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									          Minutes of UKPA Council Meeting Held
                      April 21st 2012
                1.30 pm, Arden Clubhouse

Present        Eric Jenkinson, (EJ) Iain Heaton (IH), Jeff Parr, (JAP) Quintin Cornforth, (QC) Paul
               Rowden, (PR) Julie Parr(JP)Dan Duhig (DD) Jan Jenkinson( Membership Sec)B.Amor
               John Marsland, Anna Kimber (Celyn) Wayne Henning (C.Colts) Laura Scott Ursula
               Scott (Coaching Co-ordinators) Faye Scott (Child & V.Adult Protection Officer) Sophie
               Harding (Kent Target)Karen Wise (Pennine) Gail King (South Lancs) Karen Smith
               (Vale Impi)

Apologies      G Gilfilan Pennine K Hopkins,G. Dench Solent R Boisseau W, Country Warriors

Agenda items    Comments                                                                 Actions

Agenda items       Comments                                                                 Actions

Declarations of    None

Minutes of         Subject to a question from the floor the Chairman explained that the
previous meeting   minutes to be approved were for the last Council Meeting held in
                   2010. Agm mins are subject to approval at the 2012 AGM .

                   The Council Mins for 2010 were duly approved by John Marsland.

Matters arising

                   The Chairman informed the meeting that a major revision of the Rule
Yearbook and       Book had been undertaken and thanked Barry Amor for organising
Rule Book          and undertaking the task. Aided by a panel of players and the Chief
                   Umpire BA has reviewed each rule, translating into plain English
                   where required , incorporated supplementary rules and clarified
                   certain rules such as those on wild swinging and the wearing of Hi
                   Vis jackets by goal judges. It has been made plain which rules are
                   IPC rules and which are UKPA rules as they vary in minor respects.
                   The format is to change to A4 which will make it simpler to download
                   page by page when required and store in a file .It will also allow for
                   easy separation of sections and make any future alterations a simple
                   The result is a more user friendly rule book which will be issued
                   The Yearbook is to be streamlined and BA is currently working on
                   this project..

                   Clarification on age of PJs and height of horses to be played in the
                   PJ grade at a UKPA Tournament was requested.
                   The UKPA Rule is:
                   Rider Under 14 years of age on 1.1.2012
                   Horse. Max Height 14.2hh

Agenda items          Comments                                                               Actions

                  Concern was voiced by several clubs re the National Championships
National          2011.
Championships2012 It was acknowledged by the Exec that the 2011 Nationals left much
                  to be desired. However, that the fact remains that certain aspects
                  such as prior preparation of pitches did not happen due to
                  mechanical failure and was beyond the control of the Exec.
                  The contraction of the event to two days was necessary due to
                  having staged the World Cup 2011 which meant that Nationals had
                  to be moved away from the 3 day August bank holiday period into
                  September to extend the season.
                  Long breaks in play were due to injury and subsequent delay waiting
                  for ambulances and air ambulances.
                  It was explained that a paramedic on site does is not able to
                  summon an air ambulance directly.This decision is made by the
                  emergency services controller and or the attending ground
                  ambulance crew based on their assessment of the casualty and
                  local geographical conditions.
                  The delays affected the presentation, no Best Horses present etc.
                  Heavy rain and failing light meant the membership understandably
                  needed to pack up and set off for home ASAP. This contracted the
                  presentation. Quality of the prizes was criticised. Help was
                  immediately offered from John Marsland to improve prizes for the
                  2012 event and gratefully accepted.
                   The absence of the parade undoubtedly robbed the event of its
                  usual atmosphere. It will return for 2012 as was always the plan.
                  The Chairman explained in response to an enquiry that the Exec
                  had taken on the task of staging the Nationals for the past two
                  seasons as clubs had become increasingly reluctant/unable to hold
                  the event.
                   In past years clubs had competed for the event Unfortunately, of
                  late clubs had not put themselves forward and the Exec either
                  undertook the event or let it lapse. As the event was, and still is, the
                  highlight of the polocrosse calendar, attracting the highest
                  attendance of players of the year, the Exec had stepped forward.
                  They would be happy to hand the event back to clubs should
                  suitable venues become available.
                  Help with organisation of the event was immediately offered from the
                  floor .
                  More help is needed , please make yourselves known to the Exec if
                  you are prepared to step forward and help with nationals 2012

                       Distance from campsite to the lower pitches was raised. The
                      distance from the campsite posed problems but was again
                      beyond our control .Unfortunately, the pitches closer to the
                      campsite failed to recover from the 2010 Nationals ( hollowed
                      out T zones!) and could not be used. Those pitches, which are
                      close to the embankment, are now improving and the
                      embankment itself is a great asset – if we can get the
                      timetabling right to allow spectators to get there.

