ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
                                              YEAR 11 LITERATURE
                                               SEMESTER ONE 2011
TEXT AND                    TEACHING/LEARNING FOCUS                                                   ASSESSMENT
                                                                                                      Week One- Common task
        Term 1               Overview of genre – conventions of prose, poetry and drama              Close reading of an
                             Discuss personal responses to texts and how these have been             unseen prose passage.
       Weeks 1-5              influenced by your reading expectations of short story genre.
Text 9-29, 67-83, 86-90,
                             Understand the structure and the stylistic elements of language
                              found in short stories and discuss how these invite a particular        Term 1 Week Four
                              response.                                                               COMPARABILITY
  Exploring genre-           Apply an understanding of the conventions of short stories to           Short in-class essay
                              produce readings.                                                       response to an unseen
       prose                 Understand how particular texts are shaped by the cultural values       prose text.
                              and attitudes circulating in society at the time of their production    10% Semester 1
 Short stories provided      Understand that intertextual readings may focus on generic and
    by the teacher            representational connections among texts.

        Term 1               Apply an understanding of the conventions of poetry to produce          Term 1 Week Seven
                              readings.                                                               In-class short written
       Weeks 6-9             Understand that some texts position readers to make connections to      task
Text 44-60, Chapter 2
                              other texts through allusion to other texts, real events, symbolism     Reading of an unseen
                              and the use of particular discourses or generic conventions.            poem
 Exploring genre-            Understand that reading for representations involves examining          15% Semester 1
                              particular representation of individuals, groups and ideas that are
poetry Reading for            offered by texts.                                                       Term 1 Week Nine
      gender                 Discuss how the representation of gender in particular texts is         COMMON TASK
                              shaped by the cultural values and attitudes circulating within          Short written response to
Poetry provided by the        society.                                                                an unseen question
        teacher              Read and write critical commentary with an awareness that multiple      referring to a short story
                              readings of texts are possible.                                         or poem studied in class.
                                                                                                      15% Semester 1

                             Understand the generic conventions of the play – characterisation,      Term 2 Week Three
  Term 1 Week 9 –
                              setting and plot, with extra attention to conflict and how characters   Extended written response
   Term 2 Week 4              may be read as representing different ways of thinking about the        (researched and prepared)
Text 30-43, 95, Chapter       world.                                                                  demonstrating knowledge
      4, 154-155             Understand the dramatic structure of the play e.g. parallel scenes,     of generic conventions of
 Exploring genre –            binary oppositions, development of conflict – turning points and        drama and how meaning is
 drama and tragedy            climax.                                                                 shaped through these.
                             Understanding the impact of staging, visual and aural effects on the    15% Semester 1
  A Streetcar Named          Reading for representations of gender and class.
        Desire               Evaluating the representations in the text with knowledge of it
  Tennessee Williams          historical context.

 Oral Presentations            Understanding generic conventions of a particular genre and apply     Oral presentation
                                this understanding to a text, explaining how meaning is produced      5-10 minute tutorial
                                through these.                                                        15% Semester 1

                                                                                                      Friday 25th May
  Term 2 Weeks 5-7
                                           Revision & Examination                                     30% Semester 1

                                         ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
                                         YEAR 11 LITERATURE
                                          SEMESTER TWO 2011
TEXT AND TIMELINE              TEACHING/LEARNING FOCUS                                           ASSESSMENT

                                Revise poetic conventions                                       Term 2 Week 10
    Term 2 Weeks 8 –
                                                                                                 Close reading of an
     Term 3 Week 2              Understand popular Australian mythology and the beliefs         unseen text.
     Text: Chapter 5             and assumptions of powerful groups reflected in these.          10% Semester 2

  Study of one of more          Understand ways that texts ‘naturalise’ particular ways of
    Australian poets.            thinking and silence and marginalise the views of less          Term 3 Week 2
                                 powerful groups within Australian society.                      COMPARABILITY
   Teacher to select from:                                                                       Short written response on
        Bruce Dawe              Understand how the gender and experiences of poets may          an issue arising from
       Kevin Gilbert             influence their representations of Australian society.          reading.
       Judith Wright                                                                             10% Semester 2
                                Discuss ways that personal beliefs, attitudes and values will
                                 influence your reading of a literary text.

