Cask of Amontillado Literary Analysis Essay Topic by 3e6gVny


									                       Literary Analysis Essay Topic
Question: Do you think that Montresor, as he is narrating the story, is sane or
insane? Explain your answer, using details from the story to support your answer.
   A. Montresor is sane.

      1. Not all murderer are insane; evil is not the same thing as insanity.
      2. His murder plan was well thought out, and his retelling of the events
         leading up to the actual death of Fortunato shows that his mind is still
      3. At the time of the story, men fought duels to the death over small
         insults to one’s honor and were considered brave and honorable, not
      4. Even after 50 years, he doesn’t seem to feel any differently about the
      5. He appears to have successfully functioned in the world for the last 50

   B. Montresor is insane.

      1. Even after the passage of half a century, he doesn’t seem to feel that his
         desire for vengeance was excessive or abnormal.
      2. He doesn’t show any signs of remorse.
      3. His confessing his crime to “you, who so well know the nature of my
         soul,” suggests that he believes that others will find his act completely
         justified if only they understand the kind of person he is, which really
         doesn’t have anything to do with whether his act was justified.
      4. He seems to think that revealing the nature of Fortunato’s “injuries” and
         “insult” to him is completely unnecessary.
      5. He killed Fortunato in a cold-blooded, premeditated manner while
         pretending sincere friendship.

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