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Independent living _ intelligent building management


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									Independent living &
 intelligent building

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            West Midlands
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                 David Ward Director Technik2, Ltd Mobile 07970 158768
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1, Intelligent building management

2, Gas safety excess gas flow and leak detection automatic gas
shut-off system.

3, Gas appliance service timer with automatic interrupt.

4, Water mains switched and automatic supply shut-off systems.

5, Remote central door locking & access control.

6, HomeSafe home automation & security
Intelligent building
Intelligent Building Management
The Intelligent Building Management system is designed to support people in their
own home by recognising activities and assessing them in terms of risk. If a risk
situation is identified it can then prompt them to take appropriate actions. It has been
shown that the repetition and consistency of automatic prompting optimises learning.
It is intended for situations where there are currently high levels of care and is
designed to inform a carer or support worker of specific activities so that they can
make an informed judgement on whether intervention is required. If necessary the
support worker can intervene remotely using a standard mobile phone or other
remote communication interface. This allows the occupant the maximum
independence consistent with minimising risk.
It reduces the need for "just in case" care and also provides reassurancefor relatives
and care organisations.
The system where required will also collect data on household routines. It can assess
the amount of water I electricity being used, the opening and closing of doors and
windows, room occupancy, individual room and outside temperatures, appliance use
etc. Using this collected data software can be written to monitor the daily activities of
the building, enabling the system to record and report any abnormal activity.
The System consists of a range of modules, each with a range of optional functions.
The modules can be used singly or in combination depending on local needs.

System Examples
Example 1
 The outside temperature is 5 degrees the room temperature is 20 degrees but
window is opened, a room intercom would announce "you have opened the window,
please can you close the window" after a set time of 10 minutes the announcement
would be "if the window is not closed the warden will be informed after 10 minutes a
text would be sent to the warden saying which window has been left opened.
Example 2
The time is 2.00am someone leaves a bedroom and goes to the bathroom, but does
not go back to bed within 30 minutes and no water has been used, then a warning
text is sent to the warden.
Example 3
In each bedroom is a two button intercom, the person in the room can press one
button to call the wardens mobile phone for assistance and have a two way
conversation. The warden can also call any room.
Example 4
The time is 3.00am and someone leaves a bedroom and opens the front door, the
intercom by the front door announces "please do not leave the building" an alarm text
is sent to the warden, the warden can also talk to the front door intercom.
Example 5
The gas cooker is turned on but the has not been ignited and gas is building up in the
kitchen, the gas detector would alarm and inform the warden, if the gas was not
turned off, once the gas level reached 20% of the lower explosion limit the system
would automatically turn the gas of at the gas meter.
System Specification

CPU control PCB.
The System comprises a central logic control with up to 8 loudspeaker/microphone
connections which can be individually addressed. Sensor input and control output
are arranged in blocks of 8 input and outputs, which are fully expandable.
      Sensor input can be by wireless or wired sensors or switches. Output can be
      wireless or wired.
      Most types of logical sensor can be incorporated.
      Messages can be sent to carers and support workers by pager, SMS or voice
      message to mobile, fixed line or DECT phones.
      Prompts can be sent to occupants by loudspeaker or voice messages to
      mobile, fixed line or DECT phones.
      Prompts can advise on avoiding risk or remind the user to do things at the
      appropriate time
      Devices within the home can be controlled automatically or by remote control
      from the support worker's mobile phone.
      The support worker can communicate remotely with the occupant or a visitor,
      or listen to doorstep conversations between the occupant and visitors.
intelligent building management layout

Wireless      Wireless     Wireless       Wireless         Wireless gas
door          window       temperature    detectors,       & water leak
contacts      contacts     sensors        panic buttons    sensors


                     Intelligent building                  Water flow
                     management control

Appliance    GSM link to   PSTN link to   Smart            Gas & water
management   warden's      house phone.   Concierge        shut off
monitor      phone         LAN            Systems          valves
        I                                       1
 RF switch
  Kettle                                  lntercom

 RF switch    RF switch                   I Front door I
  Toaster                                 lntercom
 Gas safety, excess
 gas flow and leak
detection, automatic
gas shut-off system.