    Term 3 Weeks 3 - 7          Understand how the representations in the novel are             Term 3 Week 7
                                 influenced by the changing attitudes circulating within a       Extended and researched
                                 particular society.                                             essay - choice of 3
       Novel Study                                                                               questions with focus on
                                Revise conventions of narratives and the ways that these are    narrative devices.
                                 replicated and disrupted in the novel.                          10% Semester 2

                                Explore intertextual connections between the novel and          Term 3 Week 10
                                 earlier texts.                                                  COMMON TASK
                                                                                                 Short essay on how
                                Understand the way that language works in the novel to          creative writing has
                                 position readers with a particular focus on point of view,      enhanced understanding
                                 characterisation (major & minor), and setting (physical &       10% Semester 2

     Term 3 Week 8 –            Understand the generic conventions of stage drama –             Term 4 Week 2
      Term 4 Week 3              characterisation, setting and plot, with extra attention to     Tutorial presentation on
                                 conflict development and resolutions, parallel scenes           an aspect of the play and
                                                                                                 its significance.
        Macbeth                 Assess the extent to which the play may be read as              10% Semester 2
  William Shakespeare            confirming Elizabethan beliefs in the Great Chain of Being.
                                                                                                 Term 4 Week 4
                                Understanding how audiences are positioned through the          COMMON TASK
                                 imagery in the play.                                            Short essay on the
                                                                                                 dramatic impact of the
                                Produce alternative readings by reading for gender and class    play on an audience.
                                 and evaluate these representations in light of the play’s       10% Semester 2
                                 historical context.

                                  Understand and experiment with different stylistic            Students will be provided
    Creative Journal               elements when writing creatively.                             with a separate timeline
       Text: Chapter 6                                                                           for completion of tasks
                                                                                                 throughout the year.
                                                                                                 10% Semester 2
Term 4 Week Five –                       Revision and Examination                                12th November
Week 6                                                                                           30% Semester 2

                                YEAR 11 LITERATURE 2011

                                  Semester One – 40% of Year Total

  Date due                                       Task Type                                         Sem%      Year%
  Term 1
  Week 4
             Comparability: Short in-class reading response to an unseen prose text.                10         4
  Term 1
  Week 7
             In-class short reading response to an unseen poem                                      15         6
  Term 1
  Week 9
             Short written response to an unseen question –( notes prepared for 3 questions)        15         6

  Ongoing    Tutorial presentation to the class on one text.                                        15         6
  Term 2     Researched extended essay on generic conventions of drama and how meaning is
  Week 3
                                                                                                    15         6
             shaped through these.
                                                Course work                                         70        28
                                                Examination                                         30        12

                                 Semester Two – 60% of Year Total

  Date due                                       Task Type                                         Sem%      Year%
  Term 2
  Week 10
             In-class close reading of an unseen text.                                              10         6
  Term 3
  Week 2
             Comparability; In-class short written response on an issue arising from reading        10         6
  Term 3
  Week 7
             Extended and researched essay on the use of a narrative convention in the novel        10         6
  Term 3     Creative writing portfolio- completion of set tasks + in-class essay on how writing
  Week 10
                                                                                                    20        12
             creatively has enhanced appreciation of one text.
  Term 4
  Week 2
             Tutorial presentation on an aspect of Macbeth and its significance                     10         6
  Term 4     In-class short essay response to one question on Macbeth (notes prepared for
  Week 4
                                                                                                    10         6
             three possible alternatives)
                                                Course work                                         70        42
                                                Examination                                         30        18

                                      ASSESSMENT WEIGHTINGS

Type of Assessment                                       CC Recommended                        Churchlands
Extended written response                                    10-30%                               12%
Short written response                                       30-50%                               34%
Creative writing                                             10-20%                               12%
Oral                                                         10-20%                               12%
Examinations                                                 10-30%                               30%

                    YEAR 11 LITERATURE 2A/B 2011

1.   The units 2A and 2B are taught concurrently. Your Semester One mark will be a
     representation of what you have achieved in 2A/B, not 2A. Your final year mark will be a
     mark based on what you have achieved over the year and will be accredited to you for
     both 2A and 2B. Therefore, whatever you achieve at the end of the year will be submitted
     to Curriculum Council as both your 2A and your 2B mark.

2.   The breakdown of your final mark will be as follows:

            SEMESTER ONE 40
            SEMESTER TWO 60
            YEAR TOTAL  100


           All assessments must be submitted on the due date. All in-class assessments must
            be attended on the due date.
           If you are unable to meet a deadline you must provide written evidence as to your
            reason. Your teacher has the discretion to determine whether your reason is
            acceptable. You will require a medical certificate for illness.
           Computer malfunctions are not to be used as an excuse for a missed deadline.
           Late work is penalised 10% for each day for two days. Failure to submit by the third
            day will result in a mark of ‘0’ being recorded.
           It is your responsibility to arrange to sit in-class assessments you have missed on
            the first day you return to school. This applies to written and oral assessments.

4.          You may be required to sit in-class tests during period 5 Wednesday.


         Your marks may be subject to moderation against other classes
         Your marks will be subject to standardisation as per whole school practice.



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