Our project by 0FGe9ais


									    Our project

        Lesson 2
What did we throw away?

• Who can remember what’s going
  on in the next slide?
    Get your homework out…
Complete your sheet to work out what rubbish
  we’ve thrown away, then do the bar chart.

   Make sure you complete the questions.
    What can we do to help?
• How can we reduce the amount of rubbish
  thrown away?
• Prizes for the most imaginative!
• You could even have them filmed…
          What is a plastic?
• Another name for plastic is polymer.
• If we could zoom in on a polymer we
  would see that it’s made of a long chain of
  different particles called monomers.
• Watch the video discuss:
  – What did the girls use as a ‘monomer’?
  – What did they do to the monomers to make a
    ‘polymer’? What did they say it’s called?
  – Do you think it’s easy to reverse the reaction?
          Making polymers
• Watch Ms G do the demo.
• How do we explain what is happening in
  the experiment?
• When the two ingredients are added in the
  correct order, they react to form a
   Making models of polymers
• To make a model of the nylon polymer
  from the demo, one person should add
  paperclips of alternating colour, whilst the
  other person extends the chain away from
  the mixture.
• What do the different colour paperclips
       Time to be famous…

• Make a 2-3 minute film teaching someone
  what a polymer is.
• Use the paper clips as props
• Use the whiteboards and pens for captions
• Speak clearly!

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