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A Historical
               Raphael Lemkin

   Who is he? (background info)
   Why is he important to the genocide
   What prompted him to get involved?
    (personal experiences & historical research)
   How did his research impact the
    international community?
      CPPCG – Convention on the
     Prevention & Punishment of the
           Crime of Genocide
   When was it adopted by the UN?
   How does it define genocide? (legal definition)
   What two genocides have violated CPPCG
    according to the UN? Provide brief overview of
   Why was the UN War Crimes Tribunal set up in
    the Hague in 1993?
                 Genocide in History
   Year                     Genocide                    Approx Deaths
World War I   Armenians (by Turks)                      1.5 million
              Assyrians (by Turks & Kurds)              500 -750 thousand
1932-33       Russians (by Stalin)                      7 million
1937-38       Chinese - city of Nanking (by Japanese)   300 thousand

1938-45       Nazi Holocaust (by Hitler)                6 million

1975-79       Cambodians (by Pol Pot & Khmer Rouge)     2 million
1987-88       Iraqi Kurds (by Saddam)                   5 thousand

1994          Rwandan Tutsi & moderate Hutu             800 thousand
              (by radical Hutu)
1992-95       Bosnian Muslims & Croats (by Milosevic & 200 thousand
              Serb forces)
2002 -        Darfur – ethnic Sudanese (by Janjaweed) 400 thousand
present                                               2.5 mil. displaced
           “NEVER AGAIN”
   Why is genocide so difficult to prevent?

   Why is it so difficult to prosecute genocide?

   What can we learn anything from previous
    genocides to help in their future prevention?

   Who is responsible for genocide?

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