Agenda items   Comments                                                                  Actions

               The representative for Canterbury Colts informed the meeting that his
               club have no enthusiasm for returning to the RPC grounds due to the
               distance between campsite and pitches and the problems this causes.
               Quintin Cornforth confirmed that the plan at present was that the
               World Cup pitches would be used for 2012 Nationals. In response to
               general dissatisfaction it was suggested that clubs should identify
               suitable sites on which to hold Nationals and tender for the event for
               Quintin Cornforth mentioned that RPC had been extremely supportive
               of U.K polocrosse and understanding of what was required to provide
               a successful tournament grew with each event. The spread between
               playing and camping fields is under discussion.
                A polocrosse manager is to be appointed shortly by RPC and with the
               venue now being the home ground of Rugby Polocrosse Club the
               future looked promising.

               Wayne Henning (Chief Umpire) highlighted problems with umpiring at
               the event and outlined a plan for Nationals 2012. All clubs must
               identify suitable umpires and not change them without permission of
               the Chief Umpire.
               It was brought to the attention of the Exec that the public address
               system had been inaudible from the campsite. As the Exec were all
               pitch side they were unaware of this problem. That the system proved
               inadequate for the finals had been noted and would hopefully not re-
               occur in 2012.

               The standard of paramedic cover at Nationals was raised. That the
               children of the paramedics were present (in the paramedics vehicle)
               was unavoidable due to the last minute withdrawal of the booked
               paramedic.. As the substitute paramedic was unable to arrange child
               care at very short notice to have objected would have meant
               cancellation of Nationals at the eleventh hour. Once again,
               circumstances beyond the control of the Exec. It was suggested that
               an agency provider who would be less prone to last minute
               unavailability of individual paramedics was used. The Exec is well
               aware of this possibility although the number of providers is limited
               and greater expense can be a factor with larger agencies.
               The Chairman explained that the Exec are mindful of providing the
               correct level of cover both in the interests of our members and and to
               meet the requirements of our insurers. The identification of suitably
               qualified personal can be difficult and the only certainty is to employ
               paramedics registered as such with the Health Professionals
               Council.The UKPA guidance stipulates this and must be followed for
               all future tournaments.

Agenda items      Comments                                                                  Actions

                  The representative for the Pennine stated that a lot of lorry tyres had
                  been damaged by mesh and other hazards apparent on the RPC
                  drive .QC promised to discuss this issue with RPC.

                  The Chairman urged those interested in helping the Exec with the
                  2012 event should identify themselves as the Exec was minus two
                  Regional Officers for the North and East and welcomed assistance.
                  Perhaps a panel of representatives from all clubs could assist?

Squads            Paul Rowden informed the meeting of plans for the 2012 UKPA
                  Details of all fixtures are on the UKPA website.
                  Iain Heaton outlined his plan to host a tournament nr Cambridge.
                  This will provide a new venue and introduce the sport to a new area.
                  The Pennine representative asked that the squads should receive
                  more congratulation for their achievement. The usual practice of
                  announcing squads at Nationals had not happened and they had not
                  received certificates or had any memento of their achievement.
                  The chairman commented that this had been noted and it was
                  planned to award certificates.
                  It is hoped that members will attend The European Challenge to be
                  held in France on 27/28/29 July. A veteran team is planned plus a C
                  grade team. It is the first big event to be held in Europe and the U.K.
                  wish to support it. It is an opportunity for the grass root membership
                  to experience overseas competition. The venue is a one hour drive
                  from the other side of the channel.
                  The representative for Celyn asked that clubs staging tournaments
                  with hedges behind the goal area, purchase netting to capture balls.
                  The low cost of netting on Ebay mean this would be a much
                  appreciated solution to the loss of costly balls.

