Register your MAC on the network by 0FGe9ais


									       Register your Windows XP computer on the network

    Connect to the Bradford or FoxDay network via Wireless
If your computer does not automatically connect then you will need to click on Start >
  Connect to > Wireless Network Connections, it should then automatically connect.

                 1. Once connected, Open Internet Explorer or FireFox
                     2. You may see one of the warnings below:

      Click OK or yes, then you will be brought to the registration page below:
Click on the appropriate link and you will then be brought to a page like the one below:

   3. Your username is your Novell/GroupWise id (in most cases your first initial last
      name), and your password is the same as your Novell/GroupWise password. You
                           must fill out all of the information.
   4. You will be prompted to "Run" or "Save" this application to your system. “Run"
                                    the the application:

    5. You may see an Internet Explorer warning that will prompt you for approval to
                  use or install the file as an increased security measure.

    6. You will see two screens, click Next on the first one then close on the second
                         screen. They look like the ones below:
7. Once installed you will be asked to login to the Bradford Campus Manger, you
   will need to use the same username and password as before, once you click login
      there will be a scanning process that scans like the one on the right below:

8. Once the scan completes you will either get a screen that says your registration
   was successful or a screen that says you failed to meet the policy requirements.
                          They look like the screens below:

  Success: You are finished. Wait 1 minute, close Internet Explorer and re-open it.
  You should be able to open any page, if you cannot, try restarting your computer.
   Failed: Click Close, wait 1 minute, close Internet Explorer and re-open it. You
          will be brought to the Remediation network. Continue reading…
                              Remediation Network
Once you close Internet Explorer and re-open it you be brought to a page like the one on
   the left below, it will take about 30 seconds to a minute for the next page to load.

Rollins College requires you have up to date Virus protection and Spyware protection on
 your computer. This is to protect your computer and everyone else’s computer from
  software damage. We provide free programs to you if they are not already on your
computer. The reason you are in the remediation network is you are either missing one
                    of the required programs or they are out of date.
             The page below gives you information about what is missing:

The page above links to a page that will tell you exactly what you need and will give you
a link to download and install the software. . If you are missing a piece of software you
will automatically have two links like above. You will only need to click on the first link
  and once the software is installed, update it. This will take care of both of the errors.
                    The linked page will be similar to the one below:


   In the References section, the page tells you how to fix the problem. Once you have
installed or updated the appropriate programs, you can click the link that says Back to the
 list. Once you are on that page and have completed all of the requirements hit Re-scan.
     You will see the green bar on the bottom of the screen blinking, the process takes
 approximately 10 minutes. If you have successfully updated your computer you will get
                a message that says your PC has passed the requirements.:

    9. Once you have received this message, restart your computer and you will now be
                                 able to access the internet.

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