The Technik2 excess gas flow and leak detection system has been
designed to save lives and property, aimed at the disabled, elderly,
social housing and landlords.
This product is unique, due to remote wireless gas sniffing detectors, (which are fitted in each
room that has a gas appliance.) There are systems on the market, that shut the gas
supply off, if a major gas leak occurs. They look for a sudden pressure loss but if a cooker bumer
has gone out or been left on and the gas has not been ignited, the gas leak will build up to a
dangerous level. The Technik2 system smells for gas 24hours a day and at the first sign of gas in
a room, an audible alarm warns the occupant of a gas leak. If the gas leak is not stopped, a
second danger limit is reached at 20% of the lower explosion limit and automatically it shuts the
gas supply off at the meter. A warning text can also be sent to a warden or control centre.

Direct mains powered hardwired gas detectors and up to 10 wireless gas
sensors can be installed into each wireless receiver 1 gas valve.                     MAINS POWER
                                                                                      GAS DETECTORS
On detecting a gas leak a loud 94 dB 10.3m alarm sounds and it safely and
automatically shuts off the gas supply.

Once gas concentrations are safe and the source of the gas leak has been
found and corrected, the gas safety valve can be reset to the open position
by the manual reset button.

                                                                                WIRELESS RECEIVER

                                                      T2 gassafe Issue 2 24.11.2006
 Gas detector
 Mains or 12VDC powered

                          4   :TIVE SIGNAL

                       Remote receiver unit
                       Mains powered

Remote receiver unit
12VDC powered

     Manual reset, normally open solenoid valve for gas.                                            M16 1RMO N.A

     1 Description
     This solenoid valve is a very simple and extremely safe. The coil, when under tension (manual reset) releases
     and closes the solenoid valve when the coil is activated. The solenoid valve has to be manually reset once
     activated. During normal conditions no electrical current is used, no heat is produced, no wear and tear and no
     buzzes or vibrations occur.

     2. Installation
     Please read the manufacturers instructions as supplied with each solenoid valve.
     accordance with current legislation. Please bear in mind any possible pressure d r o p when installing any
     device into an existing system. If this solenoid valve is installed in the system to shut-off the gas supply to a
     device or property, a warning label should me attached to or near the gas meter to indicate "gas shut-off
     solenoid valve has been installed in the systemn.The solenoid valve should also be labelled "gas shut-off
     solenoid valvenThe solenoid valve should be installed on the customer side of the gas meter as close to the
     meter as possible, the solenoid valve must be installed in the direction of the flow and markings on the solenoid
     valve. If the solenoid valve is to be installed in areas that suffer from sulphuric iron dust (black powder in the
     pipe work) please ensure the solenoid valve is fitted on the outlet side of the filter. Please check the coil
     operating voltage before applying power to the coiI.

     3. Testing
     This solenoid valve should be tested annually in accordance with current legislation.

     4. Servicing
     Please read manufacturers instructions.
     Ensure the electrical supply has been isolated and disconnected. Ensure there is no gas left in the solenoid
     valve or pipe work before doing any internal valve inspection.

     5. Automatic gas systems options
     This solenoid valve can be automatically operated if connected to gas leak detectors, remote switches, wireless
     receivers, 12VDC coils, battery back-up units, etc. Please contact your supplier for a list of system options.

          Push to re-set (open valve)
                         ..   '.;a
                                                                                                                1 --handsrip
                                                                                                                2 -AIunWunrm~
                                                                                                                3 -CoPanatureanembly
                                                                                                                4 - E l e ~ c o u
                                                                                                                5 -Ek?~mMptor
                                                                                                                6 Plunger
                                                                                                                7 -obtumxr
                                                                                                                8 -SedO-Wg
                                                                                                                9 -aoslngs*ine
                                                                                                                11 sea^ d e r
                                                                                                                L R b i n g organ (on request)
                                                                                                                13 - 80dYWlW
                                                                                                                14 Closing rnsnusl pum button
                                                                                                                l5 - central pin

  Gas flow direction
  Marking on valve
                                                    Jse                                :not aggmsk gases of the 3 families (dry gascs)
                                                  -- Threaded comedknr(brass ~ J Y )   :(DN 15 i DN 25) a d i n g to IS0 711
                                                     Environment tempembre                  +
                                                                                       :-15 +60 OC
                                                   - Max. superRdal knvemtm             T T
                                                                                       : O
                                                                                       :Uv,24v, llOV, WOV
                                                  - POW absorption
                                                  -- Closing time pgsure
                                                     M x w*
                                                  - Degree of probection               :IP65

                                                                T2 gas valve Issue 2 27.10.2006

                                 The Technik2 60G unit detects all mixtures of
                                 air and combustible gas (Natural Gas, Methane,
                                 Propane, Butane, Acetylene, GPL, Hydrogen,

        I         GAS ALARM
                IF ACTIVATED
               TURN GAS OFF
             CALL GAS ENGINEEF
                                 etc). The detector detects two levels of gas
                                 concentration, responding with two different
                                 output reactions.