                  The length and number of chukkas played at last years Kent
                  tournament was discussed. It was generally felt that to provide less
                  than three chukkas of six min duration was generally unacceptable
                  at a UKPA tournament. Fuel costs, distance travelled etc meant that
                  anything less provided poor value for time, effort and fuel and entry
Point raised by   costs involved. General feeling was that in an effort not to disappoint
Clubs             all entries had been accepted and this was perhaps unwise.
                  It was pointed out by the Kent representative that there would be no
                  problems this year as a new venue had been found with ample
                  space for pitches and camping. The Kent tournament had always

Agenda items   Comments                                                                 Actions

               been a popular event and the new venue will solve the problem.
               It was suggested that in future all clubs stipulate chukka length and
               guarantee to provide three chukkas.

               It was suggested that a calendar was produced of all the UKPA
               clubs as a fundraiser for the organisation. While a popular
               suggestion it was felt that the UKPA Committee are already
               overburdened with projects but that it could possibly be taken up as
               a squad fundraiser. Barry Amor pointed out that details and projects
               such as this which unite UKPA members have been absent of late
               and the idea should be pursued.

               Divisional Tsars
               The representative for Vale Impi felt that extra attention should be
               paid to the lower divisions of the game. It was suggested that
               someone was found to take D & E divisions under their wing. They
               should get to know their players and mounts and help ease able
               players up through the ranks. Also that better umpiring was required
               at this level.
                The Chairman commented that it would be difficult to find such a
               person. Opinion from the floor was that the UKPA is unable to take
               this on and the clubs should take on this role
                Re umpiring standards .I. Heaton stated that avenues exist through
               approaching the Chief Umpire. This was supported by the Chief
               Umpire who stated that many talented umpires are emerging and
               that to continue the improvement he intended to form an umpiring
               panel and that club umpires were to be found.
               Faye Scott (UKPA Child and Vulnerable Adult Officer) stated that
               umpiring standards in the Junior grade were of the utmost
               importance as they influenced the standard of play and the standard
               of behaviour for this age group and so the future of the game. Also
               that poor umpiring at this standard also impacted upon safety. It was
               pointed out from the floor that the Field Controller had the authority
               to stop a game should there be any concerns over safety.
               It was confirmed that Goal Judges had to be over sixteen years of
               age but did not have to be UKPA members. It was felt that goal
               judges should receive more training at club level. Also that the rules
               of the game should be taught at club level.
               The Chief Umpire stated that he welcomed Emails on all umpiring

                   Jan Jenkinson Membership Secretary of the UKPA asked that clubs
                   ask their members to keep her updated should they change their email
                   Jan also stated that the facility to upgrade temporary membership to full
                   membership was a success and that most people who tried the sport as
                   a temp member upgraded to full during the season.
                   It was stated that should a player be loaned to another club for
                   Nationals the application must be received by 1 July.

Pennine            The representative for Pennine asked for clarification re overseas
Questions          players /Nationals and was informed that they must be in the country by
                   1 June.
                   Also queried as to whether there was a limit as to how many overseas
                   players can be included in a club team. It was confirmed that here is no
                   K.W also asked whether it was possible that squad training venues
                   could alternate between venues in the North, Midlands and South due
                   to the high fuel costs of Northern players travelling to the Midlands.
                   PR stated that he was happy to investigate alternative venues.
                   It was also suggested that players rode each others horses at training
                   so that horses did not always have to be transported long distances.

                   K.W asked whether there could be more public recognition for those
                   selected for U.K squads, PR responded that it was planned to return to
                   the practice of announcing the squads at Nationals and presenting a
                   certificate to recognise the achievement. He also pointed out that it was
                   a two way street. Players commitment to squad activities, fund raising,
                   honouring obligations to supply suitable horses for events etc had
                   slipped in recent years. A mission statement is being drawn up to re-
                   establish the squad framework and squad managers are working
                   towards raising squad cohesion.

                   Ursula and Laura Scott informed the meeting that candidates for Level
Coaching           One and Level Two were about to be accredited.
                   They suggested that a Level One Coaching Day could be held on the
                   Friday of Midland Camp. This was warmly received. Clubs were also
                   asked if they wished to host a coaching day.

                   The Child and Vulnerable Adult Welfare Officer for the UKPA Faye
Child And          Scott informed the meeting that she was in the process of preparing a
Vulnerable Adult   new policy for the UKPA also that this season training for club Welfare
Welfare Officer.   Officers will be delivered.

                   There being no other business the Chairman thanked all for attending
                   and closed the meeting.

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