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									                                                 Senior Subjects
                                        Economics/US Government Syllabus

Mr. Guemmer
Room D205 – voicemail # 4554
Email Address: the fastest and most efficient way to contact me with questions.

 In order to be competitive in the 21st century, you must be given an experience that both models and requires 21st
century behaviors and values. We will focus on the following 21st century behaviors:

       Critical Thinking
       Research Skills- both Traditional and Technological Sources
       Individual Responsibility Ability to work with Groups
       Active Participation in Individual and Group Presentations

Many students, and even a few parents, believe that once you reach your senior year, it should be the most “casual”
and “relaxing” year of high school, they are wrong. As a college preparatory course, you should have assignments
that will help you easily transition into college. By the end of the year, assignment expectations will closely resemble
an introductory college level class. That means, as the year gets shorter, the class gets harder.

                                              Structure of the Course

       The semester will be broken down into 1-2 week units. These units will cover these broad themes
Economics                                    US Government
1. Introduction to Economic Concepts         1. The Constitution and the Amendments of the Constitution
2. Practical Economics: Everyday             2. The three major branches of government: their powers,
Applications                                 role in the government, and issues related to each branch
3. Markets, Prices, and Business             3. Types of elections, election strategies, and issues related to
Competition                                  those elections.
4. The American Economy                      4. California and local governments
5. The Government’s Role in our Economy 5. US government influence on international issues
6. International Economics                   6. Current Political Issues

    School Loop
   PHS has expanded its online presence so parents and student can have the ability to look at current grades and
   attendance. My past and current practice will continue where I will attempt to have all grades updated by Friday

    Special Note: As we begin each term, scores on a grade book fluctuate dramatically early on, because there are
    few assignments that have been entered. For the first couple of weeks at least, it is more important to see what you
    are missing, while you still have an opportunity to turn that assignment in for points.

(25%) Tests/Quizzes: There will be several small chapter tests, as well as cumulative midterm and final exam. I have
frequent quizzes, usually small daily quizzes the first few minutes each day. Students who are absent or tardy will
not be able to make up those specific quizzes. (Note: this also includes any unsanctioned “Senior Ditch” day
absences) All students must take the Final Exam, regardless of their current grade. Students who do not take the
Final will receive an Incomplete Grade.

(25%) Projects: There will be at least one mandatory project, and several minor projects. Participation in the
Presentation portions of the Projects will be mandatory, no exceptions. Failure to turn in the major projects
will substantially change your final grade for the course !

(25%) Class work: This includes all daily assignments and the opening Focus assignments.
(25%) Homework: Always assume that there will be homework on a Daily basis. It is critical that you get in the
habit of completing and turning in homework. It will be extremely difficult for you to pass this class if you do not
complete the homework.

(1%) Participation: I enjoy having sociable students; they usually have a more positive and willing attitude for
learning. I also encourage students to help each other when they get stuck on an assignment. However, there is a
different between a sociable student and a socializing student. You participation grade can be directly influenced by
your attention to your work. You can lose points for (but not limited to) the following: Not prepared for class,
Rudeness, Inappropriate Language, Defiance.

I do not grade on a curve, everyone is judged based on his or her individual effort. It is possible for
everyone to receive an A for the course, it also possible for everyone to fail the course as well.

                                                      Late Work

I believe I have a fairly liberal late work policy, I realize that students have many other classes, activities and events
throughout the week, and I want to be accommodating up to a point. This policy applies to regular class attendance as
well as absences that are legally classified as truant and unexcused. For excused absences, this policy goes in to effect
when a student returns. Students will receive no extra time for unexcused absences.

       Full Credit- Class work must be started on the day that it is assigned; it can be turned in up to one week for
        full credit (Five school days).

        No Credit- Class work that is not started in class or work was turned in after the one week deadline. Please
        keep in mind I will not track students down to ask for a missing assignment! Failure to turn in work will result
        in a zero.

       Major Projects- Due to the time allowed for major projects, specific deadlines are given. For each day a
        project is late, 20% will be deducted from the total on the assignment.

STUDENTS: One of my rules will always be to keep my evaluation of your work private. I expect you to extend to
me the same courtesy. I ENCOURAGE you to talk to me about your grades, how you think the course might be
improved, or how a specific assignment might be changed. However, I would like you to do this in private and not in
front of the class. I would also expect you to discuss any problems you are having with me before you bring in a third
party. I will extend to you the same courtesy.

