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									                                               Minnesota State High School League

                                     Selection of Officials for Section Tournaments

                                                      (effective January 2009)

The Policies listed below apply to only: Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball and
Softball sports

1.       Officials may not work more than three consecutive years in the same section tournament, at the semifinal or
         final level. Each class and each gender are considered to be different sections. The first year of the three
         consecutive years is the 2009-10 school year.

2.       Officials may not work a Section Championship game consecutive years in the same section tournament.
         Each class and each gender are considered to be different sections. The first year of consecutive years is
         the 2008-09 school year.

3.       At the end of each season, each section must file a report with the MSHSL office that indicates the name of
         every official who worked in the section tournament. This information will be tracked by the League office

Policies listed below apply to all sports:

1.       All officials who work at any level in a section tournament must have worked the minimum number of events
         in Minnesota as indicated below, during the year prior to working in the section tournament: (these are the
         same numbers as required to work the state tournament)*

         Football and Dance Team 7 – all others 10

2.       Any official who works a section event at the Semifinal or Final level in Minnesota must be fully registered in
         Minnesota**, and meet the above game requirement in Minnesota. Reciprocity officials who meet the game
         requirement may be used prior to the semifinals.

3.       If extenuating circumstances create the need to hire an official who does not meet the above requirements, a
         waiver requesting an exception from these requirements may be filed with the MSHSL office.

* Information in regard to who qualifies to work will be provided to assignors.

* In football at least 3 (one of which is the referee) of the 5 crew members must meet this requirement. Registered
officials are listed in the MSHSL Officials Directory which is available on the MSHSL website:
Under: Officials/Judges; Select: Athletic Officials Directory (officials can be sorted by sport and alphabetically).

Section Officials Assignment Report Fall 2011
Football 7AAAA
          2009                             2010                             2011                            2012
Semis     Bud Bertschi, Kevin Ruen, Dave   Kevin Ruen, Roland Bertschi,     Steve Beckman, Tom O’Neill,
            Rozinka, Mark Thorsett, Tom    David Rozinka, Mark Thorsett,    Greg Perich, Ross Stewart,
            Highum, Gordy Mroz, Greg       Tom Highum, Tim Holmstrom,       Jim Karnas, Jim Gogolin, Rick
            Westerman, Phil Worm, Nick     Paul Raj, Tim Gilbertson, Mark   Benham, Ron Shelito, Josh
            Worm, Jim Budin                Sisson Josh Lamppa               Fordyce, Joel Lofstrom
Finals      Wade Johnson, Steve Morben,    Jim Schrank, Steve Heimer,       Tom Highum, Kevin Ruen,
            Phil Hansen, Kalan Malchow,    Will Oaster, Greg Rendall,       Mark Thorsett, David
            Terry Eiter                    Brian Bloomquist                 Rozinka, Roland Bertschi
Soccer Boys 7AA
         2009                              2010                             2011                            2012
Semis       Nourddine Aouch, Tariq              Greg Adler, Philip Lind,          Driss Hachem, Todd
            Aouche, Badr Zouad, (Same           Michael Allinder, Brad Bock,      Anderson, Danil Vozynuk,
            persons did a girls semis.)         Stephen Brannan, Pete Glitsos     Badreddine Zouad, Tariq
                                                                                  Aouche, Radouane Mellouky
Finals      Bob Peterson, Michael               Alexandr Voznyuk, Marcellus       Badreddine Zouad, Alexandr
            McClanahan, Dvevdo Oruc             McMullen, Robert Peterson         Voznyuk, Tariq Aouche
Soccer Girls 7AA
         2009                                   2010                              2011                             2012
Semis    Ahmed Charai, Abdelaziz                Ron Leaf, Peter Underwood,        Don Walters, Brad Bock,
            Sagrasse, Hamid Mardi, Badr         Dzevdo Oruc, Brad Bock,           Panagiotis Glitsos, Badreddine
            Zouad, Nourddine Aouche,            Stephen Brannan, Pete Glitsos     Zouad, Tariq Aouche,
            Tariq Aouche                                                          Radouane Melouky
Finals      Aziz Aresmouk, Mortada              Archie Clark, Pete Glitsos,       Badreddine Zouad, Alexandr
            Mohammed, Fatai Allison             Macit Ozdemir                     Voznyuk, Tariq Aouche
Soccer Boys 7A
         2009                                   2010                              2011                             2012
Semis    Jerry Sillanpa, Hagi Ozedmir,          Dane Espensen, Sue Bennett,       Panagiotis Glitsos, Andrea
            Amenti Wege, Doug Marshak,          Nathan Emanuelson, Chuck          Tobias, Brad Bock, Jerry
            Bob Olson, Brad Bock                Lister, Howard Lister, Paul       Sillanpa, Jim Bennett, David
                                                Watson                            Walpole
Finals      Pete Glitsos                        Jim Bennett, sam Deters, Matt     Doug Marshak, Don Walters,
            Matt Gottwald                       East                              Robert Olson
            Nathan Emanuelson
Soccer Girls 7A
         2009                                   2010                              2011                             2012
Semis    Phil Hoene, Pete Glitsos, Mike         Al Cottingham, Leonard            Macit Ozdemir, Phillip Lind,
            Ellingson, Steve Brannan, Phil      VanLuyk, Dick Chenery,            Susan Bennett, Dick Chenery,
            Lind, Paul Stein                    Robert Olson, Phil Lind, Jerry    Al Cottingham, Ki Gulbranson
Finals      Macit Ozdemir                       Doug Marshak, Paul Stein, Phil    Al Cottingham, Peter Dahl,
            Steve Brannan                       Hoene                             Peter Underwood
            Brad Bock
Volleyball 7AAA
          2009                                  2010                              2011                             2012
Semis     Emily Sannes, Doug Jurek,     Al      Dan Sullivan, Jeff Kuyava, Nick   Joe Wischnewski, Steve Wontor
            Tarara, Steve Wontor                Neibauer, Al Tarara               Saprina Matheny, Glenn
Finals      Emily Sannes                        James Carlson, Shelly Schroer     Preston Moerke, James
            Roland Cleveland                                                      Carlson
Assignment Procedures at present
Football. 7AAAA. Tournament manager contacts crews individually upon recommendations from section coaches.
Soccer. 7AA & 7A. Tournament manager contacts assignors from Duluth to St. Paul who assigns all officials.
Volleyball. 7AAA. Tournament manager contacts association assignor who assigns all officials.

