Checklist for Planning Your Trip by OAgU85U


									                      Checklist for Planning Your Trip
   All boxes should be checked “Yes” or “Not Applicable” before you depart on
           the trip. [R] means that the activity is required for all travel.

Required Actions                                                                       Yes   No   N/A

1 [R]   Have you reviewed read the College Policy on short-term international
2 [R]   Have you planned your trip? (see list below)

                  Sample Program Planning and Approval Form

                  For groups: Have you assessed safety conditions at the site, or
                   obtain a safety evaluation?
                  For groups: Have you determined how to provide adequate
                   supervision for your group?
                  For groups: Have you determined how you will monitor the
                   local environment and provide safety updates to the participants
                   (or advised them of resources to aid them in doing this for
                  For groups: Have you evaluated the safety issues surrounding
                   any program events, excursions, or other services, whether
                   arranged by the institution or by a third party?
                  For groups: Have you ensured that safe means of transportation
                   will be provided at the location/s you will be traveling to?
                  For groups: Have you developed an Emergency Response Plan
                  For groups: Have you developed a Crisis Management Plan
                  For groups: Have you designed and plan to deliver an
                   orientation that includes important information regarding health,
                   safety and cultural conditions at the travel destination? Please
                   provide the date of the orientation:_______________________
3 [R]   Have you completed a budget for the trip? (see list below)

                  Sample budget worksheet

                  For groups: If applicable, have you billed or collected the
                   program fees?
                  For groups: If applicable, have you determined if the program
                   will award scholarships or aid to participants?
                  For faculty and individual travelers: Have you set up New
                   Income and Expense Accounts for the Program with the
                   Business Office?
4 [R]   Has your trip been approved? (see list below)

          Faculty and Individual Travelers: Have you completed the Program
           Planning and Approval Form, and included a draft of your syllabus,
           budget, etc.
          Athletic Coaches/Teams: Have you completed the…

          Clubs and Organizations: Have you completed the…

          International Experience Grant Recipients: Have you completed the
           International Experience Grant Proposal

         Internship Participants: Have you completed the paperwork required,
          submitted it to the appropriate office and has it been approved?
         Graduate students: Have you completed the…

         House Events: Have you completed the…

         Summer Travel: Have you completed the…

         Student Aid Society Funding: Have you completed the…
5[R]    Have you and/or each participant registered by creating your Personal
        Travel Locator (PTL) on International SOS? The Five College, Inc.
        member number is: 11BCAS000005
        For group leaders: Have you reviewed AIG/Assist Program for Medical
        Evacuation & Repatriation with participants?
6 [R]   Have you completed and submitted the travel waiver?
7[R]    Have you checked Related College Policies for other useful or pertinent
8[R]    Have you registered with the embassy where you will be staying?

A completed checklist and all supporting documents must be submitted to the
  office coordinating your funding, your supervisor, your trip advisor, the
              Associate Provost or the Dean of Students Office.

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