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Paul Broz
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           Original Golden Hour® Container Evolves with Military Standards

MINNEAPOLIS – December 10 – Minnesota Thermal Science (MTS) unveiled the latest
evolution of its Original Golden Hour Container for military use. The most recent version
of the award-winning transport device now incorporates the armed services’ Modular
Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) technology and ACU fabric. The
organization’s Factor VII containers have also been enhanced to exceed current

MTS’s combat-portable medic pack protects blood and other temperature-sensitive
medical supplies for 72+ hours in harsh ambient conditions. Using the MOLLE system,
the reusable, iceless containers are now able to attach directly to a medic’s gear,
providing a better range of motion and greater mobility. MOLLE technology has become
the standard for the development of military gear and uniforms. The concept of
lightweight, load-bearing modules replaces the previous click and stick harness method
that covered personnel with bags and straps.

“Minnesota Thermal Science products have become the universal solution for the
military in transporting temperature-sensitive blood and medical supplies to the
frontlines,” said Karl Schlenker, vice president of sales and marketing for MTS. “By
utilizing MOLLE technology, this version of the Original Golden Hour Container becomes
an even more effective battle-field product.”

Minnesota Thermal Science provides innovative, scientific solutions for the safe
transportation of sensitive tissue, pharmaceutical, blood and biologic products. MTS’s
containers protect contents at defined temperatures longer than any other passive
thermal control product available. They are reusable, environmentally friendly and
deliver a strong return on investment. Minnesota Thermal Science has achieved success
worldwide in technological innovation, customer satisfaction, corporate growth and
industry recognition. Winner of the U.S. Army’s Greatest Inventions and the AmeriStar
Awards, the company serves customers domestically and abroad, across multiple
industries. To learn more about Minnesota Thermal Science, visit


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