effects of climate _soil condition by cmamaruf


									Effects of climate and soil conditions

Climate, soil formation, and there are direct and indirect effects. By the direct design of moisture and
temperature, soil established procedures. The role of the formula of erosion, transportation and
deposition via function directly. Most of the water in a layer of soil physiological, chemical and
biochemical processes involved is important.

Weathering and leaching rates and affect the amount of the temperature of the influence of water,
chemicals and bio-mechanical process. Examples of chemical weathering rate ( double each
increase of 10 c average temperature.

How does climate affect soil processes is one of the main ways of the balance of water in the ground.
Is the amount of water the soil, water and water storage in the soil, rainfall held by growth and
transpiration by charging? Lost water penetration of the surplus of the groundwater in the region by
the flow or drainage.

The difference between the use of water and water needs is known as soil water shortages involve
the growth of plants.

A relatively long soil affects the water excess and deficit. Usually expressed evaporation.
Weather affect indirect, depending on the nature and type of inorganic inputs in soil and vegetation.
Increasing growth, temperature, humidity, vegetation, biological decay. Biodegradation comes about
between 25 and 35 Max .

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