                                 The main detector features are: high reliability
                                 and sensitivity, com-pact size, 230V (110V
                                 12VDC optional) power supply and long stability
                                 & lifetime. It has a built-in transmitter to
                                 wirelessly send an alarm signal.


 power supply                      230V150Hz (optionally 11OVIGOHz), 5W
 detection method                  hot wire type
 sensitivity of 1st level          10 % calibrated for methane
 sensitivity of 2nd level          20% LEL calibrated for methane
 buzzer sound level                94dBl0.3m
 relay output                                    st
                                   optional for I or 2nd level, max.230V15A
 alarm memory                      selectable
 response time                     less then 10 sec
 warm up time                      30 sec
 working range                     max. 50m (open area)
 working environment               indoor use -10 to +40°C, IP30
 complies with                     EN 60335-1

                                            T2 gas detector issue 2 24.11.2006

                             The Technik2 Receiver unit 222, is powered
                             by 230 VAC with output relay contact rated
                             at 6 Amp 250VAC. (fused)

                         1   There are four different operating modes
                             available for each remote control.


  Operating voltage:         230 VAC, 50 Hz (1 1OVAC optional)

  Power consumption:         1.5 W

  Operating frequency:       433.92 MHz

  Coding:                    digital, each remote control has an unique floating code

                             over switching dry contact
  Output relay:
                             fused 6A at 250 V
                             with RC-11 or RC-22 up to 30 metres
  Range :(open area)
                             with JA-60 items up to 100 metres

                                       T2 gas receiver Issue 2 24.11.2006
  Gas appliance
 service timer with
automatic interrupt.
   Gas Appliance Service Monitor.
   Why install this device into your tenants gas boiler?

   The law now states that landlords must service gas appliances every 12 months.
   Approximately 5% of tenants do not allow entry into the property for the service.

   The options at present open to landlords required to service gas appliances are;

   1. To take all reasonable steps i.e. letters, solicitor's letters, notices, visits and as a last resort
   break into the property to carry out the service or,

   2. Install an electrical device to turn the power off to the gas appliance after 365 days but not
   achieve the service.

   Option 1 is costly in both time and money and option 2 is not the preferred route, due to the
   landlords duty of care to the tenants and the risk that this action could open up the chances of
   being sued under the human rights act.

   The Gas Appliance Service Monitor has been designed to assist landlords in gaining access to
   properties and as it is fully programmable it can form part of your specific gas access proce-

   The device operates on 3 levels; visually using an optical flashing LED, audible by alarm and
   physically by interrupting the power supply to the appliance or boiler. The timing and
   sequences of the three modes can be programmed to fit in with your own requirement.

   The device is labelled to each landlord's requirements with contact number, safety
   information, logo and any other text as may be required.

                                                                                   Gas appliance monitor
                                                                                   fitted to a boiler

Technik2 IM, Ezekiel House, Ezekiel Lane, Willenhall, West Midlands,WVl2 5QU. 01922 491555 salesQtechnik2.com technik2.com   Issue 1
    Operation Example: Service Monitor fitted to a Gas Boiler.
    After installation when the service is not due, the LED will be green and the device will time for
    44 weeks. At 44 weeks the LED will change to yellow, indicating that a service is due.

    At 50 weeks the LED will change to red and the unit will beep once per minute to indicate that
    the service is overdue.

    At 52 weeks the red LED will change to a slow flash and the unit will beep twice per minute. The
    device will now be in fault mode 1 and for 120 hrs the boiler operation will be blocked for 1 hour
    OFF and 1 hour ON. A further 2 fault modes can be programmed in to make the boiler fault get
    progressively worse as the overdue service time is passed.