PARENTS: With everyone's busy schedule, timely communication is very important. I will make every attempt to
communicate any issue or problem that arises as quickly as possible. I will use email when available, phone when
possible, and mail when necessary. I respectfully ask that you do the same; I cannot solve or address an issue if I do
not know about it. If you have a question or concern about anything relating to this class, please contact me before
you bring in a third party.

                                        Academic Honesty and Plagiarism
                     According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, to "plagiarize" means

       to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own
       to use (another's production) without crediting the source
       to commit literary theft
       to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.
All of the following are considered plagiarism:

       turning in someone else's work as your own
       copying words or ideas from another person or another source without giving credit, including tests and
       changing words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit
       copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give
        credit or not

First violation: Automatic zero or “F” on the assignment or test, parent notified by teacher and vice principal
Second violation: Two day suspension for defiance, Automatic zero or “F” on the assignment or test, an additional
loss of equivalent number of points, vice principal notified.
Third violation: Three day suspension for defiance, Automatic failing grade for the trimester.

                                                   Daily Supplies
    1. Economics or US Government Textbook- The care of this book is your responsibility. You will be charged
       the $70.00 replacement fee for the book if it is lost or damaged. You will be assigned a classroom textbook.
       You will share this book with several other students. If the book is lost or damaged, you will share the cost of
       the book between the other students. In order so you do not get charged, any damage you find report it to me,
       so you are not made responsible for the damages.

    2. A Three Ring Binder or Folder- It is not required that you have a separate binder/folder for this class, but
       you will need something to hold worksheets and assignments on a daily basis. Make bringing your binder to
       class a habit. “I forgot it at home” is not a good excuse.
    3. Binder paper- White only, no black or yellow legal paper. We have limited supplies in regards to binder
       paper. You need to bring your own.

    4. Pens/Pencils- For Pens- blue or black ink only. For Pencils-Standard #2 or mechanical pencils are fine.
       Keep the florescent colors or the silver pens for your art classes. Assignments not written in blue/black ink or
       pencil will not be graded. I will not have extra pencils or pens to loan to you; you have to come to class

                                    Economics and US Government Class Rules

    As seniors, you have all had plenty of time to develop a sense of personal responsibility. This means that I will
    expect nothing less than your personal best in my class. We have a great deal of material to cover each semester;
    these policies are designed to eliminate unnecessary distractions.

Be Safe
    Keep aisles clear
    Do not move desks without permission
    Ask permission to leave assigned area
    Sit properly in chairs and not on other furniture
    Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

Be Respectful
    When I am giving the class instructions or giving a lecture, I get to be the center of attention, not your friend’s
    Respect everyone’s right to learn
    Silence and put all electronic devices away before the tardy bell rings
    Remove your hat, hood and sunglasses
    Use appropriate voice tone and volume
Be Responsible
    Be present, on time, and prepared
    Bring school planner and other class materials
    Food, and drink are acceptable, as long as you clean up after yourself and don’t cause a distraction. NO
    Keep all bags and backpacks off your desks during class time.
    Produce a product during class time

                                               Rule Consequences (Varied)

1. Verbal Warning
2. After School Detention
3. Friday School
4. Classroom Suspension
5.Parent/Teacher Conference
6. Administrative Consequence- See Student Handbook for details

                                                        Tardy Policy

    Tardy= Being out of their chair when the bell rings. “I didn’t hear the bell” is not an excuse. Unless a student has
    a pass, they will be marked tardy. All parent notes should be given to the attendance office in regards to tardies.
    Students who leave class early without permission will also be marked tardy for the class.

    Tardy Consequences- See Student Handbook - Tardy consequences are automatic, it won’t be argued, and it
    isn’t personal. Don’t be late.

                                                  Restroom/Water Policy

       Student must have their own planner to sign in order to go to either the restroom or to get water
       Students who are tardy to class must wait at least 20 minutes
       One Person at a time for the restroom or water.
       Loitering for an excessive amount of time, or an inordinate number of times to the restroom may lead to a
        temporary suspension of restroom privileges.

 Extracurricular Activity Policy
 I want every student who wants to participate in extracurricular activities including Athletics to have that opportunity.
However, if you are failing Economics or US Government, I reserve the right not to sign any extracurricular activity
permission form. Additionally, I will not sign any permission slips that interfere with semester finals.

Final Exam Week Policy
I expect students and parents to take Semester Finals seriously; if you are going on vacation, you will have to take
your Final before you leave, I will not give a Final Exam after a semester ends. If there is a personal crisis or need,
special arrangements can be made.

