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					AMADET                                            supporting Africans in mission

    Newsletter number 17                    October 2008
Dear friends,
Who would have thought a year ago that Kenya, one of          solution to the political crisis – he found none. This
the most stable and peaceful African countries, could         is surely the most compelling evidence of the lack of
find itself so overrun with violence and chaos? Let’s         gospel depth within the Christian church in this
continue to pray for a new and deeper peace, and let’s        country and it reminds us of the urgent need to
continue to support the work of Carlile College and its       invest resources in re-planting the gospel here.
Centre for Urban Mission as they work to ‘re-plant the
gospel’ through training and practical involvement.
                                                              A little goes a long way…
                                                              Rose, Grace and Harriet each had small a
            Tim Dakin, Chair of AMADET
                                                              grocery business in Kibera, but lost
                                                              everything in the January looting. As single
                                                              parents with children under five, they were
                                                              extremely vulnerable, both to the violence
                                                              going on around them and, when their
                                                              meagre savings ran out, to hunger and even
Tim Wambunya, the new Principal of Carlile                    In early March, following the peace
College, Nairobi, writes:                                     agreement, these three women decided to
When we arrived in January, Kenya was literally up            pull together all they had left (about £9) to
in flames. The phrase you hear now is that ‘the               operate one grocery business between the
country has been to hell and back’. We found staff            three of them. At the end of each day they
and students at the college anxious about the future          shared the proceeds among themselves,
and devastated by their experiences. The Church               keeping some back to buy the next day’s
was confused and unable to offer any kind of
                                                              stock. But, as one of them said, this was
Christian leadership. It took Kofi Annan, a
politician/diplomat, to guide the country including the
                                                              difficult because the profits were not enough
Church back to its senses. At that time you could             for one person, let alone three families.
have been forgiven for suggesting the gospel had              Later in March, the Centre for Urban
not yet reached Kenya. Kofi Annan spent the first             Mission’s Economic Empowerment
week in the country asking and looking for an                 Department did some research on the
acceptable and respectable Christian leader who               economic impact of the crisis on households
would stand with him as he sought to determine a
                                                              and churches in Kibera. Through Word
                                                              Impact Centre (a church in Kibera)     (pto)
           Anglican Missioners of Africa Development and Education Trust
                                        Charity Registration Number: 1086723
                                           Patron: The Viscount Brentford
             Secretary: Sally Dakin, 3 Highgrove Place, Ruscombe, READING RG10 9LF
                        tel: 0118 934 3909 email: timsal@tinyworld.co.uk
the Centre for Urban Mission came into                                 Kipepeo rises again…
contact with these three women – and many                              The riots in Kenya were devastating for the Kipepeo
others in similar situations. As a result, Rose,                       card project. The premises that we were renting in
Grace and Harriet, and five other women                                KIbera was looted and then burnt to the ground. But
from the church, were supported in the                                 through all the trauma, the evidence of Kipepeo's
reconstruction of their businesses. The                                discipleship training shone through in the lives of the
Centre for Urban Mission helped them set up                            women. While other people in the slums were
their own village bank, with enough start-up                           divided along tribal lines, the women in the project
capital for each of them – about £400                                  went to huge lengths to care and support one
altogether. Within two weeks time all eight                            another. Jane went to visit her fellow card-makers
were able to reconstruct their business                                and then made sure she phoned Wambui, the
premises and buy stock for sale.                                       manager, to keep her in touch. Before the project
                                                                       re-started, the women met together each week to
The women have been excited by their                                   pray and receive food parcels. Now the project is
ability, through the Centre for Urban                                  up and running again in new premises, with 12 new
Mission, to restart their businesses. They can                         women added to the group. Please pray that
again feed their families and support their                            everyone at Kipepeo would continue to focus on
children in school. Indeed many of them                                growing together in godliness, living out their
now hope to expand their businesses further,                           Christian lives in a real way to support each another
supported by training run by the Centre for                            and also their community.
Urban Mission.                                                         If you would like to buy the fantastic new cards then
                                                                       just email rachel.baughen@btinternet.com or call
(With thanks to Alvin Mbola, Centre for Urban
                                                                       Lee Taylor on 0208 870 0069.
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            Anglican Missioners of Africa Development and Education Trust
                                            Charity Registration Number: 1086723
                                               Patron: The Viscount Brentford
               Secretary: Sally Dakin, 3 Highgrove Place, Ruscombe, READING RG10 9LF
                          tel: 0118 934 3909 email: timsal@tinyworld.co.uk

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