Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association by 0FGe9ais


									December, 2010

Dear Cherry Creek North Resident:

The Board of the Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association (CCNNA) would like to invite you to
become a member of our organization. Some of our benefits are:

1.     Development, Zoning, and Construction Issues – Our Association closely reviews and monitors
development plans and activities, zoning requests, and current construction work, supporting residents
on important issues that will maintain and enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood.

2.    Crime Prevention – Our Safety Committee works as a liaison with our District 3 Police
Department relative to crime awareness notification and best crime prevention practices.

3.     Communication – Five General Resident Meetings are held each year, featuring interesting
speakers and discussing important topics. All Members have the option to participate in our email
system, receiving emails of current interest and importance. All email addresses are kept strictly
confidential and are not released to any other party. Our newsletter is distributed five times a year.

4.     Social Activities – There are many resident events and common interest clubs designed to help
neighbors meet each other and have fun. Examples include tapas parties, wine tastings, clubs for
movies, books, golf, dance, yoga, hiking, meditation, camera, conversational Spanish and bridge, and
our annual charity service project.

5.     Spring Fling – As a Member, you are eligible for discounted tickets to our annual June Spring
Fling party, a great opportunity to meet friends, enjoy food, wine, and music.

Membership does have its advantages! I encourage you to join and for convenience, I have included a
Membership form and self addressed envelope. Our annual fee is $30 per household. For additional
information on CCNNA, please go to our website (


Wayne New
President, CCNNA
                         (Fiscal Year: October 1, 2010 - September 30, 2011)

Name:             _________________________________________________________________

Street Address:   _________________________________________________________________

Email Address:    ________________________________          Home Phone: ____________________

Your email address is important, as it is the primary method of communicating to our membership. Your
email address is private information and will not be shared. If this is a renewal and it has NOT changed
in the last year, please check here _____.

Please use this form, enclose a check for $30 (per household) to CCNNA, and send to:
CCNNA Membership, 283 Columbine Street, Box 129, Denver, Colorado 80206.

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