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Fluoridation: Minnesota Implementation by fBL207G


Minnesota Implementation

      David Rindal, P.E.
Community Public Water Supply Unit

     2011 Oral Health Summit
          Saint Paul, MN
         February 11, 2011
     Community Fluoridation Grants
 Intended to increase the number of Minnesotans receiving the
  oral health benefits of optimally fluoridated drinking water
  (currently 0.9 to 1.5 mg/L fluoride) by:
     o enabling community public water supply (PWS)
       fluoridation process optimization
          634 municipal PWSs provide fluoridated water
          aging treatment infrastructure
          aging analytical equipment
     o assisting with community PWS fluoridation initial
          18 municipal PWSs do not adjust fluoride content
          treatment infrastructure absent or non-functioning
 Funds from Health Resources and Services Administration
 Grant obtained by the MDH Oral Health Unit
     Community Fluoridation Grants
 Original total $22,500 in federal funds available
 All expenses must be incurred by August 31, 2011
 Applicants must provide in-kind or matching funds equivalent
  to 20% of the total project cost
 Eligible costs:
     o fluoridation process equipment
     o fluoride analytical equipment
     o professional engineering services
 Ineligible costs:
     o fluoride chemical supply
     o administrative costs
     o other indirect costs
            Community Fluoridation Grants
                            Award Distribution
                           New          Replacement
    PWS     Population   Treatment       Treatment             Engineering       Total
                         Equipment       Equipment
City A        3900          $0            $2978           $0           $0       $2978
City B         282         $428           $1923           $0           $0       $2351
              4182         $428           $4901           $0           $0       $5329

   Second Request for Proposals and award round created to distribute
    remaining $17,171
   Applications due April 14, 2011
              Treatment     Analytical                        Total
    Award                                   Engineering
              Equipment     Equipment                      Maximum Per      Applicants
    Round                                    Maximum
              Maximum       Maximum                         Applicant
      1         $6000            $500          $1000           $7500            2
      2         $4000            $500          $1000           $5500            -
             Fluoridation Regulations
 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed new
  recommended single national optimal fluoride concentration (0.7 mg/L)
 U.S. EPA announced new scientific evaluation of fluoride and review of
  existing maximum contaminant level (4.0 mg/L)

 Community Fluoridation Grant second RFP includes modified
 requirement: “Funded pumps should have the capability to achieve
 optimal fluoride content (0.9 to 1.5 mg/L) while allowing for the possible
 need for turn-down to a concentration between 0.6 and 1.0 mg/L.”

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