    After all fault mode times have elapsed the boiler operation is either un-blocked or remains in
    fault mode with the red LED continuing to flash and beeping twice until reset.

    To reset the device (after the boiler has been serviced and the power turned back on) the engi-
    neer swipes a special proximity tag across the bottom side of the device.

    Extra Features:

    A low temperature thermostat is mounted inside the device and set to approx 15C. If the room
    temperature around the device is below 15C, then all fault modes are bypassed (boiler opera-
    tion is not blocked)

    The device has an internal, battery timer back-up. This will keep the timers running if the power
    is turned off for long periods of time, 5 to 10 years (depending on, off time)

    If the device cables are cut the boiler will NOT operate.

   All of the operation example times and sequences can be changed to fit in with your own gas
   access procedures and requirements with a minimum order of 100 units.

   The installation of the unit is very simple with only 4 wires to connect, 2 to the 230Vac mains
   and 2 to the boilers switched supply.

   The service monitor installation can be carried out when fitting a new boiler or during the annual
   service within 15 minutes.

   An engineer re-set proximity tag is supplied with 50 off service monitors.

                                                      Gas monitor resetting key.

Technik2 Itd, Ezekiel House, EzeMel Lane, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV12 5QU. 01922 491555 sales@technik2.com technik2.com   Issue 1
  Water mains
  switched and
automatic supply
shut-off systems.

  The Technik2 remote water mains cut-off switch with remote water
  leak detectors, has been designed, to allow the mains water into a
  property to be easily turned off and on, at the simple touch of a
  button. Remote leak detectors can also be placed in areas that may
  flood, automatically cutting off the mains water, protecting
  property and preventing flood damage. Aimed at the disabled,
  elderly, social housing, landlords and domestic use.
  Many system combinations are possible, below is a basic system comprising of :
  Motorised valve plus controller with one water onloff wall switch and one leak detector.

                                 interlinked with each other.

                                 A relay contact can give a alarm
                                 output to other systems example
                                 to close other valves, SMS a
                                 phone number or connect to a
                                 alarm system.

   Wired or radio water
   ON /OFF switch           \ t                                    /                Wired or radio water leak
                                                                                    detector. Any number of
                                                                                    wired leak detectors can be
                                                                                    installed or up to 20 remote
                                                                                    radio leak detectors.

                                                                                    12VDC power supply 100mA max
                                                                                    Choice of
                                                                                         Plug-in power supply
                                                                                         Powered from 12V alarm system
                                                                                         Mains battery backed up unit

    Motorised water valve           Motorised water valve control box.
    314" BSP with manual            Radio systems require a receiver
    override                        unit to be installed next to this control box

The valve control box, receiver and wired water leak detector are all 12VDC powered (can use
24VDC if a resistor is used in the supply line).
WaterSafe installed into a
15mm cold water system
next to the mains stop cock

                              WaterSafe leak detector
                              installed in a kitchen

 Remote central
  door locking
& access control.
Central locking can be designed and developed for individual doors through to multi door systems
that will work with automatic garage doors, gates and windows.
The central locking equipment provides "Secure by Design" multi-point locking, remote and central
control operation and the facility to integrate with smart home building management systems.
Access and door operation is possible by: key fob, key pad, proximity sensor, biometric fingerprint
readers and SMS activation. It can even be monitored and controlled through the web.
The Central Control Display can show the status of the doors and windows, making exit and alarm
setting convenient and secure.
The ability to link doors, windows, gates and garage doors together using the same control, access
and security system ensures a level of protection and convenience required for today's busy lifestyle.

Technik 2 Ltd                                                           Roto Frank Ltd
Ezekiel House, Ezekiel Lane                                             Swift Point, Rugby
Willenhall, Wolverhampton, WV12 5QU                                     Warwickshire, CV21 1QH
Telephone: 01922 491555, Facsimilie: 01922 479988                       Telephone: 01788 558600, Facsimilie: 01788 558605
E-Mail: sales@technik2.com, Internet: www.technik2.com                  E-Mail: uk-sal&roto-frank.com, Internet: www.roto-frank.co.uk

Issue deted - March 2007                    We reserve the right to technical changes without notlce.
home automation
   & security.
                   Radio control panel            ;jn.dio thermostat
                                                                             a     Extt,,, siren
                                                                                   with flashing light

