2009 soccerfest results letter by o8630O


									                                  2009 SOCCERFEST RESULTS
                                   “KICKIN’ FOR A CURE”
SOCCERFEST 2009 ROCKED!!! Ursula smiled down on us this year, and provided us with
two beautiful days to play soccer. We miss her on the field, and in our lives. The Volunteers
who shared their time were Outstanding, especially the Referees. The Sponsor support was
Fantastic, and the Vendors added entertainment, fun merchandise, and good food. Canton
Township made the games possible by donating the use of Independence Soccer Park. Henry
Ford Sports Medicine was a “Godsend” by providing the athletic trainers free of charge. The
Teams were pretty evenly matched, the Attitude was Upbeat, and the Feedback was fairly
The 2009 Soccerfest (In Memory of Ursula) donated $1,500 in Cash and $1,220 in Merchandise
to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s children’s program “Soccer Kicks for Cancer”.
We had 24 teams participate in 2009, with 14 teams being from the GLWSL Summer League,
5 teams preparing for the Veteran’s Cup, and 5 Guest Teams. Out-of-state teams came from
Windsor, Columbus, Akron, and Indianapolis.
GAME RESULTS:         1st Place                          2nd place
Over 18A      Lady Kissigi - Columbus             Queen Bees – GLWSL
Over 18B      Hammers - GLWSL                     Warren Blue Rush - MPSL
Over 30A      Windsor Wildcats                    Centurions I – GLWSL
Over 30B      Strikers - GLWSL                    Priceless
Over 30C      Farmington Magic - GLWSL            Shockers - GLWSL
Over 40       Michigan Slammers – Vet Cup         Ohio Goalgetters – Akron Vet Cup
Referees/Volunteers/Team Managers: Thank you for going above & beyond to help make
Soccerfest a fun & successful event. You are appreciated!!!

All participants “Thank You” for your support and contributions,

Kathy Coyne
Soccerfest Director

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