Journal Writing Rules by OAgU85U


									                                       X2 Writing Rules

1. X2 writings will be done in pencil on loose-leaf notebook paper. Do not tear paper out of a
   spiral notebook and then cut the edges off.

2. All x2 writing assignments will be double-spaced.

3. All x2 writing assignments will be two pages in length. Write only on the front of each of the
   two pages.

4. There will be two assignments given per week. The first assignment will be given on Monday
   and it will be due on Wednesday. The second assignment will be given on Wednesday and will
   be due on Friday. Not all assignments will be graded, but you will not know which ones will
   be graded and which ones will not.

   DO NOT ASK to turn one in late.

6. HANDWRITING MATTERS! Write in neat, (cursive if student is pre-AP or AP) handwriting.
   Do not add extra squiggles to your letters, do not dot your “i’s” with hearts, do not form your
   periods like “o’s.” If you do not follow these rules, ten points will be taken off your grade. If
   you write so poorly that the teacher cannot read it, you will receive a zero.

7. If you plagiarize (copy), you will receive a zero.

8. Your heading goes in the upper right hand corner of the paper, and should include your name
   first, the date, and then the class.

9. ALWAYS title your writing.

10. Make sure that you include a minimum of three paragraphs in your x2 writing. There should be
    no less than three sentences in each paragraph.

11. Do not ever use the word “you” in x2 writing. Five points will be deducted from your grade
    every time you use the word “you.”

12. All will be graded according to the following criteria:
    A. You must have a clear, central idea. (MAIN IDEA)
    B. You must elaborate on the central idea using details. (SUPPORTING IDEAS)
    C. You must have closure.
    D. Use vivid, precise vocabulary. Form your sentences correctly.
    E. Be sure to use apostrophes to show possession. Use plurals only where they are
    F. Do not use double negatives. Do not use slang.
    G. Remember that your audience is your English teacher and not a peer.
    H. Capitalize, punctuate where needed.
    I. Demonstrate correct verb tense.
    J. Spell words correctly. You may use a dictionary.

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