the
            structures                 structures                 structures

Interpret   Meaning of the             Meaning of the             Meaning of the
            artwork or intent of the   artwork or intent of the   artwork or intent of the
            artist is not clearly      artist is implied;         artist is clearly
            discussed; faulty          limited or                 discussed; multiple
            visual evidence visual     questionable visual        strong points of visual
            evidence or no visual      evidence found within      evidence found within
            evidence cited to          the artwork support        the artwork support
            support the                the interpretation         the interpretation

Judge       Judgment suggests          The effectiveness of       The effectiveness of
            opinion rather than        the artwork is             the artwork is
            being based upon           evaluated; one piece       evaluated; two or
            evidence                   of evidence about the      more pieces of
                                       effectiveness is cited;    evidence about the
                                       judgment is based on       effectiveness are
                                       evidence rather than       cited; judgment is
                                       opinion of like or         based on evidence
                                       dislike                    rather than opinion of
                                                                  like or dislike

Mechanics   More than three            Two or three               No grammatical or
            grammatical or             grammatical or             spelling errors; highly
            spelling errors;           spelling errors; needs     polished and
            requires considerable      slight revision            professional;
            revision                                              philosophy could be

                                              Total score _______________________
            A = 8 – 10        B=6–7            C=4–5              D = 2- 3         F=0-1

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