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									Oscar Wilde

Life and work

                Cristina Ramón
Oscar Wilde

              The author – Oscar Wilde

                 Born in Dublin on 16 th October 1854;

                 His parents, Sir William Wilde and Jane
                 Francesca Elgee were also famous writers,
                 admirable for their conversations like Oscar;

                 Married with Constance Lloyd with whom he
                 had two children, Cyril and Vyvyan, to whom he
                 dedicated his famous book The Happy Prince;

                 Died on 30 th November 1900;
Oscar Wilde

                         In his time people stayed
                         shocked about the way he
                         dressed, his messages and his
                         romantic idea but nowadays
                         many people admire his books.

   Wilde wrote many short stories, plays and poems that
   continue to inspire millions around the world.
Oscar Wilde

     Later on I think everyone will recognise his
     achievements; his plays and essays will
     endure. Of course you may think with others
     that his personality and conversation were far
     more wonderful than anything he wrote, so
     that his written works give only a pale
     reflection of his power. Perhaps that is so, and
     of course it will be impossible to reproduce
     what is gone forever.
     Robert Ross, 23 December 1900
Oscar Wilde

        HIS WORK
              1878 Ravenna
              1881 Poems
              1888 The Happy Prince and Other Tales
              1889 The Decay of Lying
              1891 The Picture of Dorian Gray
              1891 Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other
              1891 Intentions
              1891 Salome
              1892 The House of Pomegranates
              1892 Lady Windermere’s Fan
              1893 A Woman of No Importance
              1893 The Duchess of Padua
              1894 The Sphinx
              1895 An Ideal Husband
              1895 The Importance of Being Earnest
              1898 The Ballad of Reading Gaol
Oscar Wilde

              The Canterville Ghost

                  •         The Canterville Ghost is a story about a ghost
                  that haunts a house for more than 300 years until the
                  day that an American family buy the house. They don´t
                  believe in ghosts although all the warnings they receive
                  from people who knew the curse. It is said that the
                  ghost, Sir Simon de Canterville, murdered his wife in
                  the library and few years later disappeared. Then he has
                  haunted the house and many people have died with
                  fear. The bloodstain always appears after being cleaned
                  and there are terrible noises at night. But that doesn´t
                  scare the American family which play tricks with the
                  ghost making him sad.

                  • Trailer Old Film
Oscar Wilde
              Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime

                     •        Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime tells about a man,
                     Lord Arthur Savile, that in a Lady Windermere party is
                     presented to Mr Septimus R. Podgers, who is a

                     •        In that same party, Lord Arthur gets scared
                     when Mr. Podgers tells him he is going to commit a
                     murder. From this day, Lord Arthur makes everything to
                     commit the murder the faster he can with no
                     consequences, in a way he can marry with his beloved
                     Sybil. The only problem is not knowing who he will
                     murder or how he will do it.

Oscar Wilde

              The Sphinx Without a Secret

                    •         The Sphinx Without a Secret is about a man, Lord
                    Murchison, that has a meeting with the narrator where he
                    tells how he met the woman in the photo. She was Lady
                    Alrot, a wealthy woman who seemed to keep a very
                    precious secret. Sometimes, she reacted to everything in a
                    very strange way as if she was being chased by someone
                    and in other occasions she reacted as Lord Murchison,
                    truly in love, until the day that she is seen by him leaving
                    one of those poor rented apartments, in the poor zone of
                    the city.
Oscar Wilde


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