MINUTES OF GREENLAND PASSAGE (1996) LIMITED
                           ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                          Held on Thursday 5th February 2009
                 at 7:00pm at the Moby Dick public house, London SE16


NAME                                       FLAT NO.
John O’Kelly                               QDC – Director
Jon Phillips                               QDC – Director
Sally Manderson                            PC – Director
Dominic Roberts                            RC - Director

R Meakin                                   PC
Trevor Battersby                           KFT
Bruce Pearce                               PC
K Meyer                                    PC
A Hawes                                    KFT
Paul Bland                                 PC
Sharon Noonan-Gunning                      PC (proxy)
David Rix                                  QDC/PC
Linda Rudholm                              RC
A Williams                                 PC
M Florey                                   KFT
Giles Parker                               PC

Matt Kirk                                  R&R

As below

MK opened the meeting and welcomed everyone, introducing himself and the Board

JO’K advised of the apologies received from Bob Muid the Chairman of the Board, as well
as Jeremy Elliott (Director). JO’K confirmed he would present the Chairman’s report in
BM’s absence.

MK confirmed the apologies received from G Whitford (KFT), J Makulski (PC)
nominating the Chairman as proxy. Apologies were also received from R Gormley (PC)
nominating proxy as noted above.

Financial Statements of GP (1996) Ltd for the year ending 24th December 2007
MK explained that the accounts for the development had been signed off and filed and were
now before the meeting for adoption by the shareholders. Motion proposed by JO’K,
seconded by JP, and accepted by the meeting with no objections.

Re-appointment of Auditors to the Company
MK confirmed that R&R were happy with JK Needham, and recommended that they be
reappointed, particularly given the complexity of the development. Motion proposed by JP,
seconded by SM, and accepted by the meeting with no objections.

Chairman’s report
JO’K reported to the shareholders that the following projects had been/were being tackled:

Roof repairs at 53 QDC – It was confirmed that the longstanding problem (water entering
the building fabric) in this area had now been repaired.

Royal Court External Redecoration – JO’K reported that although the project had been over
specified by the original surveyor, the work had now been completed at a lower than
expected cost. He offered thanks to DR for overseeing much of the work.

Window Caps – JO’K confirmed that following some confusion over the status of the work,
new window caps (for the vent holes) are to be installed at KFT to help deal with the water
ingress problems. He advised that if this proves to be successful the work will be rolled out
across the whole estate. He noted that there had been fewer reports of leaks recently. It
was mentioned that Steve Comben (Director) had been involved in co-ordinating issues
with the windows at KFT.

Comments were received that generally the windows at the development seemed to be of
poor quality in terms of function and appearance. JO’K suggested regular cleaning to help
appearance but noted that the windows were now over 20 years old. He advised that a full
inspection of windows and roof areas was planned for 2009.

A question was raised over who maintenance issues should be reported to. MK confirmed
that all maintenance issues should be reported to R&R. JO’K requested that even on issues
where Board members were involved, correspondence should be copied to MK.

Overflow pipes – JO’K noted that this was still a problem in a number of areas across the
development. It was agreed that owners and tenants must take greater responsibility for
managing their properties.

Parking – It was confirmed that the new parking ticket regime (with Board members
issuing tickets as necessary) was working well. It was also noted that yellow no parking
lines had been installed at KFT.

Lighting – JO’K confirmed that the lighting had been improved in the QDC car parks, with
new movement sensitive lighting in place meaning the lighting should stay on longer,
aiding security.

Letterboxes/Entranceways – JO’K advised that the project to replace the entranceways and
letterbox units throughout QDC and PC had now begun. He invited residents to inspect the
first unit which has been installed at 50-54 QDC. He confirmed that this unit will be
snagged before the project is rolled out across the whole estate. It was noted that the
additional funds needed for the works will be collected in 2010 after the work has been
successfully completed.