                                                                             fJ Intemal siren
)   I: I   1-l.a   Radio controlled contact       carbon monoxide detector

                   Radio controlled
                   movement detector
                                                  Radio controlled
                                                  smoke detector
                                                  Radio controlled
                                                                                   Water valve

                                                  temperature detector
                   Radio controlled                                                Gas valve
                   glass breakage detector
                                              a   Radio controlled
                                                  gas detector

       0   cp      Central control panel          Radio controlled
                                                  water detector
                                                                                   Gas service timer

                                                  Radio controlled                 Electronic lock
                   Water irrigation               receiver module
an-80F Wireless keypad. Operates       UC-82 & AC-82 Receivers. Each have         JA-UUH uurdoor card reader and
and can program the control panel.     2 relays that can be operated via          keypad. Can be used to open the
Can program up to 50 wireless          transmitting units or the control panel.   ekctmnic I& and for operating the
devices and 50 codes or access tags.                                              alarm .

JA-80G Gas leak detector 230VAC        JA-80P Motion detector. PIR device         JA-80s Fire detector. Combines a    1
Activated by combustive gases. Can                           f
                                       covering up to 112 n? o floor. Can         optical smoke and temperature
also control UC I receivers.
                 AC                    also control UC I receivers &
                                                        AC                        sensor. It has a built in siren and
                                       indoor siren.                              indicator.

JA-80M Transmitter device. H ,
                             a         JA-82M Window and door detectors.          JA-L Indoor siren. Mains powered.
built-in magnetic senscx which         Easily installed into WC-U windows         It indicates alarms, exit l entry delays
activates when a window or door is     & doors. Can also turn heating of if a
                                                                       f          & door bell.
opened. Can be triggered by any        window is opened.
external device.

RC88 Wall button. Can conbd UC &       JA-80A Outdoor siren. Completely           RC80 Key fob. It can control alarm
AC receiver units and can trigger a    wire-free with tamper detectionand a       system, open a door or can operate
panic alarm.                           battery l i e of 3 to 5 years.             the UC & AC receiver units.
       TP-80 & TP-82 Room thermostats.           PC41 Access cards & tags. RFlD          sr-02 Voice intercom. Allows
       Can control boiler and zones via UC       reader 125kHz. Up to 50 cards can be    pre-authorised phones to call
       & AC recdvers. Warns of freezing          used in the system. For higher          premises and listen in or talk
       and fire when enrolled into the control   security, each card can k combined                      r
                                                                                         Requires GSM o LAN unit.
       panel.                                    with a digital PIN code.

       JA-80V LAN I Telephone line               JA4OY GSM IGPRS Communicator.           AN40 & AN-81 External antennas.
       communicator. Module that combines        This module uses the mobile phone       Can be used with UC-82 receiver.
       LAN and PSTN to allow remote              network to allow remote access to the   AN41 . Can be installed outdoors.
       access to the system.                     system via SMS or the Internet.

The HomeSafe system offers a modular radio solution to home security, access, heating
ventilation and lighting.

    The battery-powered wireless devices (868MHz) are capable of communicating over a
    distance of up to Ikilometre. The average lifetime of the lithium batteries are 3 years.
    Input and output terminals allow you to connect wired devices if required.
    Oasis can be operated using up to 50 digital codes, plus 50 access cards and key fobs. The
    system can also be operated remotely by mobile phone or via the Internet.
    Events can be reported to mobile phones (by voice and SMS) and to Automatic Receiving
    Centres (central monitoring).
    Having no need for cables, makes installation very friendly to interior decoration. An engineer
    can check and program the system remotely (maintenance requests are reported
    automatically - e.g. discharged battery, mains failure etc.).
Besides installing an entire system, the configuration of simple applications is also possible, for
example: remote control of garage doors, door electronic locks, elderly tele-care, automatic
lighting / ventilation control, wireless heating or air-conditioning thermostats etc.

The HomeSafe system can be designed and developed for individual homes through to

communal tele-care monitoring, promoting independent living.

Technik.2 Ltd
Ezekiel House, Ezekiel Lane,
Willenhall, West Midlands. WV12 5QU
Telephone: 01922 491555, Facsimile: 01922 479988
E-Mail: sales@technik2.com. Internet: www.technik2.com

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