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					Depletion of natural resources and however protect it

For commercial purposes in these sources as its basic form is known as raw materials. Our ‘direct’ or
‘indirect’ and all natural resources play an important role in life to rely on oxygen, water as well as
solar radiation. Without authority can not survive. Only with the flora and fauna of the natural
resources of our State of health if there is biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. And ever use all
resources for commercial purposes, for humans to do just as well if we have the resources of other

Natural resources are generally divided into two categories: vital resources and biotic stressors.
Biological resources cover all live plants, animals, birds, and marine life, reptiles, mineral fuels.

A term that is linked to the prevention of natural disasters and other sources: existing and potential
sources. Actual resources are predetermined and used for commercial purposes. Take advantage of
these minerals, and now there are those rare reserves of stock. The potential resources, they can still
be used for useful purposes, but that you know exists in nature sauce.
Now, this situation led to removal in intensive use of unredeemable resources, think the source of
renewable energy and endless energy forced mankind prepare. More expensive than going in a few
days, a man as ' discover the depletion of un-renewable resources and comes under the duty call '
non-delectable resources financial resources. We, for example, generates electricity from the air,
water, wind as well as Sun was started.
The attack was a pure waste of natural resources obsolete in the past, ignorance and greed.
Percentage of high output, enter cheap labor people there risk of natural ingredients to increase
resources that comes naturally with extravagance. But, now to make a road map for the protection of
the remaining sauce to Noble group together with some people. Formulated to people who know
how to supervise the environmental sciences field of waste management for the management of
natural resources and the protection of the environment.

More books and programs play an important role to keep people informed about the negative
consequences of overexploitation of natural resources. Available for close to a book store and online
bookstore for the preservation and protection of the environment.

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