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									                                                                                       Barney/Eng 90
                                America Now - Group Project
50 points

In groups of 3 or 4, you will do a 10-15 minute presentation on one of the following chapters in
America Now:

Chapter 2: Happiness: Can It Be Defined?                                      p. 77
Chapter 3: Is There an Ethics of Eating?                                      p. 99
Chapter 7: Gender Roles: Should Women Act More Like Men?                      p. 199
Chapter 9: Barack Obama: What Does His Election Mean to America?              p. 249
Chapter 11: Saving the Planet: Is It Too Late?                                p. 299
Chapter 12: Immigration: Who is an American?                                  P. 327

*No more than 2 groups per chapter

Presentation Requirements:
After reading the articles in the chapter, the group will take a stance on the topic (point of view).
The group will take a position that is debatable and will present that opinion in the following
    Introduction: Introduce the topic and thesis statement

      Body:           Present three main points that prove the thesis using two or more of the
                       articles. Support of your main points will include at least three images.
                       The images should be compelling, creative, and clearly demonstrate the
                       main points.

      Conclusion:     Give the class something to consider for the future. Now that you have
                       educated the class, what should we do now? Should we be more aware,
                       change our behavior, advocate for a particular change, etc?

Additional Requirements:
    Use of outside sources
    Participation by all group members
    Typed outline and a works cited page

Important Dates:

      Wednesday, Mar 14 / Thursday, Mar 15:          50 min group work

      Monday, Mar 19 / Tuesday, Mar 20:              30 min group work

      Wednesday, Mar 21 / Thursday, Mar 22:           Presentation day
America Now Group Project Rubric

Clear thesis (point of view)           ____/10 pts

Three persuasive main points           ____/10 pts

Visual representation of main points   ____/10 pts

Organization and preparation           ____/10 pts

Outline and Works cited page           ____/10 pts

Total                                  ____/50 pts

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