Section Officials Assignment Report Winter
Hockey Boys 7AA
            2010                                2011                              2012                             2013
Semis       Joel Lombard, Mitch Eldorado,       Brad Albers, Joe Harris, Rick
            Andrew Liebaert, Brett Klosowski,   Nelson, Bob Zuehlke, Don
            Mark Vichorek, Corey Verhel         Hanson, Todd Akkanen
Finals      Brett Klosowski, Mark               Brad Albers, Joe Harris, Rick
            Vichorek, Corey Verhel              Nelson
Hockey Boys 5A
            2010                                2011                              2012                             2013
Semis       Ron Smrekar, Trace Birno,           Mark Vichorek, Corey Verhel,
            Derek Hittle---Bob Zuehlke,         Mike Rodeghiero, Eric
            Tod Plackner, Jeff Walters          Knutson, Eric Workman, Joe
Finals      Paul Anderson, Scott Patten,        Trace Birno, Dan Culhane,
            John Benoit                         Andrew Liebaert
Hockey Girls 7AA
            2010                             2011                               2012      2013
Semis       Bruce Tilton, Jim Martin, Ben    Jeff Hewitt, Chris Jessen,
            Doan, Emil Makinen, Chris        Gordy Christian, Mike
            Kavanaugh, Dennis Gibbons        Johnson, Brian Monahan, Matt
Finals      Dennis Roach, Bill Rhody,        Larry Tessier, Tom Keller,
            Mark Engstrom                    Jeremy Waudby
Basketball Boys 7AAAA
            2010                             2011                               2012      2013
Semis       Jim Richter, Charles Moore,      Jeff Coombe, Ted Krize, Pete
            Joseph Guidarelli, Scott Hill,   Vrieze, David Peterson, Don
            John Gloege, Brad Rekstad        Pollard, Brad Rekstad
Finals      Dave Dennistoun, Tom             Eric Brekke, Ralford Dixon,
            Gillund, Kevin Baker             Scott Hill
Basketball Girls 7AAAA
Semis       Cheryl Kahler, Charles Moore,    Brenda Holmgren, Crystal
            David Addy, Deb Weinreis,        Flint, John Gloege, Jim
            Tony Day, dave Dennistoun        Richter, Katie Ludanich, Tim
Finals      Brenda Holmgren, Dean            Scott Hill, Christina Fiebich,
            Hultgren, Brenda Magoba          Charles Moore
Basketball Boys 7AAA
            2010                             2011                               2012      2013
Semis       Paul McDonald, Bill Novak,       Jim Erzar, Paul Miltich, Dan
            Jim Johnson, Tim Holmstrom,      Persons, Babe Glumack, Gary
            Tom O’Neill, Brandon Swartz      Southgate, Tom Vucetich
Finals      Jerry Udjur, Ross Fremont,       Tim Holmstrom, Tom O’Neill,
            Craig Lipinski                   Brandon Swartz
Basketball Girls 7AAA
            2010                             2011                               2012      2013
Semis       Tony Bartovich, Tom Vucetich     Tom O’Neill, Brandon Swartz,
            Craig Lipinski, Mick             Gregg Perich, Tim Holmstrom,
            McComber                         Aaron Thun, Steve Knutson
Finals      Jim Erzar, Pat Pollard, Dan      Tom Vucetich, Babe Glumack,
            Persons                          Gary Southgate

Section Officials Assignment Report Spring
Baseball 7AAA
            2010                                 2011                             2012      2013
Final       Jeff Schmit, Bob Kremer, Pete        Bob Kremer, Pat Winter, Brian
            Larkin, Matt Solberg, Mark           Dorr, Brent Kuphal, Matt
Four        Monson, Terry Beseman,               Dornfeld, Pete Larkin
                Michael Tischendorf, Dan
                Hamann, Greg Holeman
Final/Final     Greg Holeman, Dan Hamann,        Pat Winter, Bob Kremer, Pete
                Mark Monson                      Larkin
Softball 7AAA
          2010                                    2011                             2012     2013
Final     Nick Neibaurer, Ron Seibring, Paul      Dave Robinson, Ted
          Schiffler, Don Butler, Tom Keller,      Thompson, Scott Ellingson,
Four      Dale Wahnschaffe, Gary Wendorf,         Gary Wendorf, Don Butler,
            Mike Saari,                           Mike Saari

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