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How do we bring back respect?                                                                                                         &ERMAT0L0GYY
    I can't help but think how differ-                                     others are so frustrated that stop-
ently elected officials and residents
behaved toward one another when I
                                         Reporter's                        ping short of lighting torches and
                                                                           storming through the town, there
                                                                                                                                      & LASER CENTER
                                                                                                                                                    Presented by
first became a reporter 21 years
ago.                                     Notebook                          are no options left.
                                                                                So how do we bring things back
                                                                                                                                      Patricia C. McCormack, M.D., F.A.A.D.
                                                                                                                                                  onnttf. American Board qf Dermatology
    Now if someone has a gripe or        By Cheryl Hehl                    to where respect for one another
opinion all they have to do is sign
on to a local town blog anonymous-       during election time, to work
                                                                           takes center stage — where elected
                                                                            officials understand that their first
                                                                                                                                    LASER HAIR REMOVAL
ly and say whatever they want.           together for the benefit of their  charge is the community and not                      Laser hair removal       percent of the hairs.
Including using abusive language         communities.                       maintaining political control of the      can treat large areas, making                If you have any
and insulting other unnamed                                                governing body at any cost?
                                             It's sad to think that the political                                     this method quicker and more        concerns with your skin or its
posters if they don't agree with         climate has declined to such a point   I think change has to begin with
                                                                                                                      cost- effective. The laser hair-    treatments,       seek       a
their opinion on any given topic.        that respect for one another and a all the good people out there who
    Flash back 20 years or so and                                           believe that it can and should be         removal technique works by          dermatologist's advice. Here,
                                         desire to serve the community is
things were completely different.                                          different. These folks could be
                                         not at the top of the list. Which is                                         sending a low-energy light          we provide expert care to
Of course people didn't always                                              elected officials who never became
                                         not to say that there are not govern-                                        beam through the skin to be         help you maintain the health
agree, but who does all the time,        ing body members out. there who   so mired in the political game that        absorbed by the pigment             of your skin. Whether you
right? One thing people were,            have managed to rise above this   their judgement became jaded or
                                                                                                                      residing in the shafts of hair      have a general dermatology
though, was civil, respectful and        mentality and work together. Theremerely citizens who have such a
more willing to compromise.                                                 strong love of community that they
                                         are, but it's a long, hard road when                                         follicles. Those with dark hair     concern or are interested in
Knowing who opposed you sure             everyone around you is out for    would do whatever it takes to get          and fair skin are the best          hair removal or other skin
went a long way to keeping things        blood politically and otherwise.  things back on track.                      candidates for laser hair           care solutions, we are here to
civil. I guess people care when the          Elected officials do not corner    Either way, I know the seeds are      removal       however,     even     help. For an appointment, call
other guy knows their name. Which        the market on this one. Political there to enact the change needed.
is not to say elected officials didn't                                     Those who are concerned that one
                                                                                                                      patients with light hair and        908-925-8877. The office is
                                         tension is often fueled by towns-
have strong opinions or political        people whose political differencesperson can't make a difference or          any skin type can be treated.       conveniently located at 822
ties. They did, but animosity, vent-     border on the Hatfield and McCoy  that their voice is not strong enough      Lasers         with      longer     North Wood Ave. Linden.
ing outright dislike and vindictive-                                       to be heard, read on.
                                         mentality. In other words, they are                                          wavelengths, have the ability       New patients are always
ness toward the opposing party was       basing these opinions on a political   There is a line from a song from
                                                                                                                      to treat darker skin types.         welcome. We have evening &
not as prevalent.                        feud that goes back so far no one the 1970s by "America" that
    When governing body members                                            always puts me back on track. It           Including      African-American     Saturday         appointments
                                         knows when it began or what it was
stood for something, they backed it      about.                            goes like this..."Oz never did give        skin. In any case, because          available.
up with fact and if they promised to                                       anything to the tin man that he did-
                                             I see this mentality smolder and                                         hair grows in cycles, repeated               P.S. Intense pulsed
get to the bottom of an issue, you       blow up at town meetings and it isn't, didn't already have." I believe       treatments are likely needed        light (IPL) systems are also
could trust that they would do their                                       that is true and anyone can do any-
                                         so transparent it is laughable. It is
                                                                                                                      in order to destroy about 80        used for hair removal.
best to figure things out. And, if                                         thing if they want it bad enough.
                                         evident that these citizens have an
they discovered that they were           ax to grind and their destructive We all have what it takes to get the
wrong about an issue they stood          behavior is unnecessary and time  job done.
for, they had enough integrity to        consuming.                             So, hats off to those elected offi-
admit it. Not so much anymore.                                             cials and good citizens who contin-
                                             But, there is little elected offi-
    Citizens also respected their                                          ue to fight the good fight. Know
                                         cials seem to be able to do to stop to
elected officials more back then.        this manic behavior.              that your efforts are not in vain and
When they disagreed, respect was
shown on both sides of the table,        point in time when I would have to
                                                                           giving up is not an option.
                                             1 never thought 1 would get to a
                                                                                If it was, our forefathers would        Like Us and Follow Us...
even if it was heated. Boy have                                            have thrown in the towel and we
                                         say "those were the good old days."
things changed. Nowadays every-          But I'm not alone. After talking towould not be the nation we are
one is out for blood and it's any-       so many of you and reading all thetoday. It wasn't easy for them, and
one's guess who will be left stand-      emails that come my way, many      it sure won't be easy now.
ing.                                     feel the same way.                     The question is, are you willing
     Don't get me wrong, there were                                        to fight for what you believe is
                                             Most are confused and disheart-
die-hard Republicans and Democ-          ened about the way their municipalright? I am.
rats back then, but there also was a     government is being run, while
healthy respect for the other party.     some just want to know how things Cheryl Hehl can be reached at
Most managed, despite the normal         came to a point where some elected 908-686-7700, ext. 124, or
political differences that Hare up       officials just can't be trusted. Still chehl'tf

                        LETTER TO THE EDITOR                                                                
Bill should be supported                                officials who are found innocent to assure that our
                                                        prosecutors have definite evidence of guilt before sub-
To the E£ditor:                                         jecting innocent people to the embarrassment associat-
    Unfortunately, New Jersey continues to be plagued ed of being accused of a crime.
with public officials and employees convicted of                                                    Bob Barrett
crimes. The recent decision by the appellate panel to                                                     Clark
allow the former mayor of Irvington, Michael Steele,
to keep his Public Employees pension but forfeit his
teachers pension after pleading guilty to accepting
$120,000 in bribes is troubling.
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convicted of crimes should be supported by all state style. Writers must include their name, address and               County LocalSource is on Facebook and Twitter and
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would be very suspicious of any state senator that does     Letters must be no more than 500 words long.               we provide our followers with the latest in local
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not support Beck's reform bill S741. The only way                                                                      information.    We also want our readers to be
New Jersey can reduce the criminal actions by public editor. Union County LocalSource accepts letters to               actively involved. Send us any news tips to tweet at:
officials and employees is to make the consequences the editor and guest columns via e-mail. The address is
extremely severe for those who are found guilty of Letters and essays also                 
crimes.                                                 may be sent via U.S. mail to 1291 Stuyvesant Ave.,
    I would also support compensation to all public Union 07083.

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