GRADE 9 Essay Evaluation Rubric: by X9RE37qi


									         GRADE 9 Essay Evaluation Rubric:
                                                        Absent/            Level 1                   Level 2               Level 3                       Level 4
                                                      Insufficient         (50-59)                   (60-69)               (70-79)                      (80-100)
Knowledge/Understanding                                              – demonstrates         – demonstrates           – demonstrates solid     – demonstrates thorough
(10 marks)                                                           limited                some understanding       understanding of         and insightful
                                                                     understanding of       of information,          information, ideas,      understanding of
- knowledge/understanding of the text                                information, ideas,    ideas, concepts, or      concepts, or themes      information, ideas,
                                                                     concepts, or themes    themes                                            concepts, or themes
                                                                     5-5.9                  6-6.9                    7-7.9                    8-10
-knowledge/understanding of essay format                             – overall              – overall                – overall                – overall organization is
- appropriate thesis; directional statement; body                    organization is        organization is          organization is          sophisticated thesis and or
paragraphs; transitions; conclusion, etc                             limited (e.g.,         inconsistent (e.g.,      effective (e.g.,         direction is clear and
                                                                     significant flaws in   some flaws in            effective transitions    insightful
                                                                     introduction, body,    introduction, body,      within and between
                                                                     and/or conclusion)     and/or conclusion)       introduction, body,
                                                                     – thesis and or        thesis and or            and conclusion) –
                                                                     direction is unclear   direction is evident     thesis and or
                                                                                            to some degree           direction is clear
Thinking/Inquiry                                                     uses planning and      uses planning/           uses planning/           uses planning/ processing
(15 marks)                                                           processing             processing               processing               skills with a
Use of planning skills (e.g., generating ideas,                      skills with limited    skills with some         skills with              high degree of
gathering information,focusing                                       effectiveness          effectiveness            considerable             effectiveness
research,organizing information)                                                                                     effectiveness
Use of processing skills (e.g., drawing inferences,                  7.5- 8.9               9-10.4                                            12-15
interpreting, analysing,                                                                                             10.5-11.9
synthesizing, evaluating-
Use of critical/creative thinking processes (e.g.,                   – has difficulty       – analyzes in simple     – analyzes ideas and     – analyzes in insightful
oral discourse,                                                      analyzing and          ways ideas and           information from a       ways ideas and information
research, critical analysis, critical                                synthesizing ideas     information from a       text, synthesizes        from a text, synthesizes
literacy,metacognition,creative process)                             and information        text, synthesizes        them, – includes         them skillfully, – includes
 explanations of how the examples support the                        from a text, –         them– includes           sufficient               rich and detailed
thesis -use of specific, relevant details from the                   includes little        some information         information from         information from texts to
text to support the thesis                                           information from       from texts to            texts to support         support main ideas/
                                                                     texts to support       support main ideas/l     main ideas/              interpretations
                                                                     main ideas/            interpretations          interpretation
Communication                                                        – frequent lapses in   – some lapses in         – logic of argument      – logic of argument, clarity
(15 marks)                                                           logic of argument,     logic of argument, ,     is consistent, ,         and focus is consistent and
Expression and organization of ideas                                 clarity and focus      clarity and focus        clarity and focus        sophisticated
and information (e.g., clearexpression, logical                      7.5- 8.9               9-10.4
organization, clarity and focus)                                                                                     10.5-11.9                12-15
Use of appropriate style, voice,                                     – frequent lapses in   – some lapses in         – few lapses in          – diction, tone, and level of
point of view style (formal language)                                appropriateness of     appropriateness of       appropriateness of       language are appropriate
                                                                     diction, tone, and     diction, tone, and       diction, tone, and       throughout (e.g., formal,
                                                                     language level         language level           language level (e.g.,    use of third person)
                                                                                                                     consistent use of
                                                                                                                     third person)
Use of conventions (e.g., grammar, spelling,                         -uses conventions,     uses conventions,        uses conventions,        uses conventions,
punctuation, usage), vocabulary, and terminology                     vocabulary, and        vocabulary, and          vocabulary, and          vocabulary, and
of the                                                               terminology of         terminology of           terminology of           terminology of
discipline in oral, graphic, and written forms,                      the discipline         the discipline           the discipline           the discipline with
including media forms                                                with limited           with some                with considerable        a high degree of
                                                                     effectiveness          effectiveness            effectiveness            effectiveness
Application                                                          – applies              applies knowledge        applies knowledge        applies knowledge
(10 marks) – literacy strategies and processes;                      knowledge              and skills in familiar   and skills in familiar   and skills in familiar
literary terminology, concepts, and theories                         and skills in          contexts with some       contexts with            contexts with a
applying prior knowledge to new context                              familiar               effectiveness            considerable             high degree of
                                                                     contexts with          6-6.9                    effectiveness            effectiveness
                                                                     limited                                         7-7.9                    7-7.9
Transfer of knowledge                                                transfers              transfers knowledge      transfers knowledge      – transfers knowledge
and skills (e.g., literacy                                           knowledge              and skills               and skills               and skills
strategies and processes;                                            and skills             to new contexts          to new contexts          to new contexts
literary terminology, concepts,                                      to new contexts        with some                with considerable        with a high degree
and theories) to                                                     with limited           effectiveness            effectiveness)           of effectiveness
new contexts                                                         effectiveness

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