Break-ins – JO’K referred to two recent break-ins to properties as well as last year’s car
park break-ins. He reminded residents of the benefits of alarms and confirmed the results
of the recent survey on recruiting a security guard for the estate which was rejected by the
leaseholders. He also reported on the issue of CCTV confirming that it remained under
consideration by the Board despite the limitations posed by not having a 24-hour manned
site (for monitoring), and the difficulties in having a system that works across such a large
site. He also referred to the installation of further Private Property signage which should
aid security.

Freehold – JO’K reported that there had been a poor response to the recent mailing from
R&R asking for final commitment on the freehold purchase. He confirmed that the Board
is prepared to rally support for the purchase in order to make sure it has every chance of

MK confirmed the positive responses received to date as:
RC – 9 (out of 12)
QDC – 14 (out of 55)
KFT – 6 (out of 30)
PC - 17 (out of 55)

The meeting discussed this issue at length. It was asked whether the figures quoted (£8K -
£12K) could be tightened. JO’K explained that the contribution per participant depended
on the level of participation and the price agreed with the freeholder, hence the ‘wide’
range of possible price.

There was a general discussion on the financial benefits of participation, including ability to
place the building insurance, full management control, lease extension, the forthcoming
ground rent review, ground rent holiday etc. It was generally felt that although the letter
was good, the benefits could have been spelled out more clearly and that a meeting with
interested parties would be more effective. SNG commented that the timescale for
responses on the original letter (16 days) was not long enough.

It was agreed that a freehold purchase sub-committee should be formed to help move this
forward. Interested parties were invited to give their details to MK.

JO’K also referred to problems with mice which had lessened since the introduction of the
wheelie bins.

Planned Works and Any Other Business

Television system – JO’K referred to his discussions with Spectrum about the satellite
system. He advised that fibre optic cabling was a real possibility for the development with
a possible roll-out from SKY in the Autumn of 2009. There was also the possibility of
using this system for CCTV.

It was mentioned that the website for the development was out of date – JO’K
acknowledged and advised that the Board was still looking for assistance in managing the
website and communication generally.

It was noted that the garden fences were due to be tackled this year.

Odessa Wharf fire – the lack of progress on the repairs following the fire was questioned.
MK confirmed that the repairs were subject to an insurance claim which can mean that
repairs are delayed while the claim is approved by the insurers. He also pointed out that as
R&R do not place the insurance for Greenland Passage, this meant a lack of leverage on the
brokers. MK to chase.
                                                                              Action MK
JO’K referred to recent issues with R&R’s management noting MK’s re-involvement as
property manager for the estate. He confirmed that the Board and R&R would be working
to restore their previous good working relationship.

Board membership – JO’K mentioned that further Board members were needed for KFT
and PC, asking for volunteers to give their details to MK.

Prince’s Court lawn area – JO’K offered to update the meeting on the history of this issue,
confirming that the Board was responsible for maintaining all of the communal areas at the
estate including the communal lawn areas at QDC and PC. He noted that it was the duty of
the Board therefore to deal with the encroachment of these areas by lessees at PC. He
confirmed that all residents in this area had been written to and advised that their planting
was to be removed. He advised that the estate’s gardener had been instructed to go ahead
but had met with strong opposition from the owner of 43 PC.

SNG described her objections to this work and advised that her main concerns were relating
to security as she felt that the hedges provide added security for the property.

This issue was thoroughly discussed with JO’K noting that it was not the Board’s intention
to work against the residents and a mutually convenient solution would be sought, possibly
along the lines of additional lighting in the area, or different planting solutions.

Gating the development was discussed with the Board noting that this suggestion had been
considered in the past but deemed too expensive and against the original intentions for the
layout/’feel’ of Greenland Passage. It was agreed that it was important to use
Neighbourhood Watch/police ties as much as possible. MF suggested that when the ground
floor doors at KFT are replaced the recesses be removed so that potential intruders have
nowhere to hide.

Refuse – it was noted that many residents continue to dump large items of furniture. It was
agreed that MK should place a further reminder of the Council’s free collection service on
the inside of each communal block door.
                                                                               Action MK

Finally, TB offered thanks on behalf of the shareholders to the Board for their hard work.
All agreed.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8:35pm

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