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									                         Emergency Nurses Association Meeting
                               Monday March 08, 2010

Present: Jean Peterson President; Marnie Johnson President Elect; Pat Christofferson
Secretary; Susan Todzy; Rebecca Westendorf; Terri Bergeron; Laurie McLevis;
Carole Gordon; Barb Filas, Debra Bork, Michelle Johanson, Linda Sargent, Karen Resch,
Jody Doebbert.

The meeting was opened by Jean Peterson, and all members were welcomed.

Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and approved.

There was no treasurer report, as Mike Lee was absent.

State Council Report was discussed, which was held in Hugo, MN on Wednesday,
February 03, 2010. Marnie Johnson and Nancy Johnson have been working on bylaws,
as all chapters need their own bylaws. There will be an additional state council meeting
on March 29, 2010 in Hugo, MN to complete the state bylaws.

Terri Bergeron and Debra Horsman reported on the State Trauma System. A Regional
trauma advisory council has been established, and the first official meeting will be held at
the Holiday Inn in Owatonna, MN on March 17, 2010. Dr. Jenkins is the Chair, and
Debra Horsman is the Coordinator. Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting.

Terri Bergeron also reviewed the Injury Prevention report for Pediatrics.

Jean Peterson reviewed the committee structure regarding the state ENA chapter. She
also went over the new Minnesota ENA face book page.

Election results were reported, and Diane Wrobleski and Carole Gordon are the new
state council representatives from Zumbro Valley Chapter. Marnie Johnson is the
president elect, and Pat Christofferson is the secretary. Michael Lee is the ongoing

ENA conference planning is in progress. This will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday,
April 6th and 7th 2010.. A need for a budget for the local conference was discussed.

Marnie Johnson and Susan Todzy presented on the ENA Leadership Conference that
they attended in Chicago, Illinois on February 17-21, 2010, along with Kirt Melton.
They reviewed some of the sessions that was of special interest to them, and shared them
with the group. Marnie Johnson attended a session on having bylaws in place in your
local chapter, and reviewed the important points of the session with the group.

Marnie Johnson also suggested that anyone from the ENA chapter apply for the
Foundation Scholarship, which would enable the individual to attend a conference with
financial assistance.
The ENA national conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas, September 21-22
(General Assembly), and September 22-25 (Scientific Assembly). The delegate selection
process was reviewed and delegate applications can be found on the web site. They will
need to be received by Jean Peterson by April 14, 2010. State delegates will be selected
at the State Council meeting on May 05, 2010. Delegates will be capped at 700 for the
2010 conference. Approximately eleven delegates will be selected from Minnesota.

Marnie Johnson reviewed the process of nominating awards for specific individuals and

Marnie Johnson asked for volunteers for Bylaws Committee, Nominations Committee,
and Membership and Education. She also reported that she had requested a permanent
space for record keeping for ENA chapter procedure.

Marnie Johnson donated a scholarship of $500 for nurses who do not receive
reimbursement for CEN certification. Marnie would like a CEN reimbursement every
December. A budget for educational chapter improvements was discussed.

Next meeting will be Monday May 10th in Austin, MN in Conference Room B. Carol
Immerman or Debra Horsman will be presenting. Everyone is asked to bring a dish to
pass. A Mexican dish was suggested as it is Cinco de Mayo (5/10).

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Christofferson Secretary.

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