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									                       The Book Thief: Oral Presentations
                        Outcome 1 Assessment Task 1: due Week 3

                       This will be 20% of your mark for Outcome 1
                     (Task 2 – Text Response Essay will be worth 80%)

You need to prepare a 5 minute presentation on one aspect of the historical background of
The Book Thief from the list below (no more than 2 students per topic)

In this presentation you must:
     Demonstrate your understanding of the chosen context topic
     Make direct references to how this context affects the plot, characters and/or themes of
        The Book Thief.
     Use a visual aid, such as PowerPoint, a handout, a poster, video clip etc.
     Use cue cards only (not sheets) and speak clearly to engage your audience.
     Be prepared to ask and answer questions
     Prearrange equipment that will be required with your teacher (by the end of week 2)

   1. History of ‘Dachau’ concentration camp
   2. The rise of Hitler in Germany in the 1930s
   3. The Nazi Party
   4. The ‘Final Solution’
   5. The ‘Hitler Youth’
   6. The SS
   7. Nazi Book Burning
   8. Liberation of the camps
   9. The rise of Anti-Jewish sentiment pre WWII
   10. The role of Nazi Propaganda in Germany
   11. Jewish families in hiding
   12. Profile of a camp survivor
   13. Allied bombing of Germany
   14. A relevant topic negotiated with your teacher

Assessment Criteria:

          Knowledge of the chosen topic
          Effective exploration of how the context relates to the events of The Book Thief
          Expressive, coherent and fluent delivery
          Appropriate and engaging visual aids

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