1. Students are expected to take their Semester Final Exams during the scheduled Final period.
2. During Spring Finals, yearbooks can be signed after everyone is finished with their final.
3. Students will not be allowed to go to another teacher’s class unless it is to finish a Final Exam. This will be
confirmed with a phone call to the teacher prior to allowing the student to leave.
4. Students from other classes will not be allowed into class unless it is to finish their Final Exam.
5. Students will not be allowed to leave early from the Final Exam period, even if they finish their test early.
                                                  Hints to be successful

1. Don’t wait until the last minute: If a project or a paper is due on a Friday, don’t wait until Thursday night to start
it. It will generally come out poorly, and your grade will be affected by it. Starting early= less stress, more time, and a
better grade.

2. Come to school everyday: The more school you miss, the more work you will have to make up when you return. If
you know that you will be out for more than 3 days in a row, get an Independent study form from the Office*. If
you’re sick, have your parents contact the Attendance Office, so they can pick up the work you’re missing. If you turn
18 during the year, and decide to sign yourself out, you do have that legal right, but it is the worst possible choice you
can make.

3. Take advantage of extra credit: I have some extra credit assignments that can be completed for points, but few
students make use of them until they start to panic. As a senior you have no extra summers to complete high school on
time, if you are unsatisfied with your grade, or if your grade falls below 70%, use the opportunity to raise
your score to your advantage.

 4. Ask for help: I get paid to help you figure things out, so ask for help. Just remember, help does not mean I will
“give” you the answer, I will help you learn how to find it yourself.

 5. Turn in assignments when you finish them: So many students “collect” work in their binders, and then they
wonder why their grades drop. Unless I specifically tell you to hold on to an assignment turn it in, keep your binders

 6. Decide what you want and then work for it: Everyone in this class starts with an A. The students who want to
keep their A figure out what they need to do to keep it. You get to decide what grade you want to earn, my job is to
guide and help you earn what grade you want. Part of my job is to motivate, inspire, bug, annoy, whisper, shout, and
talk. . Etc. (In other words, anything I can think of to get you to do your work, so you can be successful).

                                                    Notes for Parents

1. Keep in Contact with the School - Your student will be given two progress reports and then their Final Report card.
If they drop below a 70% after first month, expect a written letter if you do not use School Loop. Please call, or email
me if you have a question or a concern. Please take a look at my comments regarding using School Loop this year.

2. Consistent attendance is vital in high school, I expect 100% attendance. Please schedule doctor, dentist and other
appointments for after school, unless it is absolutely necessary.

3. Be aware of “Senioritis”, especially in the second semester. Students, who see the proverbial light at the end of the
tunnel, start to relax prematurely, and their overall GPA drops. Colleges have been known to rescind acceptance
letters due to a drop in grades.

4. Ask them questions . . ., and then ask them more questions.

5. Remind them to bring their materials to class. If they’re not prepared to work, they will fall behind.

6. Please do not call or text your child during class, I do not differentiate between a call/text from a friend or a
call/text from a parent, I will confiscate their cell phone. If it is a real emergency please contact the Main office.
                  US Government and Economics Syllabus & Classroom Policies Agreement Form

Please complete all of the following information. Students – Tear off this entire sheet from your syllabus and
bring it to class once it is completed and signed. The rest of the syllabus should be kept in your binder or your
folder for the year.

 Student Name (print):____________________________________ Period: ___

 Parent #1 Name: _______________________________________ (see below)

 Parent #2 Name: _______________________________________ (see below)

Language(s) spoken at home (if different homes, please indicate the language spoken at each):

If English is NOT the primary language spoken at home is there someone at home who speaks English?
 Circle One:            No             Yes             Who: __________________________

Is there a computer with internet access in the home? _______ If not, do you have a way of accessing a computer with
 internet when needed for assignments or to access School Loop? __________

Parent #1 Home Phone Number (please indicate if it is a cell phone): ________________________
Parent #1 Work Phone Number: _____________________________
Parent #1 e-mail: __________________________________________

Parent #2 Home Phone Number (please indicate if it is a cell phone): ________________________
Parent #2 Work Phone Number: _____________________________
Parent #2 e-mail: __________________________________________

I have read and understand what is expected of me in AP US Government

Student Signature_______________________________________

I have read and understand what is required for my son/daughter to be successful in this course and I am
indicating that I have been informed of the content of this class.
                                                                                                I am aware that I can
                                                                                            check student grades and
________________________ ______________                                                     communicate with teachers
Parent/Guardian Signature     Date                                                          on school loop.

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