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             GOCCP’s Kristen Mahoney To Serve Another Year As President
                     of the National Criminal Justice Association

        GOCCP Deputy Executive Director Ed Parker Elected to Group’s Board
    Kristen Mahoney, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention
    (GOCCP) has been elected to a second one-year term as President of the National Criminal Justice
    Association (NCJA). Another GOCCP official will also be part of the NCJA leadership. Ed Parker,
    GOCCP’s Deputy Director for Operations has been elected to the organization’s board.

    Based in Washington, D.C., the NCJA represents state, tribal and local governments on crime
    prevention and crime control issues. Its members represent all facets of the criminal and juvenile
    justice community, from law enforcement, corrections, prosecution, defense, courts, victim-witness
    services and educational institutions to federal, state and local elected officials.

    “It is a tremendous honor,” said Mahoney, “to be selected to continue for another year as President
    of NCJA, The NCJA recognizes the importance of interrelationships among criminal and juvenile
    justice agencies and the value of partnerhips between these agencies and the community. It knows
    that strong, steady advocacy is necessary to achieve comprehensive planning and policy
    coordination goals. In this way, it is a perfect complement to the information sharing and
    collaboration that are the foundation of public safety policy in the O’Malley-Brown administration.”

    “NCJA has proven to be a tremendous resource for criminal justice professionals at all levels of
    government,” said Parker. “The organization works to promote a balanced approach to
    communities' complex public safety and criminal and juvenile justice system problems. It is an
    honor to be in a position where I can help shape and direct its initiatives.”

    Guided by it Board of Directors, the NCJA serves as the formal mechanism for informing the
    Congress of state, tribal and local criminal and juvenile justice needs and accomplishments.
    Through collaboration with practitioners and policymakers, the NCJA also communicates state,
    tribal and local views on crime prevention and control to the federal executive and other public and
    private agencies at all levels.


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